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Natalie "Nat" Lane Irons is the daughter of John Henry Irons and the late Lois Lane.

When Superman and an army of Kryptonians attacked Metropolis, Natalie and her father hid in a bunker, while her mother noticed Superman's weakness, which led to him killing her. Natalie was devastated and helped her father build an armor that would be able to fight the Kryptonians. Eventually, her father had to go and ended up on another Earth, with Natalie following him as her world was destroyed by a wave of antimatter.

When she arrived on Earth-Prime, she found her father and her mother's doppelgänger, which left her confused. Natalie and her father moved to Metropolis under the names Henry and Natalie Johnson, but Natalie didn't adapt to the new school and Lois offered them to stay at the Kent Farm for the time being, which she accepted. However, she and her father eventually moved into a rented residence which belongs to a friend of Clark Kent.


Original multiverse

Early life

Nat and her family.

At some point, Natalie was born to John Henry Irons and Lois Lane on Earth-TUD22. After she was born, John recorded a video of Lois holding her.[1] Years later, Natalie attended Metropolis High School, where she met her friends Annika and Regan.[2] She liked to play the guitar.[3]

Death of her mother

The Irons family witnesses the destruction of Metropolis.

"Forged in fire, strong as steel."
—Natalie Lane Irons and John Henry Irons[src]

At some point, Natalie went to her parents' room, where they noticed the explosion of a building and saw through the window an army of Supermen destroying the city, to everyone's amazement. At night, Natalie woke up her father to show Lois giving an report on TV, when Superman suddenly appeared and killed Lois using his heat vision.

Natalie says goodbye to her father.

Natalie was comforted by her father and they decided to build an exosuit to stop Superman. At some point, Natalie wrote a journal that she called "Nat's war journal", which contains draft prototypes and weapon projects for her father' war against Superman. Later, John had to go on a mission to stop the kryptonian and promised Natalie that he would come back to her.[4][2]

Anti-Monitor Crisis

On December 10, 2019,[5] John was fighting Superman in space; Natalie immediately became worried and used a pod to try to save her father. However, her A.I. Hedy told her it was very dangerous as something was destroying the entire universe. John then went through a portal to Earth-Prime, while Natalie was too late and ended up stranded in nothingness for six months. After Natalie awoke from hibernation, Hedy was able to pick up John's exosuit's geolocator. Hedy warned Natalie that she might not be able to survive the journey but she insisted that they try.[6]

New multiverse

Arrival on Earth-Prime

"An anomalous vessel has just linked to your war suit CPU, and is approaching at a dangerously high velocity."
A.I. Device[src]

Natalie reunites with her father.

As Natalie arrived in Earth-Prime, her ship locked onto her father's exosuit's CPU and approached the Kent Farm at a dangerously high velocity. Natalie crash landed on the farm and exited her ship. She reunited with her father and was surprised to see her mother's Earth-Prime doppelgänger.[7] Natalie tried to hug her, but John stopped her and explained that she was not her mother. The two set off in John's trailer. Lois tried to contact Natalie for the next three months, but Natalie refused to speak to her.[8]

A new beginning

John and Natalie settled in Metropolis under the names Henry and Natalie Johnson and Natalie enrolled at Metropolis High School. However, on the first day of school, she encountered the Earth-Prime counterpart of her best friend who did not recognize her, leaving Natalie frustrated. Natalie left and wandered around the city for hours. She eventually returned to the trailer and told John that they didn't belong on this Earth, and that she wished she had died with the rest of her world.

So John took Natalie to Smallville ostensibly to try out a restaurant he liked, where Lois found them. Natalie left in a rage and Lois followed, and told Natalie that even though she wasn't her mother, she still wanted to meet and be friends with her, and eventually convinced Natalie to move to Kent Farm in town, where Lois officially introduced Natalie to her family.[8]

Natalie started attending Smallville High School with Jordan and Jonathan Kent and told everyone that she and her father were old friends from the Kent family from Metropolis. During recess, she met Jordan's girlfriend Sarah Cushing, who soon bonded over her mechanical skills. Sarah invited her to come over to her house to help fix an old car that Sarah's father was working on. She realized that Sarah and Jordan were having relationship problems and Sarah confided in her that she had kissed another girl over the summer. Natalie encouraged Sarah to be honest with Jordan. At the Kent farm, Nat apologized for interrupting the brothers and said that Sarah was outside waiting for Jordan.[9]

Natalie also bonded with the Kent brothers, giving them relationship advice and playing video games with them. Although John promised Natalie he would stay away from vigilantism, he investigated the Shuster Mines to determine the cause of the recent earthquakes and he and Superman were attacked by the latter's Inverse World counterpart that came from underground. John's armor was badly damaged and Natalie reluctantly decided to help him repair it.[10]

Back from school, Natalie noticed that Jon was acting strange and asked what happened, he said it was "his meds" and she replied that if they were the ones who made him like this, he better stop taking it. Eventually, John used the armor before it was ready to help Superman fight Bizarro and ended up in a coma. Natalie was devastated and blamed Superman.[11] Natalie stayed in the hospital instead of going back to the Kent Farm.[12]

Moving out

John eventually regained consciousness and was released, though he still had memory lapses, worrying Natalie. She blamed Clark for what happened and was hostile towards him when they returned to the farm, admitting that she was scared of him because he was identical to the man who killed her mother. Clark suggested that she would be more comfortable if she and her father had their own place, and they moved into a rented residence owned by a friend of his.[13]

On the anniversary of Lois' death, Natalie tried to make waffles for breakfast using her recipe as a remembrance, but John couldn't remember what day it was, due to replacing Superman as a hero after he disappeared while hunting Ally Allston. John took Natalie to Lana Lang's campaign headquarters to help and she was angry that him had apparently forgotten about Lois, and when she saw him apparently flirting with Lana, she demanded that they go home. Sarah realized that she was angry and tried to comfort her, so Natalie told her that this was the day her mother died. Sarah suggested that Natalie use a photo of her mother to make an altar to celebrate her life like in Día de los Muertos, but Natalie said she didn't have any photos (as her mother was a Lois Lane doppelganger). When they got back, Natalie yelled at John for forgetting about her mother and went to her room. Later, John apologized to her, saying that he was trying to move on from Lois' death because her grief drove him to extreme actions. He made waffles and they watched old Lois videos together, including Natalie's birth video.[1]


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  • Skilled engineer: Natalie was able to build a highly advanced technological exosuit along with her father.[2] It was later established that she is the actual designer behind the exosuit and the only one who knows how to repair it.[11]
  • Skilled musician: Natalie played guitar.[3]



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  • Natalie is vegan.[9]

Behind the scenes

  • In the DC comics, Natasha Irons is the niece of Steel and an extremely intelligent engineer. She debuted in Steel #1 (February, 1994).