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Natalie "Nat" Lane Irons is the daughter of John Henry Irons and the late Lois Lane.


Early life

At some point, Natalie was born to John Henry Irons and Lois Lane on Earth-TUD22.[1] She liked to play the guitar.[2]

Death of her mother

The Irons family witnesses the destruction of Metropolis.

"Forged in fire, strong as steel."
—Natalie and John Henry Irons[src]

At some point, Natalie went to her parents' room, where they noticed the explosion of a building and saw through the window an army of Supermen destroying the city, to everyone's amazement. At night, Natalie woke up her father to show Lois giving an report on TV, when Superman suddenly appeared and killed Lois using his heat vision.

Natalie says goodbye to her father.

Natalie was comforted by her father and they decided to build an exosuit to stop Superman. Later, John had to go on a mission to stop the kryptonian and promised Natalie that he would come back to her.[1]

Arrival on Earth-Prime

"An anomalous vessel has just linked to your war suit CPU, and is approaching at a dangerously high velocity."
A.I. Device[src]

Natalie reunites with her father.

For unexplained reasons, Natalie was able to acquire a ship and traveled to Earth-Prime, presumably through a breach. There, her ship locked onto her father's exosuit's CPU and approached the Kent Farm at a dangerously high velocity. Natalie crash landed on the farm and exited her ship. She reunited with her father and was surprised to see her mother's Earth-Prime doppelgänger.[3]


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  • Skilled engineer: Natalie was able to build a technological exosuit together with her father.[1]
  • Skilled musician: Natalie played guitar.[2]



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Behind the scenes

  • In the DC comics, Natasha Irons is the niece of Steel and an extremely intelligent engineer. She debuted in Steel #1 (February, 1994).