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"I used to run with a bunch back in the day. Became known as the Newcastle Crew, spent most of our misbegotten youth in this place. One of them was a powerful witch."
John Constantine[src]

Natalie "Nat" Logue[1] was a former member of the Newcastle Crew and the mother of Astra Logue. Her spirit currently rests in John Constantine's house.


Early life

Natalie was childhood friends with John Constantine. They would play together wearing masks and telling stories about the Loom of Fate and how they would use it.[2]

Newcastle crew

Natalie joined the Newcastle Crew along with John and their friendship developed into a romance. However things ended between them when John chose practicing magic over their relationship.

Later, she married Alex Logue and gave birth to a daughter, Astra Logue. One night while walking home from work, Natalie was killed by a drunk driver. John attempted to resurrect Natalie by summoning a Demon and was successful but the demon took Astra and dragged her to Hell.

Natalie was devastated that the cost of her life was her daughter’s so she killed herself[3] by drinking poison. After her death Natalie became a spirit inside John Constantine's house.[4]

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John Constantine promised Astra Logue that he would find a way to resurrect Natalie.

To that end, Constantine sought the Loom of Fate and learned that Charlie was one of the Fates.

Constantine and Astra wanted Natalie resurrected first when the Loom was finally found, but were told that Behrad Tarazi would be first.[5] Astra grows impatient about all delays that keep her from being reunited with her mother.[6] When confronted by the two other Fates, Lachesis and Atropos, Astra told them her demands, her mother's resurrection, to become their third member. Lachesis showed Astra a possible future where she got what she wanted; Natalie would die again in the future in a hospital bed while Astra grieved. Originally, this discouraged her from working on the revival, but, after talking to Gary Green about the good times that Natalie and Astra had, Astra returned to her resolve.[7]

Powers and abilities


  • Ghost physiology: As a ghost; Natalie has special abilities.[2]
    • Astral projection: As Natalie cannot be present on Earth in a physical form, her form is shown only as a projection of her soul.[2]
      • Intangibility: As a spirit, Natalie can pass through anything and everything.[2]
    • Flight: Natalie is able to hover above the ground.[2]
    • Illusion conjuration: Natalie can create illusions from her memories[2]
    • Invisibility: Natalie cannot be visibly perceived by other human beings.[2]
    • Possession: Natalie displays the ability to possess and speak through individuals whom she possesses.[2]
    • Superhuman speed: Natalie can move at superhuman speed.[2]
    • Teleportation: Natalie is able to transport from place to place, seemingly in no time at all.[2]
  • Magic: Being a powerful witch, she is able to practice magic well.[3]


DC's Legends of Tomorrow

Season 5


  • When Natalie is possessing Charlie and using her shapeshifting abilities to assume her original body's form, it is similar to when Clifford DeVoe did the same when he was possessing Ralph Dibny's body.


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