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Natalie Simon is a film actress who portrayed Rita Farr in The Rita Farr Story.


In 2014, Natalie Simon starred in the movie The Rita Farr Story, where she was portraying the titular character, Rita Farr. Posters with Natalie's likeness was hung all over Central City as the movie was shown in the local Vogue Theatre.[1]


The Flash[]

Season 1[]



Posters behind Barry Allen

Posters behind Barry Allen, including one for The Rita Farr Story, clearly bearing the name Natalie Simon.

  • Despite there were earlier instances of posters of The Rita Farr Story showing up on the streets of Central City and Vogue Theatre, the only time name Natalie Simon was readable and clearly seen occurred in "Power Outage". It should be noted that posters seen in "Things You Can't Outrun" clearly doesn't have the name on them.

Behind the scenes[]

  • Natalie Simon was most likely named after the real Natalie Simon, a crew member of The Flash. Interestingly enough, she did not work on any of the episodes in which fictional Natalie Simon was seen on the posters.