"He was our friend, our neighbor, our brother. But inside Nate Byars a darkness lay in wait."

Nate Byars was a former truck driver from Briarwood who lost his leg in a trucking accident. He was healed by Zachary's magical angel feather, but later turned into a ravenous ghoul as a side-effect.


Trucking accident

Two years before his miraculous healing, Nate has lost his leg in a trucking accident. His leg was crushed, nerves severed and required amputation. Losing his job, Nate turned to religion and joined preacher Zachary's congregation.[1]

Healing and transformation

Zachary and Nate rejoice after the miracles.

After preacher Zachary's miraculous resurrection from his death due to a snake bite, he seemingly obtained the power to bestow blessings and perform miracles. Nate jumped to the chance to be healed and Zachary's powers helped him regenerate the lost leg. He later visited a doctor to check out whether his leg fully healed and feeled intense heat. His skin and eyes grew red and Nate turned into a mindless, murderous ghoul, killing the doctor and escaping the premises. He was later located by a police officer and also killed him. Nate was caught on police car's camera and declared wanted by the police, of which Zachary was informed by Sarah. Later on, Nate, fully turned into a ghoul, attacked Zed Martin and was fought by John Constantine, armed with a kama. Although overpowered by the ghoul, John was able to pierce his heart with a wooden stake.[1]


Nate was a quiet man looking for any hope in his life, finally getting it when his leg was healed, experiencing great joy at the miracles. He tried to keep himself calm while at doctor's office, but his transformation into a ghoul turned him into a mindless puppet, killing people and following the orders of Imogen.[1]

Powers and abilities


  • Enhanced reflexes: In is ghoul form, Nate had animal-like reflexes.[1]
  • Enhanced strength: Like other ghouls, Nate had greater strength, an ability to destroy solid objects through sheer force of blows.[1]
  • Regeneration: Nate had minor regenerative powers, regenerating his limb even before achieving ghoul form.[1]


  • Driving/trucks: Nate was a former truck driver.[1]




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