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Nate Heywood is a robot who was created by Gideon to stop the Legends from damaging the timeline. He is the current leader of the Legends who replaced Sara after she was reset to be an assassin.[1]



Nate and the Legends.

Nate was created by Gideon using the information she had over the real Nate Heywood. Nate alongside his team were programmed to believe that they are the real Legends tasked with chasing the "Robot Legends".[2][1]

Becoming the new Captain

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In 1943, Nate, along with the other Legends, attacked the Legends at McDougle Jemison Factory.[2] Once the mission was done they returned to the Waverider, with the dead bodies of Astra and Zari. The Legends were informed on a mission in Chernobyl, to fix the timeline mistakes left by Gwyn Davies and the real Legends. As they were leaving, an alive Astra and Zari came. Once they arrived in the field, they started attacking the soldiers that were escaping, Nate used his big arms to attack them.[1]


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