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Nathan Bliss, better known as simply Mr. Bliss, is a meta-human and the former owner and ringmaster of the Central City Circus.


As a child, Nathan's parents showed little care for him and were more focused on fighting with each other. Knowing this, he ran away to the Central City Circus, which he joined and eventually became ringmaster, known to the audience as Mr. Bliss.[1]

Meta-human circus

Despite being a popular circus, and Mr. Bliss always leaving the audience in awe, many began to see them as freaks and stopped coming, eventually leading to the lease being revoked by the bank in 2014, devastating the circus members. However, soon they were hit by the S.T.A.R. Labs particle accelerator explosion, most of them gaining strange abilities, Mr. Bliss that of the ability to control an individual's feelings.[1] Due to unknown means, Mr. Bliss was later incarcerated in Belle Reve. However, he broke out, killing two people in California.[2]

Sometime after, Mr. Bliss sent Joey Rose to retrieve a key from Central City National Bank. When he returned, he told Mr. Bliss of The Flash and his superspeed.[3] Mr. Bliss soon came face to face with The Flash when he entered his circus, fighting past some of them.[4] He disabled The Flash's communications and proceeded to tell him of his upbringings and how he became involved in the circus, which deeply bored him. He soon locked him in a cage, however he used his super speed to escape. Before The Flash could hurt anyone, Mr. Bliss used his meta-human ability to make him writhe in pain on the ground. As he got up, he saw a hallucination of his mother, but before they could embrace, Mr. Bliss changed the vision in to a demonic, fiery version of his mother.[1] Barry begged for mercy, which Bliss was pleased with. Suddenly, Caitlin Snow and Cisco Ramon crashed through the tent in a truck. They took Barry, escaping thanks to the snake lady. Unknowing of this, Mr. Bliss was notified of their solo escape. He was disappointed that they couldn't use The Flash, but noted that it wasn't too important. He announced that everyone had to put on their costumes, as it was showtime.[5]

As they prepared to go out in to the stadium, the snake lady interrupted, asking if their plan was necessary. Bliss expressed that it was important to him, as had stealing her snakes back for her, so he wished for them to comply. They walked out, Mr. Bliss announcing their brigade as the "happiest show on Earth". He began using his powers on the crowd, either making them fight each other or see their greatest fear.[6] During the midst of this, the snake lady decided to rebel. She had her snakes wrap tightly around him, but a man intervened and cut some off. He became angry, telling her that she didn't belong. She was held back by Joey Rose and some clowns took the remaining snakes from Mr. Bliss. The Flash suddenly intervened, saving the woman. Bliss claimed that he wasn't done performing for his audience, but The Flash showed him that he'd taken the entire audience away. They all began running at him, but The Flash was able to put them all in cages, knocking Mr. Bliss himself out. Nathan was soon taken to the core chamber of the S.T.A.R. Labs particle accelerator, in which he was given two-way glass so he couldn't see anyone to inflict pain on.[7]

Powers and abilities


  • Meta-human physiology: After Nathan was struck by the energy of the particle accelerator explosion, this altered his DNA and supercharged his cells, allowing him to affect people's minds.
    • Pathokinesis: After the S.T.A.R. Labs particle accelerator explosion, Nathan gained the power of pathokinesis, allowing him to manipulate the emotions of an individual; for example, making them feel joy or pain, and even cause them very realistic hallucinations. His power is very expansive, as he was able to manipulate the emotion of hundreds of peoples at the same time.


  • Skilled tactician/Leader: As the ringmaster of his own circus, Bliss is very cunning, able to establish plans.


  • Blindness: Even if his powers makes Nathan very powerful and dangerous, he can't use them if he can't see his victims. After his defeat he has been locked up in a cell with one-way mirrors as walls.



The Flash: Season Zero

Behind the scenes

  • Bliss served as the main antagonist of the "Freak Show arc" of the The Flash: Season Zero comic series.
  • In the comics, Mister Bliss is an incubus who owned a circus feeding off the energy of his prisoners.