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"Everyone needs to be a superhero, everyone needs to get up and say 'not in my house'. Let's prove to these thugs that we are strong, and we're united, and we are not going to be conquered. And Tiara Woman, if you and your little minions happen to be listening, you have come to the wrong town."
Cat Grant[src]

National City was a Californian[1] city in the United States. It was home to several important businesses and corporations such as CatCo Worldwide Media, L-Corp, and Spheerical Industries. National City was a global epicenter of fashion[2] and, potentially, the alien capital of the world. As of 2016, the city had a population of 4 million people.[3] In the Anti-Monitor Crisis, the city was destroyed when an anti-matter wave wiped out the entire universe, but was recreated when Earth-Prime was born from the merge of Earths-1, 38, and TUD5.


Sometime in 2013, there was an earthquake in National City.[4]

In September 2014, there were wildfires that killed eight people.[4]

Sometime in 2015, Lex Luthor turned Earth's sun red in an act of eco-terrorism directed at Superman, inducing mass destruction and panic within the city, among other places such as Metropolis.[5]

During her first heroic act, Kara Danvers saved Flight 237 from crashing in National City; landing near Otto Binder Bridge.[6]

Indigo launched a nuclear ICBM targeting National City, but Supergirl prevented the missile from reaching the city.[7]

Non and Indigo attempted to use Myriad to take control of National City but were ultimately foiled by Supergirl's team.[3]

Project Cadmus tried to capture all aliens in the country and went to many places including National City.[3]

Daxamite ships swarm over National City

Daxamite ships swarm over National City.

After Rhea and Lena Luthor built a portal device, Rhea used it to bring thousands of Daxamites on the fleet, over to National City, calling Earth the "new Daxam".[8] As ships fired on and Daxamites teleported & invaded the city streets, chaos down below ensued; Supergirl was forced to use a device that released lead into the atmosphere, which forced all of the Daxamites to leave, while Rhea crumbled after a failed Dakkam Ur atop a skyscraper.[9]

Daxamite invasion

The Daxamite invasion.

As both a "thank you" and reward for having saved both the city and world, the National City committee built a Supergirl statue. At the unveiling, there was an attack, but Supergirl was able to stop it before anyone was seriously injured.[10]

Terraformation in National City

The terraformation event in National City.

Throughout the city, children started getting sick from what appeared to be lead poisoning. The city first thought that the lead poisoning was from the device Lena Luthor had made to force all the Daxamites to leave the city. It was later discovered that Morgan Edge was responsible for the poisoning, as he had poisoned the water of a public pool to frame Lena.[11]

The city was damaged, when the Children of Juru, in their attempt to terraform Earth into new Krypton, used Reign to travel to Earth's core, causing earthquakes all around the city. This was averted, when M'yrnn J'onzz used the Staff of Kolar to commune with Earth, and stopped Reign.[12]

The spaceships landed in National City

A few spaceships land in a grassed area.

During the evacuation of Earth-38, a quantum tower arose through a building to hold off the antimatter wave. Meanwhile, various ships such as the Legion's cruiser assisted in carrying Earth-38's population through the giant transmatter portal set up near National City. The city was destroyed during the Anti-Monitor Crisis, when the wave destroyed Earth-38. However, with Oliver Queen sacrificing himself during the previous battle, one billion more lives were estimated to have been saved. He died a second time to create a new universe, where a new National City was created on Earth-Prime.[13]


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  • National City had a rapid bus network, labelled Metro Rapid on the side of the buses. One known route was the 760 to Lynwood.

Behind the scenes[]

  • Even though the city was an original creation for the show, it made its first official appearance in the mainstream DC Universe in Action Comics vol. 2, #51, after a mention in Batman/Superman #31. It would later serve as the setting for Supergirl as part of the DC Rebirth event when the new Supergirl comic book series would borrow several elements from the show.
  • Coincidentially, there exists a real-life National City, California. However, its location is likely placed further north than in reality; exterior shots typically use Los Angeles as the background.
    • The 760 bus to Lynwood also goes to L.A. as well, in reality.