"The D.E.O., CatCo, all of National City is on this Earth now."
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National City is a city in the United States. It is home to several important businesses and corporations such as CatCo Worldwide Media and Luthor Corp.





Law enforcements


Weather staff (Earth-Prime)

Weather Witch attacks

During Anti-Monitor Crisis, after Oliver Queen died while battling the Anti-Monitor and reformed the universe, this city was formed on Earth-Prime, which contained most elements of National City of Earth-38;[1] however, there are various differences between the two cities. One difference is where the covert organization Leviathan had its meetings.[5]

Prior to 2020, Supergirl, as a member of The Trinity, becomes a famous hero in National City. [1] She does advertisements with Lex Luthor to promote the D.E.O.[2]

The Flash makes an appearance in National City and signs autographs with Supergirl to the delight of the citizens, after they deal with Weather Witch.[1]

The DEO headquarters are destroyed

Destruction of D.E.O. Headquarters

The same day that Obsidian North CEO Andrea Rojas announces that it will have a Worldwide Unity Festival for the launch of Obsidian Platinum, D.E.O. National City headquarters is destroyed.[5]

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