The National City Art Gallery is an art museum located in National City, which contained the painting Starry Night in its gallery.


Under duress from Mandrax's gang, Lyra Strayd gained the trust of Winn Schott and during a night out, she took him to the art gallery and coerced him into breaking into the side entrance. Using her species' natural ability to hide from cameras and video footage, she stole the painting Starry Night and framed Winn. Maggie Sawyer of the National City Police Department brought Winn in for questioning when museum security footage appeared to show only Winn at the gallery that night. Winn, with help from Alex Danvers and James Olsen, would later retrieve the painting and take down Mandrax, clearing Winn and Lyra of any charges, and the painting was presumably returned to the museum.[1]



Season 2


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