National City Beanery is a coffee shop located in National City.


In early 2012, Kara Danvers bought two coffees from National City Beanery, along with some doughnuts for herself and Alex Danvers as breakfast.[1]

Kara with National City Beanery for Cat Grant

Kara with National City Beanery for Cat Grant.

Kara bought a latte and lettuce-wrapped crisp from National City Beanery every morning for her boss, Cat Grant,[2] before switching to Noonan's in November 2015.[3]

Eve Teschmacher would buy a black coffee from National City Beanery for Lena Luthor. In early 2018, Morgan Edge hired a man to poison Lena's coffee, though Kara managed to save her.[4]

In summer 2018, Warren bought some coffee at National City Beanery, where she ran into Ben Lockwood.[5]

In October 2018, Nia Nal bought a National City Beanery latte for Kara to make a good first impression at her new job.[6]

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