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The National City Police Department (NCPD) is the police department of National City.


After Fort Rozz crashed on Earth, a guard named Master Jailer masqueraded himself as Carl Draper, a National City police detective, while hunting down and killing the Fort Rozz escapees. Later, Hank Henshaw and Alex Danvers of the "F.B.I" had asked Carl and his partner at the police precinct. His partner answered the questions while making his own comments about alien life in National City. Meanwhile, Carl kept his cover. However, Carl and his partner were later confronted by Supergirl where she was taken captive after she guessed the wrong cop as the culprit of the murders.[1]

Following an assassination attempt on President Olivia Marsdin, Detective Maggie Sawyer began collecting evidence at the airport when Alex Danvers, who claimed to work for the "F.B.I.", approached her and asked what she was doing at the crime scene. Maggie pointed out that she was from NCPD's Science Police and her work is to investigate everything regarding aliens.[2]

At least two men were wrongfully arrested by the NCPD due to Lyra Strayd.[3]

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