The National City Police Department (NCPD) is the police department of National City.


Officers took Joslyn Jackam into custody after she was stopped by Supergirl and The Flash.[1]

Detective Rivers was given a case where Yvette was attacked outside a club by a suspect who had targeted her because she is transgender and wanted to send a message to Dreamer; Rivers had little progress on the case until he was helped by Barney Fife of the D.E.O. who gave him information on similar hate crimes that had been occurring to the transgender community.[2]

The police were on the scene interviewing witnesses when Supergirl and "Hank Henshaw" arrived at a warehouse; Lex Luthor was considered a hero for killing Margot Morrison and freeing her hostages. One officer gave Lex a towel to clean the blood from his hands.[3]

After the destruction of the D.E.O. National City headquarters, the police cordoned the area, kept bystanders away, and had an ambulance on the premises.[4]

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