National City Toy Con is a yearly toy convention in National City.


Chester Dunholtz was honored at the 2016 National City Toy Con, being given the Lifetime Achievement Award. However, Winslow Schott Sr. planted 10 different bombs in 10 different toys at the con, using them to leverage his son, Winslow Schott Jr., into assassinating Dunholtz. Winn intentionally missed, at which the FBI showed up and attempted to shoot him, only for Supergirl to intervene. Winn then told her of the bombs, at which she used her powers to find Winslow's location in the basement as he was arming the bombs. With x-ray vision, she determined that all the bombs were on one side of the convention and had everyone evacuate to the other side, then activated the fire sprinklers with her heat vision, sealing the bombs off on one side by freezing the water with her freeze breath. She then proceeded into the basement to apprehend Winslow.[1]



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