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National City University is a university located in National City.


Alex Danvers gained an M.D. and a PhD in bio-engineering from National City University.[1] At the university, she dated Capraro, a fellow medical student, for a time.[2]

Kara Danvers graduated from National City University with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Marketing.[3]

Ben Lockwood was a professor of U.S. history at National City University. After his family's lives were negatively impacted by alien attacks, he began to include increasingly extreme and prejudiced rhetoric in his teachings on how aliens didn't belong with humans, upsetting his students, some of whom were aliens themselves. After numerous complaints, Dean Warren fired Ben in spring 2018.

Following Reign's attempted terraformation of Earth, many students, staff, and their families had to move into the student housing at National City University after losing their homes in the catastrophe. As a result, the university began facing overcrowding and budget cuts.[4]

Eve Teschmacher had a secret lab where she hide a Harun-El and few of her secret that got discovered by Supergirl, Lena Luthor and Alex.

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  • In a deleted scene from "Manhunter", the university's address is National City, CA, 90095.
  • As seen on Lena Luthor's sweatshirt in "Damage", the university's motto is "Aut disce aut discede", which is Latin for "Learn or depart", a phrase used in many real-life institutions.