An unnamed woman is an alien resident of National City and a student of National City University.


Around or before fall 2017, the woman began attending National City University. She had Ben Lockwood as her US history professor.

In spring 2018, the woman noticed that Lockwood began lining his teachings with increasingly extreme rhetoric against those different from humans. In one such lecture, he noted that nativists desired to "protect" America from "outsiders", citing Benjamin Franklin, who feared that immigrants wouldn't adopt American culture. The woman pointed out that Franklin was referring to immigrants from Germany when America was still a British colony and given how America is now an entire country of immigrants, it doesn't apply to the present. Lockwood went on to preach that while human immigrants strove to make America great, they now face competition from extraterrestrial immigrants who threaten their ways of life, angering the woman. She denounced his rhetoric as not nativism but xenophobia, to which Lockwood claimed that she wouldn't understand due to her "complexion". Disgusted, the woman left the classroom alongside several other students.

After school that day, the woman went to Al's Dive Bar, where she and her friend discussed Reign's recent attack on the convicts at Albatross Bay. Suddenly, Lockwood confronted her and blamed her for getting him fired. The woman maintained that she didn't say anything and expressed her concerns about Lockwood, but he angrily told her not to pity him. Kara Danvers then arrived and tried to defuse the situation by asking what she should sing for Karaoke Night. Lockwood tried to explain his feelings against the woman, but Kara stopped him and ordered him to leave. The woman thanked Kara for coming to her defense and recommended she sing Beastie Boys for tonight.[1]



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