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"I hate Nazis."
"Their appearance seems quite a severe course of action in support of a cause that was defeated over 70 years ago."
Mick Rory and Martin Stein[src]

The Nazi party threatened the Earth of the Earth-X universe since the time of World War II. Unlike the World War II on Earth-1, this conflict ended with the Nazi victory, with the Yalta Conference never happening, allowing the Nazi regime to take over the planet, including the United States. This greatly affected the course of events on the planet, leading to Kara becoming a general of the Nazi organization and Oliver the Führer.[1][2]

Leo Snart later returned to Earth-1 to help Team Flash escort a meta-human whose power to produce nuclear radiation made him difficult to transport safely. Leo reveals that the Nazi regime was disbanded after the death of Oliver and the fight with those on Earth-1. However, some members still are feebly attempting to bring back the Nazi regime, such as Siren-X.


Similarly to the Nazis of Earth-1, the Nazis of Earth-X function not simply as a party, but an organization supported by the paramilitary Schutzstaffel organization, which itself includes soldiers, officers, tank brigades and the elite New Reichsmen team, uniting the greatest champions of the Nazi party.


Prior to World War II, the Nazis have created Schutzstaffel, or SS, a paramilitary division of their party that would become an elite strike force in the future. As Martin Stein and Harry Wells hypothesized, the Nazis developed the atomic bomb before the the United States of this Earth did, and they were more than happy to use it. The Nazis won the war, and New York, London, Paris, Moscow were all obliterated. The SS set up outposts not only all throughout Europe but also all throughout the Americas, and Hitler continued his brutal reign aided by prime ministers and presidents sympathetic to him until his death in 1994.[2]

Due to the Nazis' victory in World War II, their organization became dominant on the planet, creating a worldwide New Reich, with only minuscule cells of freedom fighters trying to fight back. The Nazi regime intended their reign to last for eternity, and also had designs to invade other universes, such as Earth-1.[1]



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  • In DC Comics continuity, the Nazis play the same role on Earth-X as they do in the Arrowverse. However, it is considered a part of the main 52 multiverse, rather than something outside of it, with its alternate versions in the continuity being known as Earth-10 and Earth 10.