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Necrians are an alien species from Earth-Prime.


According to Gary, Necrians are carbon-based, just like humans. Their mouth can extend to their torso, enabling them to swallow people whole. They also have prehensile tentacles, which are strong enough to contain and lift people; if severed, those tentacles can regrow, given enough time.

Newly-hatched Necrians wake up hungry and eat the first thing they see. A single human body is enough to sate nearly 50 offspring at once. In Necrian culture, the mother raises the children alone.[1]


Necrians originated on a savage planet where its inhabitants killed and ate their own kind. Gary Green was traded to Kayla and then sent to Earth to find the "quintessential human". He became amazed by the beauty of Earth and chose to look human to try to make friends. He joined the Time Bureau and later the Legends.[2]

Baby Necrians.

Kayla (and temporarily Gary) assisted Bishop in kidnapping various creatures throughout the universe, including Sara Lance, who managed to escape with the help of Gary and ended up on the planet Pliny X19.[3][2] Kayla landed in Cuba, where she was to be dissected but was saved by the Legends.[4] She helped them and went to Pliny X19 with Mick Rory, where they eventually got laid and she got him pregnant.[5][6] After the babies were born and Bishop died, she and Mick left the Legends to raise their kids.[1]

Powers and abilities


  • Prehensile tentecles: Necrians have prehensile tentacles strong enough to contain and lift people easily.[7]
  • Extendable mouth: The mouth of the Necrians can extend to their torso, allowing them to swallow people whole.[7]
  • Bodily contortion: The entire body of Necrians can compress to fit into small spaces; quite similar to an octopus.[5]
  • Alien magic: Necrians are capable of using alien magic.[3]
    • Shapeshifting: It appears that, at least for some time, Gary Green was able to maintain his human form without his glasses; this was evident when he remained in his human form after he was stabbed to death by Atropos and his glasses fell off.[8] Apparently, this more permanent transformation was initiated by spending some time in a chrysalis; after he had done so for the second time, he reverted to his true alien form, and is now dependent on his glasses to assume his human form.[3]

Known Necrians


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