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"You know, there's a reason why I prefer to walk this path alone. It's, uh... so I don't have to share with anyone how lost I really am. But you're not alone, are you Sara?"
John Constantine to Sara Lance

"Necromancing the Stone" is the fifteenth episode of the third season of DC's Legends of Tomorrow, and the forty-eighth episode overall. It aired on March 19, 2018.




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On the Waverider, Sara wakes from a nightmare about a little girl. She is comforted by Ava, who asks who "John" is, as Sara was calling his name in his sleep. Sara says it probably was referring to John Constantine. She confesses they slept together – but that was before she had a girlfriend. Ava is delighted that Sara thinks of her as her girlfriend. Gideon calls Sara to the bridge. Zari reports that with all of the extra anachronisms, the time cracks are getting worse. Wally asks what would happen if they can't repair history. Ray says that all of time will be jumbled together, whilst Nate reminds everyone that Mallus will be released. Sara decides that the team are going to up their game with repairing time and that they are going to work in teams. Zari and Amaya are sent after the Mona Lisa, Sara and Nate will be going to the ice age to retrieve Einstein, while Wally and Mick are instructed to return Laika to the Soviet space program. Mick refuses, saying he doesn't want to go after a Russian dog, and Ray says that he needs Mick's help to repair the fire totem. Sara pairs Nate with Wally, whilst she will go after Einstein alone. Sara winces as she hears a high pitched noise, and Amaya asks if she is okay, but Sara reports she just has a headache. She asks Gideon to contact Constantine, but Gideon reports that he doesn't have a phone so can't be reached. Still hearing the ringing in her ears, Sara is drawn to the death totem. She sees a shadowy figure – it's her after she died. Her ghost tells her she should become the death totem's new bearer, and suggests the things she could do with it, such as raising her sister from the dead. "Who else on your team" the ghost asks "was born to wield death?". Sara picks up the totem.

Zari and Amaya return from their mission (having found out that the Mona Lisa is a picture of Leonardo da Vinci in drag) to find Mick asleep. Zari tries to contact Ray but is unable to. Z asks Gideon to find Ray, but Gideon is unable to, as all of her internal monitoring systems have been disabled. In the lab they find Ray unconscious, beaten and badly injured, and the room destroyed. They realise that whoever did it is still on the ship. They take Ray to the Medbay to be treated. Zari stays with Ray whilst Amaya and Mick set out to find the person who injured him. Zari asks Gideon to contact Sara in the ice age, and Gideon reports that the jump ship never left the hanger. In the kitchen Amaya and Mick find Sara wearing the death totem and taken over by Mallus. The figure tells them that "I am Death" and that Sara Lance is lost to them. Amaya and Mick try to fight Death/Sara, but it defeats them easily. Amaya tries to reach Sara. In Mallus's realm a trapped Sara can hear Amaya but can't respond. As Mallus/Sara is about to kill Mick. Wally speeds in and saves them, and takes them to the Medbay. On the bridge the possessed Sara enters a command in to the ship that locks it down entirely, trapping the Legends in the Medbay. A hologram of Ava appears on the bridge, wanting to talk to Sara but Mallus/Sara ignores her. The hologram transfers to talk to the rest of the crew and they tell her how Mallus has taken Sara over, and the need to find John Constantine. Wally is able to phase his hand to unlock the Medbay doors. He speeds off to find Sara and try and capture her. On the bridge he sees a vision of Jesse. He confesses that he loved her, but also that he's glad that she left him, because that heartbreak enabled him to travel and meet new friends. At that point "Jesse" shoots him with an anti-speedster gun and transforms back into Mallus/Sara, who knocks him out.

New York, 2018: Ava and Gary Green have gone in search of John Constantine and have tracked him down to an apartment complex. They hear a scream and kick down the door of a flat – to find Constantine and the resident trying to catch a chicken in order kill it and complete a ritual. Ava tells John that Sara has been taken over by Mallus. Constantine explains that he gave instructions to Ray to kill her should that happen. Ava says she wants to save Sara, and that she has bonded with the death totem. Constantine explains that the sixth tribe of Zambesi, which had been given the death totem, sided with Mallus whilst the other five tribes joined together to defeat the demon, and as such the totem is inextricably linked with Mallus.

On the Waverider the Legends are worried that they have lost communication with Wally, and Nate goes to find him. Zari says that she should be able to decouple the jump ship from the Waverider allowing them to escape.

In New York Constantine starts to perform a ritual to retrieve Sara's soul from Mallus's realm. Ava insists on joining him, as they share a strong bond. However Mallus fights back and sends an energy wave that flings them across the room.

On the Waverider Nate locates Wally, whilst Zari has headed to the engine room. Whilst preparing to release the jump ship she sees a vision of her brother Behrad. Although upset she is able to walk away and is able to release the jump ship. When she turns back around the vision has turned back into Mallus/Sara. They fight, and although Zari is able to use the air totem to blast the possessed Sara across the room, the death totem has given Mallus/Sara the ability to teleport, and she captures Zari. Z pleads with her, and in Mallus's realm Sara can hear her. Zari tells Sara to fight Mallus, and she is able to briefly take back control of her body. Mallus takes back possession and knocks Zari out. In Mallus's realm Nora Darhk has appeared, and tells Sara that it is impressive she was able to fight Mallus at all.

In New York Constantine is trying to find another way to rescue Sara and locate the Waverider. Ava admits she doesn't know how Sara can call her her girlfriend after she had just slept with Constantine. John says that when it comes to Sara all the confusion is worth it. Gary has an idea on how to find the Waverider (based on a quest they played in his Dungeons And Dragons group) – they need to locate the death totem. Constantine performs a ritual to find it.

On the Waverider Amaya says that a totem bearer can only be defeated by another totem bearer. As she doesn't have her spirit totem any more, and Zari is missing, she suggests that one of them use the earth totem. Nate volunteers to do it.

In Mallus's realm Nora and Sara are talking. Sara tells her that it is a shame that she grew up the way she did, as she had been a sweet child. Nora says she was never sweet, thanks to Oliver Queen killing her father. Sara points out that Oliver wasn't responsible for the path Nora chose. Nora agrees, telling Sara that they are both alike and that they have always had darkness inside them. She shows Sara a vision of when she was a member of the League of Assassins, and had killed a man in front of his daughter (this was the little girl Sara had been seeing in her nightmares). Nora tells Sara to embrace her guilt. Sara realises that Nora is trying to recruit her on to Mallus's side, as she is the bearer of the death totem

On the Waverider Nate reaches the bridge and picks up the earth totem. However nothing happens. He hears a sound and realises that the possessed Sara is there. He leaves the bridge but realises that he is being pursued by Mallus/Sara. As he turns a corner he runs into his grandfather Henry Heywood (aka Commander Steel). "Henry" tells Nate that he is a disappointment and says that Amaya doesn't love him as beats him. Amaya and Mick have found Zari, but realised they have lost contact with Nate. Amaya realises that the fire totem is their last chance at being able to defeat Sara. They head to the lab where Ray has managed to repair the fire totem and Amaya realises that it isn't meant for her – Mick is the one meant to wield it. Mick says that he isn't a hero, but Amaya points out that whilst most people who had seen he things he had seen would have yielded to the darkness he didn't, and instead became a Legend. Despite him trying to hide it, she says that Mick is a good man. In the corridor "Henry" has transformed back into the possessed Sara, having almost killed Nate. A portal opens revealing Ava, Constantine, and Gary. Constantine starts reciting a ritual to exorcise Mallus from Sara's body, but Mallus interrupts saying there's someone who wants to talk to Constantine. Sara starts channelling Astra, the little girl Constantine accidentally sent to hell, who tells John that Mallus will release her from hell in exchange for Sara. Ava tries to intervene, but Mallus/Sara throws them across the room with magic. Constantine pretends to agree to "Astra's" deal, in order to resume the exorcism. Mallus starts choking him with magic. However as Mick puts on the fire totem, the death totem around Sara's neck glows as well, and Mallus drops John and leaves to find him. In the engine room Mick, now channelling the power of his totem is able to summon a fireball and throws it at Mallus/Sara, managing to knock her down. In Mallus's realm Sara hears Ava calling to her. Nora demands she decide – whether to tell Ava that she is a killer, or to join them and live a life free of pain and regret. Ava reminds Sara that she is fearless, and brave and a Legend, and that she needs to come back to them. In the demon realm Sara tells Nora no – she is not going to be a demon's lackey and bring more death in to the world. Back on the Waverider Sara wakes up, having cast Mallus off, and thanks Ava for saving her once again.

On the bridge Sara and Constantine talk. John admits that had he thought Mallus really could have freed Astra he would have traded Sara in a heartbeat, and that he likes to work alone so that he can hide how lost he really is. He points out to Sara that she isn't alone – and tells her not to hurt Ava. In the Medbay Sara apologises to the rest of the Legends. Then she goes to Ava, and says that that dark being the death totem showed was part of her. Ava tells Sara that she'd read her file, and knows what she is done, and doesn't care about her past. Sara tells Ava that maybe she should, and that she deserves so much better than her, and that although she cares about her she can't be in a relationship. Ava departs the Waverider in tears.

Back on earth, Gary is playing Dungeons And Dragons – and Constantine has joined them.




  • The title is a reference to the 1984 film Romancing the Stone.
  • When Amaya and Zari are sent on a mission to retrieve the Mona Lisa from Antiques Roadshow, they observe that the portrait was actually a self-portrait of Da Vinci in drag.
  • On the Waverider, Sara initiates the Nostromo protocol, a reference to the spaceship in the movie Alien, where one Xenomorph hunts and kills the crew.
  • Sara visually compares Constantine to musician Sting. Coincidentally, when Constantine first appeared in DC comics, his direct resemblance to Sting was on purpose, specifically the musician's appearance in the 1982 film Brimstone and Treacle, as a person who thought he had supernatural powers.
  • Sara's appearance when under Mallus' control makes her look like a zombie from iZombie, which is another CW series that airs right after DC's Legends of Tomorrow.
  • When the Waverider is in trouble, Constantine informs Ava and Gary that he cannot track down a lost timeship as "[his] business card reads 'Master of the Dark Arts', not 'Doctor Bloody Whatshisface'", to which Ava and Gary each ask, "Who?" and Constantine replies, "Exactly", a clear reference to the classic British sci-fi series Doctor Who.
  • The spell Constantine uses to access Mallus's realm is a slightly modified version of the spell used to reach an alternate dimension in the Constantine episode "A Whole World Out There".
  • In the end when Constantine throws the dice into the air, the numbers "20" and "14" are next to each other as the episode closes to end, a possible reference to the show Constantine's year of debut, 2014.
  • Rory mentions that the Earth Totem "made Blackbeard's girlfriend a zombie", referring the events of "The Curse of the Earth Totem".
  • After Wally is shot with the anti-speedster gun, Rory says, "We're going to need a bigger Med-Bay", paraphrasing the famous line from Jaws: "We're going to need a bigger boat".
  • When Ray explains the potential ramifications of failing to stop Mallus, Wally supposes it's "worse than Flashpoint", alluding to the alternate reality Barry Allen created at the end of Season 2 of The Flash when he went back in time to stop Eobard Thawne from murdering his mother.
  • Though just as a voice appearance, Bailey Tippen reprises the role of Astra Logue, the girl Constantine failed to save from damnation to Hell, from "Non Est Asylum"; aside from Constantine himself, she has been the only character to cross over from Constantine.