"You know, there's a reason why I prefer to walk this path alone. It's, uh... so I don't have to share with anyone how lost I really am. But you're not alone, are you Sara?"
John Constantine to Sara Lance

"Necromancing the Stone" is the fifteenth episode of the third season of DC's Legends of Tomorrow, and the forty-eighth episode overall. It aired on March 19, 2018.


When Mallus’ power over Sara resurfaces, she unwittingly becomes the bearer of one of the Totems. Rory must conquer his dark side in order to wield his own Totem power to help save the crew. Meanwhile, Agent Sharpe notices that something is wrong and recruits someone unorthodox to help.[src]



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"Necromancing the Stone" starts with Sara awakening from a bad dream. She's ameliorated by Agent Sharpe. Ava faces Sara about hollering "John" while she was resting. Sara confesses to laying down with Constantine, however Ava's excited to hear that Sara thinks about her as a sweetheart.

Sara's called to the extension, where the gathering is made aware of a few time misplacements that have been brought about by Mallus and the Darhks.

Sara orders the groups to separate to begin handling numerous time misplacements on the double. Nate is matched up with Wally while Amaya and Zari are made into a group. Sara will be going on her own strategic Ray and Rory remain back on the Waverider to explore different avenues regarding the Fire Totem.

Sara's seen beginning to have torment in her mind and a ringing in her ears. She discovers that she's just ready to stop it in the event that she expels the Death Totem from the container Ray intended for it.

As Sara opens the crate, she sees an adaptation of her past self before she was restored by the Lazarus Pit. The vision desires Sara to utilize the Death Totem.

Zari and Amaya return to the boat and wake Mick up from a rest. They ask where Ray is, just to discover him oblivious in his lab. They find an indisputable evidence close to Ray's dead body, understanding the individual that submitted the demonstration is still on the boat.

Rory and Maya begin scanning the boat for the culprit and they discover Sara, wearing the Death Totem and apparently had, in the boat's cafeteria.

The two beginning battling with her, however she's ready to best them two. Directly before she's going to wound Rory, Wally speeds in and salvages both Mick and Maya. The gathering joins in the clinical inlet to bring forth an arrangement.

Sara goes into the scaffold and secures the boat with the goal that no one can leave.

Back in the drug cove, the gathering acknowledges they need the assistance of Constantine.

Wally's ready to eliminate of the drug cove, which has secured in view of Sara's orders. He speeds to the extension and sees a spirit of Jesse Quick. It's uncovered that Sara had the option to transform into Jesse to draw near to Wally. She shoots him, taking him out.

Operator Sharpe and Gary track down Constantine and illuminate him that Sara has fortified with the Death Totem.

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Back on the Waverider, Nate chooses to go scan for Wally since the speedster presently can't seem to come back to the gathering.

At Constantine's, John begins playing out a custom that would ship himself and Ava into Mallus' domain so they can persuade Sara to return into her body.

After Nate neglects to return, Zari goes to care for him and finds a ghost of her sibling that had been recently killed. Zari's tricked by the stunt, and her sibling transforms into Sara and the two start battling.

Constantine and Ava are kicked out of Mallus' domain without having the option to get Sara once again into her body.

On the Waverider, Nate comes back to the gathering with Wally, and Amaya illuminates him that he may need to utilize the Earth Totem to stop Sara.

Gary has a plan to discover the Waverider that is stuck in the transient stream: find the Death Totem and you'll discover the boat.

Nate goes into Ray's lab to discover the Earth Totem. He snatches it, however it doesn't hurt him as it did with Blackbeard's accomplice.

In Mallus' domain, Nora is attempting to persuade Sara to join her and her dad's crucial.

Sara discovers Nate and starts pursuing him through the boat. Nate's strolling through the corridor when he sees a dream of his dead granddad.

Amaya and Mick hurry into Ray's lab and find the Fire Totem. Amaya offers it to Mick to utilize.

Nate and Sara — who appeared to the former as his deceased grandfather — are battling when Constantine and the double cross Bureau specialists board the boat through an entryway. Sara takes out Ava and Gary and starts to gag out Constantine.

Mick puts the Fire Totem on an accessory, and it promptly controls up. We see Mick with the capacity to control fire with his hands now. Sara sees another symbol has controlled on and she races into Ray's lab just to get took out by Mick.

Ava discovers Sara took out oblivious and takes a stab at talking with her dead body trying to bring the genuine Sara once again from Mallus' domain. Sara turns down Nora's proposal to support her and the latter's father and comes back to her body.

Back in the medications inlet, Ray's come to, and Sara apologizes to both him and Wally for taking them out. Sara discloses to them that she thinks Mallus was attempting to select the Legends to his side by going after their most noticeably terrible feelings of trepidation.

Sara goes into her room and discloses to Ava that they have to talk. Sara discloses to Ava that she wouldn't like to be seeing someone, Ava transports herself off the ship in tears.




  • The title is a reference to the 1984 film Romancing the Stone.
  • When Amaya and Zari are sent on a mission to retrieve the Mona Lisa from Antiques Roadshow, they observe that the portrait was actually a self-portrait of Da Vinci in drag.
  • On the Waverider, Sara initiates the Nostromo protocol. This is a reference to the spaceship in the movie Alien, where one Xenomorph hunts and kills the crew.
  • Sara visually compares Constantine to musician Sting. Coincidentally, when Constantine first appeared in DC comics, his direct resemblance to Sting was on purpose, specifically the musician's appearance in the 1982 film Brimstone and Treacle, as a person who thought he had supernatural powers.
  • Sara's appearance when under Mallus' control makes her look like a zombie from iZombie, which is another CW series that airs right after DC's Legends of Tomorrow.
  • When the Waverider is in trouble, Constantine informs Ava and Gary that he cannot track down a lost timeship as "[his] business card reads 'Master of the Dark Arts', not 'Doctor Bloody Whatshisface'", to which Ava and Gary each ask, "Who?" and Constantine replies, "Exactly", a clear reference to the classic British sci-fi series Doctor Who.
  • The spell Constantine uses to access Mallus's realm is a slightly modified version of the spell used to reach an alternate dimension in the Constantine episode "A Whole World Out There".
  • In the end when Constantine throws the dice into the air, the numbers "20" and "14" are next to each other as the episode closes to end, a possible reference to the show Constantine's year of debut, 2014.
  • Rory mentions that the Earth Totem "made Blackbeard's girlfriend a zombie", referencing the events of "The Curse of the Earth Totem".
  • After Wally is shot with the anti-speedster gun, Rory says, "We're going to need a bigger Med-Bay.", paraphrasing the famous line from Jaws: "We're going to need a bigger boat".
  • When Ray explains the potential ramifications of failing to stop Mallus, Wally supposes it's "worse than Flashpoint", alluding to the alternate reality Barry Allen created at the end of Season 2 of The Flash when he went back in time to stop Eobard Thawne from murdering his mother.
  • Though just as a voice appearance, Bailey Tippen reprises the role of Astra Logue, the girl Constantine failed to save from damnation to Hell, from "Non Est Asylum"; aside from Constantine himself, she has been the only character to cross over from Constantine.


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