"The Oliver you lost might not be the one they found."
—Dr. Lamb to Moira Queen[src]

Dr. Neil Lamb is a doctor residing in Starling City. It appears that he may be the Queen family's doctor.


When Oliver Queen returned to Starling City after being rescued from Lian Yu, Dr. Lamb treated him and comforted Moira Queen as they watched through an observation window. He warned Moira that her son might have completely changed and suggested to brace herself for any major changes she saw in him.[1]

Dr. Lamb again treated a member of the Queen family, this time it being Moira. After she was almost shot, she suffered a concussion, which Dr. Lamb diagnosed and helped treat.[2]

Years later, after Thea began suffering the fatal effects of her bloodlust, Dr. Lamb allowed Oliver to take her from the hospital.[3]



Season 1

Season 4


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