"You can't save her."
—Nergal to John Constantine before taking Astra Logue to Hell[src]

Nergal is a powerful demon who was summoned by John Constantine in a botched attempt to resurrect Natalie Logue. While successful at first, the demon then dragged Natalie's daughter, Astra, to Hell. Natalie Logue killed herself because she thought her life was not worth damning her daughter to Hell. As a result, Nergal was also able to damn John's soul so it would be dragged into Hell upon his eventual death, which John tries to prevent by atoning for his sin.


During an attempt to resurrect Natalie Logue[1], John Constantine's ritual was botched and inadvertently conjured up Nergal from Hell. Subsequently, Nergal violently dragged Astra to Hell where she was damned for eternal suffering. This led to John suffering immense guilt and often having nightmares of the event. Ritchie Simpson, who was present for the event, also frequently endured nightmares and blamed John for Nergal's actions.[2]

Nergal sent Furcifer to kill the psychic Liv Aberdine but John was able to exorcise him. Before doing so, John told Furficer to tell Nergal that he was coming for him and Astra.[2]

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Behind the scenes

  • In the DC comics, Nergal was also a demon responsible for Astra Logue's death and condemnation to Hell.
  • Nergal is also the name of a most respected Mesopotamian deity that represents a certain phase of sunlight. Ironically, the demon Nergal is a villain instead of a heroic god. In the comics, it's said that he was once similar to his mythological namesake but became corrupt over time.


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