"He's uh.. young, by your standards at least and let's just say he means to disrupt the system."
—John Constantine to Satan about Neron[src]

Neron (died 2019) was a demon who attempted to "make Earth Hell again". He took the soul of John Constantine from Nergal and started hunting him down. In his final battle against the Legends, he is ejected from Ray's body and finally killed by John Constantine.


At some point he found and fell in love with Tabitha. Later, Neron acquired the deed to John Constantine's soul. Sometime later, Neron came after John to get his help in usurping the triumvirate ruling Hell. When John refused to help him, Neron began hunting him. However, he soon made a deal with John's boyfriend, Desmond, to bind his soul with him in exchange for sparing John's life. The deal was later made public to John when an attempt to send Neron to Hell resulted in sending Dez there as well.[1]

A few months later, Neron was playing golf with Hank Heywood while taking Desmond's form.[2] He was also present in Hank's Hemophilia fundraiser ball a few days after that.[3] Soon after, Neron got an alert that someone was changing Hank's password from inside the Time Bureau and called Hank to tell him about it while going into Hank's office and looking into it. When Hank returned to his office a few

Neron shows himself before Constantine

Neron shows himself before Constantine.

hours later, Neron was waiting there for him. After Hank asked him to part ways, as Hank had a change of heart after spending some time with his son, Neron killed Hank after telling the latter he was no longer needed, disappearing just in time to make Nora Darhk take the fall for the murder.[4]

Neron later appeared to a drunk and guilt-ridden John and taunted him about his past failures before

revealing himself.[5] After meeting John he then went to Ava's

home and captured her and began preparing her as a vessel for his love Tabitha but was thwarted by the efforts of John and the legends. While imprisoned in the time bureau he tried to manipulate Nora promising her power if she agreed to become his next vessel. He seemed to accomplish his goal when Nora came to visit him however it was revealed that it was actually a plan created by both Nora and John as they both realized he can't survive in there world

for long without a vessel. While he left Desmond's body thus freeing him they tried to hold him so he

Constantine and Nora take on Neron

Constantine and Nora take on Neron.

wouldn't be able to possess any more humans but Ray came to check on Nora ruining their plan. He then tries to possess Nora but she blasted him with her magic and then he vanished. While the legends believed he was gone in truth he entered Ray's body and began turning him into his next vessel.

Ray saves Nate from Neron

Ray saves Nate from Neron.

Neron revealed himself to Ray and told him to submit his body to him but when Ray refused he then told Ray that he was forced then to kill someone that Ray loves that way Ray's soul and body would belong to him. While Ray tried his hardest to resist Neron he would slowly take over more of Ray's body and tried to make him kill some close to him like Nora. When that failed he tried to kill Gary However seeing Gary's rage on how the time bureau and the legends don't give him the respect he deserves he manipulated Gary to serve him. He then forced Ray to kill Nate who was checking on him while Nate encouraged Ray to resist Neron he could no longer and once Ray had Nate with a kitchen knife he agreed to become Neron's vessel if he spared Nate. Neron then completely controlled Ray and spared Nate as he promised he was then confronted by John who figured out the truth after Nora told him. He then captured Neron ready to

Gary joins Neron

Gary joins Neron.

exorcise him from Ray but Gary came at first John tried to get Gary's help in exorcising Neron, but Neron managed to convoke him to side with him instead by giving him back his nipple. While John tried to stop him Neron knocked him out and took him, prisoner, while taking Gary with him.

He then left Gary in the time bureau to take it over while he took

Waverider firing on Neron

Waverider firing on Neron.

John with him and tried to force him to open a portal to hell. He explained that he would use the portal to bring someone from hell Tabitha when John refused he threatened to cut himself thus killing Ray while John tried to appeal to Ray to resist Neron told him that his talks were futile as Ray gave to Neron willingly making it impossible for him to resist Neron. Neon began cutting himself only for John to use a spell to get rid of the knife he was using pleasing Neron as he could still make John use his magic. John using his magic alerted the legends and he was face to face with their ship. John insisted that they shoot them as Ray was already gone and John would die happily for the cause. While Sara hesitated in doing this Mick gave the order to shoot but this was part of Neron's plan he teleported at the last minute before the Waverider's weapon hit him and John and instead, it hit the ice behind causing an avalanche trading the legends under tons of snow and ice. With the legends distracted Neron took John back in time to a village telling him that he would learn how to open a more stabilizing portal to hell from the villager's king. He then told him that the king Konstentyn was, in fact, his ancestor and was the one to create the portal to hell which to lead to the banishment of many magical creatures.[6]

His portals were more powerful than John because he used the fear of his people to amplify them. He then further tried to use John by showing he was going to banish an innocent magical creature. When John tried to ask his ancestor for help failed Neron appeared trying to make John stabilize the portal saying that not only he would be sent to hell but also the innocent creature John still refused. After nearly being pulled into the vortex to hell John gave in and used his magic to turn the vortex against his ancestor Konstentyn and managed to beat him in swordsmanship, Neron appeared ready to use the portal but John wouldn't let him challenging him to a duel with swords John ended up the victor. He would have killed Neron but the legends who survived the avalanche told him not to because they wanted to rescue their old teammate John hearing this decided to go to hell in hopes of saving Ray. With John out of the way, Neron used the portal to bring back Tabitha who was later revealed to be the fairy grandmother shocking the legends.[6] They embraced and kissed passionately while returning to the time bureau and making Gary the fairy godmother's new host.

After dealing with the legends he began to put his soul-harvesting plan into motion. He began using

Neron as Ray

Neron as Ray.

people's fear of magical creatures to make them download an app not knowing that when they download it they were giving their souls to him in exchange. Using Mona Wu as an example his plan was working perfectly and he invited Nora Dark to see it come to fruition to punish her for nearly killing him when he freed Desmond. Disappointed by the fact that only two thousand people downloaded the app he then realized he would release the magical creature in public thus driving more humans to download the app. He then met Charlie who he thought was Tabitha due to her shapeshifting abilities and wondered why she hasn't transferred her curse to Nora. He never suspected it was Charlie though and thought nothing of it until he saw Tabitha again this time no longer cursed and realized he was deceived. He was already too late to stop Charlie from sending all of the magical creatures to the waverider but Tabitha assured him they have all the monsters in one place and planned to use Charlie's shapeshifting powers to impersonate the monsters thus continuing his plan.[7]

Baltimore Bugle

Baltimore Bugle.

In his final battle against the Legends, Neron witnessed the death of Tabitha and is angered by this but gained possession of her staff and opened up the gates of Hell. John Constantine confronted him to a fight in which Neron strangled him killing him, but after he committed the deed, he found himself slowly being ejected from Ray's body. Nate Heywood approached him and called him "mate" revealing that he was in fact Constantine and that Neron had actually killed Nate instead, thus; breaking the deal he had made with Ray, Neron is ejected out of the body in which Constantine destroyed his true form once and for all.[8]


Neron, much like Mallus, is a being of pure evil. Every deed he does is either to torment someone or outright killing someone. He constantly tormented John Constantine by taking advantage of his love towards Desmond. This he succeeded in doing by possessing Desmond, forcing John to send him to Hell. Even after he was sent to Hell, he still kept tormenting John, taking sadistic pleasure about it.

Neron is also very manipulative, as he was able to manipulate Hank Heywood without anyone catching on, but ultimately Hank betrayed Neron thanks to his son. But despite this one failure, he nonetheless was able manipulate many others in order to take possession of Ray Palmer's body. He even manipulated Gary Green and through him was able to take control of the Time Bureau.

Neron was also ambitious. His ultimate goal was to become the Lord of Hell by opening the portal between Earth and hell by drawing souls of the living there.

Neron wasn't completely without emotions, as he was generally capable of loving someone, but only, if that someone was as evil as him. This was evidenced through Tabitha, as he went through a lot of trouble in order to free her. He was also angered, when Tabitha was killed.

Powers and abilities


  • Demonic physiology: Neron was a powerful high ranking demon from Hell, with an assortment of mystical abilities.
    • Immortality: Neron as a demon is immortal and does not age unless killed. However it should be noted that without a vessel he could be killed.
    • Demonic possession: Whenever he is searching for a vessel, Neron bonds himself with their souls in order to possess them, including Desmond and Ray Palmer.
    • Telekinesis: Neron can move and otherwise exert force on objects and people with his mind. He was able to easily overpower Nora's use of her magic and send her flying with enough force to knock her out.[9] While inhabiting Ray Palmer, he willed for a nearby knife to fly into his hand, which he used to attack Nate.[10]
    • Portal opening: With the use of fear Neron was able to open the gates of Hell to release all demons within it.
    • Superhuman strength: Neron easily overpowered John when he attacked him.
    • Conjuration: Neron was able to bring Gary's nipple back from hell as a gift for him, although it was cursed.
    • Rage inducement: Neron can induce rage into those around him. Even from a large distance.
    • Life-Force absorption: Neron used his powers to absorb the life force out of Hank, leaving Hank dead.
    • Shapeshifting: Neron is able to take Desmond's form and shapeshift his body parts into his original look.[2]
    • Flight: In his true form, Neron was able to fly.[9]
    • Telepathy: Neron has the ability to telepathically speak with people. His powers also allow him to cast illusions in the minds of others.
    • Electromagnetic interference: When Neron attacked John he made all lights in his apartment go flickering.


  • Intimidation: John Constantine is terrified of Neron to the point of nearly "breaking" the timeline just to avoid facing him. Fairy Godmother declares that she would rather face Hell than "piss off" Neron.[11] Hank Heywood was also terrified of disappointing him (despite not knowing of his powers).[3]
  • Expert manipulator: Neron is an expert in manipulation, using his intimidation and reputation to force his opponents to make the exact choices he desired them to make. He was able to manipulate Constantine into joining the Legends by warning him he was coming for him,[12] which the demon later taunted him over.[9] Owed to his understanding of human motives, Neron is able to expertly take advantage of his enemies' vulnerabilities and doubts about their compatriots, alluring them to his side with promises that they would receive exactly what they wanted. Although he failed to do this with Nora Darhk, by reminding her how Constantine had essentially abandoned her following a failed exorcism,[13] he succeeded in manipulating Gary Green into joining his side with the gift of his severed left nipple and constant reminders that his so-called allies only ever treated him as a doormat.[10] He also forced Ray Palmer into giving up his body for him willingly, by threatening to hurt his friends, and tormenting him by slowly taking over his body, all to manipulate him into doing what he wanted.[10]


  • Vessel dependency: In order for him to use his powers he requires a vessel. Also, while on earth, without a vessel, Neron will perish in a short time.


DC's Legends of Tomorrow

Behind the scenes

  • In the main DC comics continuity, Neron is the Demon Lord of Hell, who has managed to gather enough souls to become the Devil and was first seen during the Underworld Unleashed storyline, where he made deals with superheroes and supervillains alike.
  • Neron served as the main antagonist of Season 4 of DC's Legends of Tomorrow.


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