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The netherverse, also known as the antimatter universe or the antiverse, is the antimatter counterpart of the multiverse. From here, Mobius, the Anti-Monitor, originated.


Mobius and the shadow demons originated in the netherverse. Barry Allen was sent there by Mar Novu. He was eventually found by Mobius, calling himself the Anti-Monitor, and used him for his own purposes.[1]

At some point, the Weaponers of Qward created the Anti-Matter Man as a weapon to invade the positive matter universes. However, due to the dangerous nature of the weapon, the Weaponers sealed the Anti-Matter Man within the core of a moon.[2]

By 2018, the Anti-Matter Man escaped his confinement and began traveling through the transmultiversal multiverse in order to invade the other Earths.[2]

Battle at the dawn of time.

After Anti-Monitor destroyed all reality across the entire multiverse, and Pariah sent the Paragons to the Vanishing Point, Oliver Queen came and got them and told them in order to stop the Anti-Monitor they needed to travel to the dawn of time in the netherverse. After Oliver temporarily overpowered the Anti-Monitor at the cost of his own life, he lit the spark for the multiverse to be reborn. The seven Paragons then used what remained of the Book of Destiny to restore the multiverse, resulting in the formation of Earth-Prime.[3]

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  • According to Mobius, the netherverse exists eternally, even without the positive matter multiverse.
  • Antimatter normally obliterates beings of positive matter. However, positive matter visitors have so far been able to visit the antimatter universe without any apparent ill effects.