The netherverse, also known as the antimatter universe or the antiverse, is the antimatter counterpart of the multiverse. It is where Mobius, the Anti-Monitor, originated from.


Mobius and the shadow demons originated in the netherverse. Barry Allen was sent there by Mar Novu. He was eventually found by Mobius, calling himself the Anti-Monitor, and used him for his own purposes.[1]

At some point, the Weaponers of Qward created the Anti-Matter Man as a weapon to invade the positive matter universes. However, due to the dangerous nature of the weapon, the Weaponers sealed the Anti-Matter Man within the core of a moon.[2]

The following took place in an alternate timeline where Flashpoint never happened.

By 2018, the Anti-Matter Man escaped his confinement and began traveling through the multiverse in order to invade the other Earths.[2]

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  • Mobius implies the Netherverse exists eternally, even when the positive matter multiverse didn't exist yet.
  • The Netherverse normally obliterates beings of positive matter. However, the Spectre and Paragons remained unharmed when they arrived at the Dawn of Time.



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