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"I would hate for what happened to New Carthage to happen here."
Lois Lane to Morgan Edge[src]

New Carthage is a small town located in Kansas in the United States.


Morgan Edge went to the town of New Carthage and promised its people that he would bring jobs and prosperity; however, he overestimated in his calculations and the people suffered, with Edge hiring less people and not even paying a living wage to his workers.[1] Derek Powell, one of the workers, was offered an "opportunity of a lifetime" by Morgan; his mother, Sharon Powell did not see him again.[2]

Months later, Lois Lane researched the town and confronted Morgan when he proposed his opportunities to Smallville.[1] Lois continued her research by making calls to the town, causing Sharon to come to the Smallville Gazette about her son.

Superman fought Subjekt-11 in New Carthage.

Lois goes to a motel room in the town to meet with Sharon and further discuss her son's whereabouts when Sharon and Lois encounter David Fuglestad; after he tried to kill Sharon, he attacked Lois, but Lois uses the ELT to summon Superman, who fights him and causes David to run.[2]

Lois asked Morgan why he abandoned New Carthage[3] but stayed in Smallville. Weeks later, Chrissy Beppo discovered that those citizens, like Derek Powell, glitched when they received Kryptonian-like powers, while those of Smallville did not.[4]


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