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"There's something going on in this city after the sun goes down. I intend to find out what it is."
Jesse Reese on New Gotham City[src]

New Gotham City is a city located in the United States.


A map of New Gotham City.

Dinah Redmond visited New Gotham in the hopes of finding Helena Kyle and Barbara Gordon. She ultimately did, forming the Birds of Prey.[1]


New Gotham City is infamous as a breeding ground of crime. The situation worsened after Batman mysteriously disappeared. The crime skyrocketed at an all-time high, to the point that many citizens believe the city is in dire need of vigilantes. The city has suffered numerous attacks at the hands of a criminal who went by Joker and along with his lover and second-in-command Harley Quinn.[1]


Batman, the original vigilante.

New Gotham was prominent for having registered the first known case of vigilantism in the figure of Batman, a brutal individual who dressed like a bat, fought against evil, and struck terror into the hearts of criminals everywhere, until the time that Catwoman was killed and Barbara Gordon was shot.[1]

Another vigilante that operated in New Gotham was Black Canary. She was the first female crime fighter and was infamous for her Canary Cry. She had worked with Batman on many occasions before his retirement, along with continuing to have a relationship with the crime fighter Batgirl.

Batman's had many proteges in his career of fighting crime. Among them being Robin, Dick Grayson, and Batgirl. All were famous for prowling the rooftops of Gotham with the Caped Crusader Batman.

The Birds of Prey look out over the city from the clocktower.

Later, a vigilante group known as the Birds of Prey, led by his daughter Helena Kyle, took his place.[1]


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