The New Gotham Clocktower is the base of operations of the Birds of Prey.


After each mission, the team meets atop the clocktower.

The clocktower was used as a secret lair by Barbara Gordon and Helena Kyle in their efforts as vigilantes, with all of the technology provided by Bruce Wayne; Dinah Redmond soon joined them,[1] becoming known as the Birds of Prey.[2] Dinah often practiced throwing Batarangs for training, but was noticeably bad at it.[3]

Guy was brought to the clocktower after being found by Helena. He was looked after and lived there for some time, before dying of old age.[4]

The Birds of Prey and Black Canary look at the computer at sunrise.

Carolyn Lance hid in the Clocktower to be less of a target when hunted down by Hawke. However, she later left to make things up with her daughter Dinah before dying.[5]

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  • In the comics, the Gotham Clock Tower is a large clock tower in Gotham City. It was previously the headquarters for both Oracle and the Birds of Prey and first appeared in Batman: Sword of Azrael #1 (October, 1992).


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