The New Gotham Police Department is a police precinct located in New Gotham City.


Years ago, the Joker escaped custody from the police after he had been beaten by Batman.

Unbeknownst to the police, Helena Kyle would leave criminals in front of the precinct for police custody; she did it again after she caused Larry Ketterly to fall into a coma.[1]

Silas "Slick" Waters was brought into the police department after stealing an armored truck, but he escaped using his liquefying powers. He returned and killed Detective Grace Tanner, one of his arresting officers, before heading to kill the final one, Detective Jesse Reese, while he swam in the department's pool. After a brief altercation, Reese and Huntress hid in the sauna, allowing Slick to escape. While talking about honesty, Helena and Reese realize that the police detail assigned to escort an armored car are policemen who have taken a bribe from Waters.[2]

Claude Morton transferred to New Gotham PD from Blüdhaven Police Department, chasing meta-human-related cases.[3]

Police at Club Slippery

Huntress went to the morgue to inspect the cadaver of a woman, believed to be the mother of a baby she'd saved. She was interrupted by Detective Reese, before she left. Later, the police were called to a disturbance at Club Slippery.[4]

The police investigated the murder of a street hood when he was found with a peculiar knife between his ribs. By the next morning, he was identified, alerting the DELPHI Protocol.

Later, Huntress enters the police department to talk to Jesse to get a possible location as to where Al Hawke might be holding Carolyn Lance.[5]

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