New Orleans is a city located in Louisiana, United States on Earth-1.


New Orleans in 1856.

New Orlenas is well known for the Louisiana Voodoo, with one of the best known voodoo practitioners being Marie Laveau.[1][2]

In 1856, a magical fugitive started killing people in the city and the blame fell on Marie Laveau. The Legends traveled to 1856 and detained the creature, bringing the timeline back to normal.[2]

Jim Corrigan grew up with his mother in New Orlenas. When he became an adult, he became a Police detective in the city's police department.[1]

In late 2014, Papa Midnite accidentally brought some spirits back during his rituals. With the approach of Rising Darkness, the ghosts started killing people, so John Constantine and Chas Chandler went over there to solve the case.[1]

In 2015, a man began to attract girls and tricked them into marrying him and then sacrificing them to Satan. Jim Corrigan asked for help from John and his team to help him.[3]

In 2018, Constantine spent some time in New Orleans. At a local bar, he was served by Desmond (a descendant of Marie Laveau) and the two shared an instant connection. The two started a relationship and soon moved in together in a loft they rented in New Orleans. Not long after, John was being targeted by the demon Neron, who owned the deed to Constantine's soul, that wanted his help in usurping the triumvirate ruling Hell. So, Desmond decided to make a deal with Neron and bond his soul with the demon in exchange for sparing John's life. The deal was later made public to John when in an attempt to send Neron to Hell, he had to sent Dez there as well.[2]

Later, John attempts to use time travel to travel to New Orlenas to change history to save the life of Desmond, but when it creates worse timelines, he accepts the need to restore the original timeline,[4] but John eventually manages to save Desmond by luring Neron out of his body.[5]

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