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The next gen watch is an invention of Harrison Wells as part of a set of next gen electronics. It houses the meta-human awareness app, among others.


After Dr. Harrison Wells unveiled his line of meta-human awareness apps, along with the next gen watches and electronics, the watch alerted him to the presence of "Jay Garrick/The Flash".

Eight months later, Harry used the watch on everyone in Team Flash in order to determine that Cisco Ramon was a meta-human.[1]

The next gen watch used as a recording device

The next gen watch used as a recording device.

Harry used the watch to record his entry about his development of the Speed Force transmitter.[2]

Iris West-Allen's watch began to go off as she kissed her "husband" (Earth-1 Barry Allen in disguise), though she brushed it off as a glitch. Later at Jitterbugs, the patrons' watches began to go off just before Killer Frost and Deathstorm burst in.[3]

Jesse was given her father's next gen watch when she went clubbing with Team Flash. Tired of the meta-human awareness app constantly beeping in Barry's presence, she tried to use her hairpin to disable the watch. In doing so, Jesse accidentally stumbled onto Harry's recording.[4]

Harry used his next gen watch to bring up a news article on Hunter Zolomon's conviction.[5]

Team Flash seems to own at least one of these devices, as they gave Nora West-Allen a watch and sent her to activate the meta-human awareness app near Spencer Young to determine if she was a meta-human.[6]


  • Meta-human detection: Using the meta-human awareness app, the watch will produce a red alert in the direct presence of a dark matter-empowered meta-human. It may not detect meta-humans like Caitlin Snow who gained powers by other means or being who have Meta-tech.
    • Speedster detection: The watch will also produce an alert in the presence of those with the power of super speed, such as Hunter Zolomon or Barry Allen.
  • Audio recording: The watch can be used as a recording device.[2]

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