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"You were the first person to convince me to look past just the names on my father's list. You helped me discover that the Hood, that persona, he wasn't a hero. You helped me find what all of this, the Green Arrow, the idea of it, it exists because you had faith in me. Now you gotta have the same kind of faith in yourself. Because if you do, you can be a better leader. You can be a better hero than I ever was."
Oliver Queen encouraging John Diggle

"Next of Kin" is the third episode of the sixth season of Arrow, and the one-hundred-eighteenth episode overall. It aired on October 26, 2017.



"Next of Kin" begins with Team Arrow in quest for the criminal we saw go to the guide of Black Siren prior this season. Back at HQ Diggle has a go at persuading Dinah that his tremors are dealt with.

Oliver and William are eating, William is worrying about an up and coming test. Oliver goes to work and needs to manage the FBI's present examination on his association with the Green Arrow.

While Oliver has been excused — again — as the Green Arrow, the FBI despite everything needs to ensure the hooded vigilante has no association with the civic chairman's office.

At a server farm, there's a break. A lady — Onyx — has broken in, utilized a glimmer explosives to render the laborers oblivious and has started to hack a PC.

Cops are currently at the scene — we discover it's Kord Industries. Dinah requests to talk with the CEO and starts exploring the scene with the assistance of Team Arrow through their comm frameworks.

Oliver and Lance keep on conceptualizing on approaches to remove themselves from Team Arrow. Oliver at that point stops by Felicity's place with lunch. Felicity is experiencing potential business names for her and Curtis' new business and she starts conversing with Ollie about William. Oliver approaches her for help on the best way to mentor William for his math test. Curtis calls Felicity with certain updates about the break-in at Kord Industries, the burglar utilized specific nerve gas.

Somewhere else, a Kord Industries truck is moving innovation. As a supposed objective of Onyx's next assault, Diggle stops the truck to ride along. The truck stops just for Diggle to discover a start blocker. As he's looking at it, he's shot by Onyx.

A battle breaks out between Team Arrow and Onyx and after she utilizes a similar glimmer blasts she utilized at Kord HQ, shand her buddies can take the gas the Kord's truck is moving. They at that point drive the truck and the rest of the canisters into a structure, detonating the truck and the structure.

Back at Arrow HQ, Rene and Dinah both go up against Diggle about freezing in the field. Felicity illuminates them that there were no losses, in any case, twelve or so individuals were treated for smoke inward breath and two are in basic condition.

Felicity reveals to them the gathering is lead by Onyx Adams, a previous special forces individual from the military. Diggle apologizes again and the group consents to proceed onward.

Oliver and his staff members are viewing a news report on the heist and blast. Arrow gets a message that a city chamber part is attempting to past an enemy of vigilante law.

Diggle and Dinah are discussing Diggle's issues once more. Diggle expresses gratitude toward her for having her back and she says she does it in light of the fact that the group needs a pioneer.

Felicity discovers that Onyx is clearing out individuals from her special forces unit and there's one remaining she presently can't seem to execute.

Oliver approaches William about his up and coming test and offers up help when the entryway rings, it's Rene. He's vexed about Diggle's activity in the field — he doesn't think Diggle can deal with being the pioneer and requests Oliver to return.

Oliver's at Arrow HQ to converse with Diggle and Felicity. He requests that Felicity help coach William and afterward approaches Diggle.

Diggle reveals to Oliver that he think's the last committed an error by leaving the group. Oliver gives Diggle a motivational speech and discloses to him that he's the motivation behind why Oliver even gotten the hood. Oliver proceeds with the motivational speech and discloses to Diggle that in the event that he proceeds as the Green Arrow, he can be a superior saint than Oliver at any point was.

Onyx begins getting everyone excited. They're talking about following Reynolds — the final special forces part.

Felicity is coaching William. She clarifies how much school was critical to her and William requests that her keep coaching him. Oliver and Felicity both support. William tells his father that Felicity is quite cool and Oliver concurs.

The group assembles at the fortification and find that Reynolds is moving and will before long be at a lodging where a large number of visitors are. In the event that Onyx and her team discharge the gas there, it could have unfortunate outcomes.

Onyx and her group close in on Reynolds with the gas. Group Arrow shows up at the inn and begin battling with Onyx's team. After drew nearer by Diggle, Onyx begins discharging the gas.

The colleagues flood Diggle with questions, he arranges them to deal with the gas while he seeks after Reynolds. Dinah utilizes her sonic forces to blow the trash can that the gas canister is in.

Reynolds gets into a limo outside yet is halted by Onyx. As she's going to shoot him, Diggle comes in to stop her and the two battle, with Diggle in the long run taking her out.

Curtis and Dinah scatter the gas by puncturing the divider and Rene approaches Diggle. In the wake of discovering the issues are fathomed, Rene calls Diggle "hoss."

Rene apologizes to Diggle about going to Oliver and the two offer some kind of reparation.

Curtis and Felicity show Diggle another weapon they concocted for him — a particular crossbow. He tests it out and shoots various tennis balls, demonstrating to Dinah that the tremors are no more.

Arrow discloses to Oliver that the vigilante law has overpowering help. Oliver goes into the city board meeting and conjures a city decide that permits him to make the vigilante a statute an open submission, permitting the residents of Star City to decide on the issue rather than simply having it passed by the city gathering.

At the FBI examiners office, she's viewing the updates on Oliver's political proceed onward the TV and pins an image of Diggle close to his on her announcement board.

Oliver appears at Felicity's home with a present for her, William got An on his test. She opens the present and it's a key to Oliver's condo. Oliver discloses to her such William's reality will be better with her in it and the two kiss.

In a rear entryway, Diggle gives a more odd some cash and in return gets a medication that he infuses in himself that makes him consistent.


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Preparation ran from July 20 until July 31, 2017, with a break on July 21. Shooting ran from August 1 until August 11, 2017.[1]


  • On Felicity's marker board with possible options for her company's name, one of the names that she has crossed out reads "Oracle", a reference to Barbara Gordon, who used the moniker after becoming paralyzed from the waist down. She focused heavily on technology and computers.
    • This is the second time "Oracle" has been referenced on Arrow, the first being in the episode "A.W.O.L." by Oliver.
    • This is also a reference to the real-life company, Oracle Corporation.
  • Felicity proposes "Bit by Bit" as a name for her and Curtis' company, to which Oliver remarks that it "sounds like a sitcom from the 80s". This is likely a reference to the 90s sitcom Step by Step.
  • Most of this episode takes place on October 26, 2017, as seen on the Kord Industries expedition log, the same date it first aired.