"When innocent people are being attacked, it's not about balance. It's about justice."
—Nia Nal[src]

Nia Nal is a Naltorian and a reporter for CatCo Worldwide Media.


Early life

Nia Nal was born in a planet named Naltor.[1] At some point, she and her family made their way to Earth and lived in Washington, D.C..[2] As a transgender woman, Nia struggled with bigotry and hate-fueled attacks, including being denied service at establishments. As a result, she developed a penchant for justice and strong desire to help and protect others who faced similar prejudice due to their identities.[3]

Nia received a degree in International Relations from Georgetown University, and later moved to National City.[4]

Working At CatCo

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Nial was hired as a reporter for CatCo Worldwide Media, personally recommended to Kara Danvers by Cat Grant. Wanting to impress Kara, Nia bought her a latte and planned to arrive right on time. However, she was late to work due to her roommate accidentally taking her rental car, leaving her to take the bus, where spilled some coffee on her skirt. In the elevator, Nia complained to the fellow occupant about her troubles before realizing it was none other than Kara Danvers. Nia gave her the latte, apologizing for being late. Kara, surprised by how much Nia sounded just like her whilst the former was Cat's assistant, assured her it was fine. The two then headed into a meeting.

The next day, Nia informed Kara her desire to article an article on National City's new fashion district in East City. When Kara wondered if Nia wouldn't prefer writing a topic with more weight, Nia passionately stated that fashion is a form of art and self-expression, which could have big impact on people's lives, and how designers would bring color and life to a previously abandoned area. Impressed, Kara urged Nia to pitch that story to the CEO, James Olsen.

At the meeting when James asked for story ideas on the fashion district, Nia was about to speak up but was interrupted by fellow reporter Mackenzie, who immediately pitched an article emphasizing National City's cultural importance in fashion trends and pointed out she had contacts for exclusive interviews. Nia stayed silent about her story idea and the fashion district article went to Mackenzie. Later when Kara asked why she didn't speak up during the meeting, Nia admitted she became afraid to compete. Kara advised Nia to confront and overpower hear fears to make waves at CatCo.[4]

As the anti-alien controversy grew in the United States, Nia sided with the aliens, sympathizers with their plight, as they suffered persecution for their special looks and powers. She has witnessed such anti-alien sentiment firsthand when "Barney's" image inducer glitched out, giving him his natural appearance as a Coluan Brainiac 5, angering the chefs, who immediately tried to assault Brainy. Despite him being able to evade their attacks with ease, Nia rushed to the alien cyborg's help, angrily demanding the pizzeria staff to back off and give Brainiac 5 his pizza, shaming them for being so cruel to their patron. Brainy thanked Nia for her support, befuddled as to why did the people he considered his friends attacked him when he saw his real looks.

Nia brought up this story to James Olsen, resisting her anxiety in regards to having a talk with such a distinguished professional and her boss, and asked him to write a special CatCo Magazine editorial to encourage justice for the oppressed aliens. When James voiced his doubts about not wanting CatCo to appear biased, Nia countered that in this situation innocent people were being attacked, people who needed justice more so than just balanced reporting.

Nia later witnessed a scene at CatCo, where a Dryad employee, Franklin, became a target of a mean prank, with the situation being defused by James, who made sure Franklin was apologized to and gave the employees a speech about inter-species tolerance. After this speech, Nia mouthed a silent "thank you" to James.[3]


Nia is proven to be similar to Kara Danvers; hardworking, meticulous and eager to prove herself as a reporter. While somewhat shy, she has shown to be passionate about her new job, determined to tell a compelling story. Nia developed a close mentor-student relationship with Kara, whom she looks up to.

Nia has a strong sense of justice and will never hesitate to speak out for what is right in the face of injustice and stand up for what she believes in. For example, Nia stood up for Querl Dox when some pizza chefs tried to attack him for being an alien, threatening to expose the bigotry in the establishment unless they agreed to serve him. She also personally requested her boss, James Olsen, to issue a statement condemning these anti-alien attacks. Having personally faced bigotry due to being transgender, Nia is open-minded, accepting and empathetic to fellow victims of prejudice and hate.

Nia is aspires to be independent and self-sufficient, being very dedicated to her job. As a result, when her latent powers began manifesting and caused a sleep disorder, Nia refused help from anyone for a time, only agreeing to let Kara and Brainy in when realizing her dreams could help fight against the Children of Liberty.

Powers and abilities


  • Naltorian physiology: Her alien powers are only accessible to the women on her planet of Naltor. Allowing her powerful abilities.
    • Precognition: Nia has the ability to see the future through her dreams, though she is unable to control and know exactly what's happening and where it is happening. This power manifests among certain women of Naltor per generation and was apparently common enough that Nia understood what was happening when her powers started to show up.


  • Narcolepsy: When Nia's powers began manifesting, she struggled with insomnia and would subsequently fall asleep at random times during the day, hindering her day to day life.




  • Nia's address is 775 Gladiola Dr.[5]
  • Her phone number is 555-8010.[5]
  • Every morning, Nia gets an extra large coffee with milk and no sugar from Bob's Diner.[5]

Behind the scenes

  • In the DC comics, Nura Nal is a member of the Legion of Super-Heroes in the 30th and 31st centuries. Her home planet is Naltor.
    • According to the producers, the character of Nia Nal is intended to be the ancestor of Nura.[6]