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"The greatest gift we can give each other is our authentic selves and sharing that. Sharing our truth is what will make us strong."
—Nia Nal[src]

Nia Nal (born c. 1997)[1] is a Human-Naltorian hybrid, a reporter of CatCo Worldwide Media, and former political speechwriter. She is also the daughter of Paul Nal and the late Isabel Nal, the younger sister of Maeve Nal and the girlfriend of Querl Dox.

After Nia's mother's death, she embraced her powers and became the superheroine known as Dreamer to assist Supergirl in the battle against the Children of Liberty, eventually joining the Superfriends.


Original multiverse[]

Early life[]

Nia Nal was born on Earth to Paul and Isabel Nal, a human father and Naltorian mother. She has an older sister, named Maeve Nal. Nia was raised in Parthas, a community where aliens and humans peacefully coexisted. Although bearing a rigid emotional attachment to Parthas that imprinted her there, Nia desired a life outside of the domain she grew up in.[2]

While born physically a boy, at a young age, Nia realized she that; was really a girl. Her family offered their unconditional love and support during this time. While she struggled against intolerance and hate-fueled attacks; including being denied service at establishments, Parthas' acceptance towards those who are different nonetheless allowed Nia to flourish as a transgender girl. As a result, she developed a penchant for justice and a strong desire to help and protect others who faced similar prejudice due to their identities.[2][3]

When Nia was 15 years old, she once broke her nose; during a game of kickball.[4]

In adulthood, Nia moved to Washington, D.C.,[5] where she received a degree in International Relations from Georgetown University.[6] Afterwards, Nia became a political speechwriter for the White House's press secretary, Cat Grant, working in President Olivia Marsdin's administration.[7][8]

Working at CatCo[]

Nia in CatCo

Nia in CatCo.

In late 2018, Nia moved to National City and was hired as a reporter for CatCo Worldwide Media, personally recommended to Kara Danvers by Cat. Wanting to impress Kara, Nia bought her a latte and planned to arrive right on time. However, she was late to work due to her roommate, Yvette, accidentally taking her rental car, leaving Nia to take the bus, where she spilled some coffee on her skirt. In the elevator, Nia complained to the fellow occupant about her troubles before realizing it was none other than Kara. Nia gave her the latte, apologizing for being late. Kara, taken aback by how much Nia sounded just like her whilst the former was Cat's assistant, assured her it was fine. The two then headed into a meeting.

The next day, Nia informed Kara her desire to article an article on National City's new fashion district in East City. When Kara wondered if Nia wouldn't prefer writing a topic with more weight, Nia passionately stated that fashion is a form of art and self-expression, which could have a big impact on people's lives, and how designers would bring color and life to a previously abandoned area. Impressed, Kara urged Nia to pitch that story to the CEO, James Olsen.

At the meeting when James asked for story ideas on the fashion district, Nia was about to speak up but was interrupted by fellow reporter Mackenzie, who immediately pitched an article emphasizing National City's cultural importance in fashion trends and pointed out she had contacts for exclusive interviews. Nia stayed silent about her story idea and the fashion district article went to Mackenzie. Later when Kara asked why she didn't speak up during the meeting, Nia admitted she became afraid to compete. Kara advised Nia to confront and overpower her fears to make waves at CatCo.[6]

As the anti-alien sentiment grew in the United States following President Olivia Marsdin's unmasking, Nia sided with the aliens, sympathizing with their plight as they suffered persecution for their special looks and powers. While getting coffee at a pizza shop to stay sharp at CatCo, Nia witnessed firsthand when "Barney's" image inducer glitched out, giving him his natural appearance as a Coluan Brainiac 5, angering the chefs, who immediately tried to assault Brainy. Despite him being able to evade their attacks with ease, Nia rushed to the alien Coulan's help, demanding the pizzeria staff to back off and give Brainiac 5 his pizza, shaming them for being so cruel to their patron. She angrily slammed some money on the counter, requesting they serve Brainy under the threat of having their shop closed down once Nia exposed their bigotry at CatCo.

As the duo left the pizza shop, Brainy thanked Nia for her support, befuddled as to why the people he considered his friends attacked him when they saw his real looks. Nia explained she understands what that feels like and assured that Brainy's real friends would be there for him no matter what.

Nia in Fallout

Nia during "Fallout".

Resisting her anxiety in regards to having a one-on-one talk with such a distinguished professional and her boss, Nia brought up the issue with James. Revealing herself to be transgender, she asked him to write a special CatCo Magazine editorial to show support for the oppressed aliens, as James could create a bigger impact through his position. When James voiced his doubts about not wanting CatCo to appear biased, Nia countered that in this situation, innocent people were being attacked, people who needed justice more so than just balanced reporting.

That evening, Nia witnessed a scene at CatCo, where a Dryad employee, Franklin, became a target of a mean prank by Mackenzie. James immediately stepped in and diffused the situation, making sure Franklin received an apology. He sternly lectured the employees about inter-species tolerance, pointing out that ignorance is the enemy for journalists. Touched, Nia mouthed a silent "thank you" to James. She and her coworkers later watched Supergirl's televised speech to the city.[3]

Nia will stay late at CatCo. She complains at the office and decides to speak to James. She informs him that the National City PD has every right to capture him if he puts on the Guardian suit again. She reveals to him that she has an awful inclination that something terrible will happen.[9]

Nia and Kara go to the loft of Amadei Derros, a man who they've heard can heal harmed and crippled people. Amadei at last awards Kara a meeting where he communicates his needs of having the option to recuperate people too. The following day, Kara and Nia are perusing the remarks area on Kara's Amadei meeting and they're loaded with negative remarks, a few including passing dangers against all aliens. Kara tries out another plan to Nia which would highlight an alternate National City outsider every week, permitting individuals to become more acquainted with them.[10]

Kara and James notice Nia resting at her work area and when they go to wake her up, she forgets about it, disclosing to them she's been experiencing narcolepsy. Kara takes James' right on the money the TV show and she's being prepared by Nia, who keeps unexpectedly nodding off. Later, Nia appears at Kara's for Thanksgiving supper. They are joined by Eliza Danvers, Lena Luthor, J'onn J'onzz, Brainy, and Manchester Black. They are plunking down for supper when Nia specifies that she's heard the Children of Liberty have prepared "canines to follow outsiders".[5]

Becoming Dreamer[]


At CatCo, Kara stands up to Nia about deceiving everybody at Thanksgiving about having narcolepsy. In order for Kara to find out who Agent Liberty is, Brainy told her to enlist help from Nia. Kara went to her apartment, where Nia had just had a dream about Agent Liberty. Nia revealed to Kara her half-human, half-Naltorian heritage, and that among her species, in every generation, one female receives a power to dream future events, like her mother has. Nia agreed to help Kara and Brainy to find Agent Liberty.

Nia's dreams eventually led the three to Lockwood Steel Mill, and they figured out that Agent Liberty is Ben Lockwood, as his father died in the steel mill during Reign's terraforming. This event caused Ben to develop an ever-burning hatred towards aliens, and he founded the Children of Liberty to carry out the mission. They were eventually attacked by Lockwood, but Kara was able to defeat him and have him arrested.[11]

Nia and Brainy go out for supper and as the two visit, Brainy requests that her assistance Kara out with her super powers. Nia makes reference to that she's uncertain about whether or not she will be a piece of a super group. After Brainy reveals to her a fast story, he gives Nia a fastener brimming with ensemble thoughts and code name prospects.[12]

Nal family

The Nal family.

Nia intended to go to her hometown Parthas to celebrate the annual Harvest Festival, but due to recent anti-alien activity, her flight was canceled. But Kara volunteered to go with her and drive all the way. During the drive, Nia said, that she hasn't yet told her about her powers to her parents, or her big sister, Maeve. She also revealed she's a trans woman, and that her sister was the one who encouraged her to do it. But Nia was troubled now, because Maeve had studied all her life of Naltorian dream interpretation, as it was expected that the daughter of their mother will inherit her powers. But now, Nia had received the power, and she was afraid how Maeve would react. During the drive, Nia had a dream about her mother dying. But she was unable to interpret it properly.

At Parthas, Nia and Kara had a wonderful time, but when Nia found her mother dead, she cursed herself for not realizing that spiders were the sign, having early interpret that flowers were the sign. She then had another dream, in which she met her mother, and she encouraged her to embrace her destiny. But Nia was still troubled to tell Maeve. She decided to tell her after her mother's memorial.

Nia dreamt her mother's death

Nia dreamt her mother's death.

During the memorial, the place came under attack by the Children of Liberty, while Maeve was holding an eulogy. Nia dreamed the attack and saved Maeve, who realized Nia had received the power, and left disgusted. Nia helped innocents to escape, while Kara held off the Children as well as an drug-enhanced woman, who was eventually apprehended by Alex. Later, when Nia and Kara were about to return to National City, Maeve came and was still upset at Nia, especially since she always thought that there's no way Nia should've inherited the power, saying she is not "a real woman", which hurt Nia deeply. Nia claimed she wanted to find a way to transfer the power to Maeve, but she didn't believe her. The Nal sisters became estranged for this. Nia's father gave her a box, which her mother wanted her to have.

While driving back to National City, Nia explained about her feelings, and claimed that Kara doesn't understand her. Kara grew agitated and pulled over. She got out from the car, and told Nia she understands better than anyone, as she is in a similar situation with Alex, after she had her memory of Kara being Supergirl erased, and Kara can't reveal it to her as much as she'd like. Nia didn't get it, but then Kara took in to the air, and revealed to Nia that she is Supergirl. Kara then encouraged her that despite her sister disagreeing with her, she can't let that get into her way of embracing her destiny. And she promised to help her.

Back at her apartment, Nia opened the box, which contained her mother's Dreamer suit. From that moment, Nia started to act as Dreamer.[2]

The Elite[]

Nia's start as Dreamer wasn't easy. She still had trouble interpreting her dreams. Brainy offered to help train her, but she refused, thinking she can handle herself.

Nia as Dreamer for the first time

Nia as Dreamer for the first time.

When Menagerie started to cause chaos in the city, Nia eventually joined Kara in fighting against her. Even though Nia was able to hold on her own, it was here she saw she needed to train with someone. After Menagerie was defeated by George Lockwood, Nia talked with Kara, and when she saw Brainy again, she silenced him by asking him to train her.[13]

Nia went with Kara, J'onn and Brainy to the Fortress of Solitude for training and preparing against Manchester Black and his team, the Elite. Although Nia did well, she was eager to learn everything she could, but Brainy's constant urging for caution and his refusal to talk about future events agitated her. Eventually, Nia talks with Kelex on her own and learns some things about Naltor, including some abilities she will receive, such as astral projection.

Nia joins Supergirl, Brainy and J'onn in England against the Elite. At the end, the Elite are defeated with help from Alex as well.[14]

Supergirl's substitute[]

Nia disguises herself as a rich lady so that Menagerie can follow her. When she does, Nia as Dreamer reveals herself and Supergirl and J'onn appear and arrest her. Nia also participates in the protest of the aliens along with her friends.[15]

When James is shot, Nia and Brainy go to visit him at the hospital. Nia questions who could do this and J'onn thinks it may have been Manchester. Nia thinks she should have foreseen this and is comforted by Brainy. When Brainy is irritated to remember the traumas of his past, Nia tries to calm him down by kissing him.[16]

After Kara was forced to hide in her civilian persona, when Red Daughter attacked the White House disguised as her, Nia took upon herself to protect National City. She knocked out two alien haters, after they tried to rough up an honest alien food seller. She used J'onn's office as a base with Brainy helping her, but remotely, as he had to supervise James at L-Corp. Brainy told her to be careful, as her recent actions have nearly caused her to be detected, and that will bring the Children of Liberty at her.[17] The next day at CatCo, Nia asked Kara to come back, but she says she can't until her name has been cleared.

Dreamer uses her powers

Dreamer uses her powers.

The following night, Nia shadowed a couple of shady characters to Al's Dive Bar. There, she discovered that Al had turned the bar into an underground hideout for aliens, after they were forced into hiding thanks to the repeal of the Alien Amnesty Act. Suddenly, the bar was attacked by the Children of Liberty. Nia fought them off, but it didn't really encourage the aliens she saved.

Nia returned to CatCo, and explained to Kara, what happened at the bar. Although she saved everyone, the hopelessness she saw there was overwhelming. From this Kara then comes up with an idea of interviewing Nia as Dreamer to broadcast a live example of human and alien co-existence, since Nia is half-human, half-alien.

Nia Nal in the Dreamer suit

Nia in the interview.

Just before the interview, Nia was nervous, but Kara assured her she'd do great and just had to be herself. With Franklin's assistance, Kara and Nia did the interview live, and the majority of the city saw it. Ben Lockwood even tried to shut it down in the D.E.O., but the staff claimed they can't as their system has been hacked (in truth, they didn't, because the D.E.O. staff were against Lockwood's policy). Nia openly revealed her heritage, how she was born in America, that she is trans woman, about what she likes and encouraged the people of National City to not to give in to hatred and fear of the unknown, but embrace it, that humans and aliens can co-exist in peace. Aliens throughout the city cheered at her, and even Alex, Lena and Brainy were moved by it.

After the interview, Lockwood took the Children of Liberty to strike at CatCo, with the intention of apprehending Dreamer. However, the D.E.O. alerted Alex. Brainy said the Children can't fight if they can't see, so Alex went to CatCo, and cut off the power, just as Nia, Kara and the rest at CatCo came under attack. With the darkness, they were able to fight the Children off, and Nia managed to escape. Due to this, Ben took it upon himself to capture Dreamer at all costs.[4]

Searching for the missing aliens[]

When J'onn and the D.E.O. learned that Lex Luthor has been abducting captured aliens from the D.E.O., Nia joined J'onn and Brainy in order to find them. They met at the site, where aliens were taken by the Children of Liberty, now under AmerTek supervision, after the Children had been exposed as Lex's pawns. As the three tried to figure out, how to get inside, Nia suggested they do "the Wookie Gambit"; Nia will pretend to be a captured alien, while Brainy and J'onn disguise themselves. J'onn didn't think it was a good plan, but they went for it. Unfortunately, they were discovered and captured. But at least they got inside.[18]

Inside the facility they found that aliens were being escorted into a transmat portal. Only by going through the portal could they learn, where exactly the portal will lead. Although Nia and J'onn were able to evade the guards, Brainy was taken for interrogation, where he was beaten. This caused him to become calculating and emotionless, and after he subdued the guards, he had Nia and J'onn forcibly become prisoners, so that they would go through the portal. Nia was nearly heartbroken for Brainy's behavior, as to her it seemed he was abandoning them. But she and J'onn had no choice, but to go through.

Through the portal, Nia and J'onn entered another facility, and when J'onn realized he couldn't use his powers, he realized they are on Shelley Island, as its power dampening pylons prevents aliens from using their powers. They learned that the facility was an energy plant, where Lex was using aliens as dispensable batteries in order to power up a new Claymore satellite to destroy Argo City. In order to free all the aliens, and get a message out, the pylons had to be deactivated. Nia and J'onn ran into Al, and he said he and other aliens will provide a distraction, which will allow Nia and J'onn to get to the control room and deactivate the pylons.[19]

Dreamer astral project to Kara and Alex

Dreamer astral projects to Kara and Alex.

Battle on Shelley Island[]

Al proceeded with the distraction by starting a fake fight with J'onn. The guards were forced to intervene, and Nia and other aliens subdued them, giving Nia and J'onn the opportunity to deactivate the pylons. They ran to the control room, and succeeded. Nia then remembered, that Brainy had told her astral project in order to send a message to him. She astral projected herself to Lena's office in L-Corp, where Kara, Alex and Brainy were waiting. Brainy knew she was there, but Kara and Alex couldn't see her. However, Brainy told Nia to write her message on water vapor on a window. He breathed on a window, and Nia wrote "Shelley Island" on it, and Kara, Alex and Brainy immediately left for there.[19]

Nia Nal restrained

Nia restrained.

Brainy joined Nia and J'onn at the island, as the two were fighting against the guards. He informed them, that the Claymore will fire in two minutes. It was too late to stop the launch, since Lex was controlling it through his Lexosuit, but Brainy said overloading the facility's reactor can potentially stop the launch. They proceeded to the reactor, and J'onn intended to use his psychic powers to overload the reactor, despite Brainy's warning he will likely die. J'onn went for it, claiming he won't let Argo suffer the same fate as Mars. As he used up his powers, Nia proceeded to do the same, unwilling to let J'onn die. She grabbed the other power coil, and charged up her power. As Nia charged up the coil, Brainy's emotions started to return, and he encouraged Nia and J'onn to do it, and openly said to Nia he loves her. Nia and J'onn eventually succeed, and the Claymore is shut down and Argo City is saved. Soon after, the battle was won entirely; Kara defeated Lex thanks to Red Daughter's sacrifice, and Alex and James defeated Ben Lockwood and the Children of Liberty.

Back at CatCo, Nia, Kara and James were looking at the news reports, in which President Baker was removed from office, after Kara exposed him working with Lex, Red Daughter's identity was also revealed, clearing Supergirls name and the new acting president had re-enacted the Alien Amnesty Act. Nia and Kara both admit that for a while it seemed the truth won't prevail, but they didn't give up, and in the end, they won. Later, Nia had started dating Brainy and on their way to J'onn's place they passed Alex and Kelly Olsen, just as they were kissing. That evening, the Superfriends had a game night there, where they were finally able to relax after the ordeals.

The next day, Nia was interviewing George Lockwood in a press conference, when he declared his intention to become voice between human and alien relations, having rejected his father's ideals of hate and fear, as he had seen first hand, how hatred towards aliens had destroyed his family.[20]

New relationship[]

The Superfriends oppose Midnight

Dreamer and the team confront Midnight.

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Nia and the Super Friends attended Kara's pulitzer prize and met up with the former Phantom Zone prisoner, Midnight. Dreamer and the rest of the Superfriends confronted Midnight and managed to send her back to her prison.[21]

Nia also helped J'onn to remember his past with his brother Malefic J'onzz on Mars.[22]

Nia is getting ready for the morning while Brainy continues to read her poetry he wrote. That night, Nia is woken from a nightmare, upon returning home, she finally confronts Brainy about his obsessive affection towards her. She tells him it's too much, visibly hurt Brainy leaves.[23] However they reconciled afterwards.

The team farewell James before he leaves for Calvintown

Nia and the team say goodbye to James.

Nia also helped Kara investigate William Dey. Dreamer helped J'onn send Malefic back to the Phantom Zone. Nia and the others threw James Olsen a goodbye party before he left the team.[24]

After the Children of Liberty were defeated, a new criminal organization arrived in National City; the Leviathan. Nia saved National City from a wave created by Rip Roar, a member of that organization.[25]

Anti-Monitor Crisis[]

During the evacuation of Earth-38 to save its inhabitants from the wave of antimatter in the Anti-Monitor Crisis, Nia helped Kelly, Alex, and Lena to embark the citizens of National City. Then, she went to Earth-1 together with three billion of her world's inhabitants.[26]

Later, Nia as well as everyone in the multiverse except for the seven Paragons, was killed in an antimatter wave by the Anti-Monitor on December 10, 2019,[27] only to be restored a month later, after the Paragons and the Spectre created a new universe.[28]

New multiverse[]

Early Life[]

"My powers are passed down from mother to daughter, but my mom died before she could teach me how to use them."
—Nia Nal[src]

Nia Nal was born to Isabel Nal and Paul Nal and inherited Naltorian powers from her mother.[1]

In high school, Nal kept to herself and coped with stress by singing 9 to 5, her favorite song.[1]

Final battle against the Anti-Monitor[]

The heroes gets ready for the final battle against the Anti-Monitor

The heroes gets ready for the final battle against the Anti-Monitor.

In January 2020, Nia went to the 2020 Peace Prize Award Ceremony. She called Kara Danvers asking her where she was and had saved a seat at the ceremony for her. When Kara arrived, she talked to Nia about a really weird dream she had about all the worlds ending. Nia told Kara that it was dramatic. When Lex Luthor was awarded the peace prize, Nia stood up and claps. Kara asked if she was still dreaming, with Nia replying that she couldn't believe the award went to someone who actually deserves it.

Later that day, she appeared to fight the Anti-Monitor along side the other heroes after having her memories restored.[29]

War against Leviathan[]

Nia and Brainy were going to have lunch when they found a Brainy doppelganger from another Earth, so they went to D.E.O., where they discovered other Brainy's doppelgangers. Nia found one of the doppelgangers trying to steal something, she tried to stop it but failed. After the battle against the Evil Brainy, Brainy decided to break up with Nia.[30]

The girls give Nia an impromptu break-up party at Kara's apartment. However, she insists she is fine as Brainy is discovering who he is and if it wasn't meant to be, it wasn't meant to be. Kara brings along Nia to show her the new secret headquarters, the Tower. She greets Winn Schott having never met him before. However, he is ecstatic as he is close friends with Nura, her unknown amount-of-greats granddaughter in the future. This conversation is short-lived when she spots Brainy. She agrees to look for the doppelgänger and sits down, but in her vision of it all she sees is Winn turned into a white tiger before attacking her.

She storms off angry past Brainy, telling him of the dream only showed her a wildcat. Outside her she is consoled by Winn, who offers to try to translate the dream for her, but she insists it was a reference to her feelings about Brainy, as the nickname she gave him was 'wildcat'. Winn explains how he is the only human on the Legion, and as he has no powers, it was her great grand-daughter of hers that allowed him to harness dream power. When Winn's doppelganger attacks Andrea Rojas' conference with robotic tigers, Nia and the team go to the scene and manage to stop him.[31]

The following night, during the Chlorophyllian Amy Sapphire's attack at Obsidian Platform's launch, Nia saved some co-workers from her wrath.[32]

Dreamer defeats a Dominator and is congratulated by Supergirl, so Brainy along with the police and the media appear.

Nia is at home with Yvette, who insists she stop moping about her ex and invites her out on her blind first date with someone she met online. They then go to a club where Yvette was supposed to meet "her suitor". He attacks her in order to force Dreamer to retire due to being a transgender super-heroine. Later, Yvette is found by Nia. The next day at their apartment, they call detective Rivers to report it, and Kara shows up concerned. Nia is angry as the man was trying to get to her through her roommate.

Nia tries to kill the man

Dreamer tries to kill the man.

"You are going to prison for a long time.And when you're out, I will be watching you. And if you ever make a move against anyone in my community again, I will give you a nightmare you will never wake up from."
—Dreamer to Angus[src]

Nia is disappointed with the police's investigation and sets up her own Upswipz profile to find out the assailant. She was able to get a match with the suspected assailant and dresses up as Dreamer for their date. He explains his disgust towards her, and she loses her temper and physically attacks him, weighing the option of killing him. Before she can, Supergirl arrives to talk her out of her anger. She insists Supergirl could never understand what she is going through, but Supergirl tells her that's not the point and killing is never the answer. Dreamer releases him and he is put into police custody.

Nia is found by Kara on CatCo balcony. She goes to her, and Nia hugs her and cries hard, because she nearly committed a murder. Kara consoled her and acknowledged she would never truly understand, how Nia felt, when she and her community was attacked.

Yvette is traumatized by the incident and decides to delete her social networks, and Nia tries to console her. She says deleting herself from the networks would be a victory for those, who target them. Nia claims their haters want them to be afraid, because they can't get over their own misguided fear of transgender people. Yvette's spirit is boosted from Nia's talk.[33]

The next day, everyone is hit with the unexpected news of the death of Alex and Kara’s father. They all attend the funeral in Midvale.[34]

Days later, Dreamer met with the other members of the Superfriends and M'gann M'orzz at the Tower; they were having trouble trying to find a lead on Leviathan. Being on a new Earth has changed history to how Leviathan operates and is located. Dreamer decided that she was going to use her powers to find the ancients.

Fighting Rama Khan

Posed to fight Rama Khan.

She had a dream where she had to tell Brainy to leave her alone as he played cards that had the face of Rama Khan on them; when she touched a card, Portland appeared in the dream.

Because of her vision, Dreamer, Supergirl, J'onn J'onzz, and M'gann were able to fight Rama Khan and stop an earthquake. Suddenly, the D.E.O. arrived and Brainy said that Rama Khan was his for interrogation. Nia disagreed and the two argued that the Superfriends did not call the proper authorities, namely the D.E.O., before attacking while Nia said that it was the Superfriends who saved the people. The compromise was that the Superfriends could accompany him to the D.E.O. National City headquarters for the interrogation.

Dreamer holds up debris

Dreamer holds up debris.

While there, Dreamer felt that something was wrong; she watched as Brainy talked to Rama Khan in Jarhanpurian, so his conversation would not be understood. Nia suddenly had a vision of the Staff of the Shadow World. She quickly told Supergirl, just as Brainy realized that Rama Khan wanted to be there and was feigning defeat. She assisted in the fight against him until the ancient one destroyed the building.

Outside, Nia asked Brainy why he was trying to be on both sides of the fence, by working with Lex Luthor and the Superfriends; he refrained from giving an answer. Nia told him that she would decide for him about their friendship and walked away.[35]

Superfriends prepare to attack Lena

The Superfriends prepare to attack Lena.

With M'gann, Alex Danvers, and J'onn, Nia kicked in the door to Kara Danvers' apartment because Kara called, saying that Lena Luthor was there and it was an emergency; Kara told them that they were overreacting when they entered, guns drawn. Ultimately, Nia listened as the others decided to distract Rama Khan as Kara got a new suit from Lena to protect her from his Kryptonite. She laughed as Kara screamed; Alex was displaying her new suit.

Dreamer and Martian Manhunter

Dreamer and Martian Manhunter.

Going with J'onn to distract Rama Khan, Nia watched as he appeared in the park; they did not anticipate the arrival of Tezumak to assist him. J'onn was hurt defending Nia from his attack.

Nia and M'gann talk

Nia and M'gann talk.

Later, M'gann and Nia talked about Nia's relationship with Querl Dox; M'gann, using her relationship with J'onn as an example, told Nia to stop looking at the surface and search for the motives behind Brainy's actions. She watched as the immortals were able to reconstitute themselves after Supergirl destroyed them, so she knew the odds of successfully defeating the Jarhanpurians were nearly impossible, but she waged battle against them anyway, when J'onn challenged Rama Khan telepathically. After the immortals suddenly disappeared, Nia told her dream to M'gann that she saw Brainy dying, crying and alone after he had saved them.[36]

Nia appears on the Leviathan ship and saves Brainy. Later, he gave Nia his Legion ring, which she wore in the last battle against Lex Luthor, but she returned it later. To cover the disappearance of Kara, Nia tells Andrea and William that Kara was on an assignment with Cat Grant.[37]

Absence of Kara[]

Kara's replacement at work[]

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Nia and the team found Silas White and questioned him about how to get into the Phantom Zone to save Kara. Later, Nia and William Dey were assigned to cover the trial of Lex Luthor as he was charged with crimes against humanity; Nia and William both knew that they could not even enter the courtroom because the security there was so restrictive. The team later built a portal but several phantoms escaped, but they managed to capture them again soon after. When William is disillusioned after Lex's acquittal, Nia tries to encourage him.[38] The next day, Andrea was adamant that Nia needed to replace Kara in writing and research for CatCo.[39]

Time traveling to Midvale[]

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Nia and Brainy in the Cockpit

Nia and Brainy in the Legion's cruiser.

Nia and Brainy used the Legion's cruiser to travel to May 26, 2009 to get the materials needed to release 2020 Kara from the Phantom Zone, but, upon exiting in that time, 2009 Kara heard the ship crash-land. 2009 Kara, Alex and Kenny Li confronted Nia and Brainy but the duo said that they were two extraterrestrials named "Brandon" and "Brenda" when Kara introduced herself as "Kara Zor-El". Nia and Brainy said that they needed to repair their ship to return home. After hiding the cruiser, Kara invited Nia to the Danvers house to spend the night, since the needed materials were not available until the morning.[40]

Bad dream[]

Nia and Brainy arrived in the Tower three days later, as opposed to returning to the same day they left; Brainy admitted that he was a bad pilot of the Timeship. J'onn converts the Tower into its spacecraft mode and the Superfriends enter the Phantom Zone. Since Nia is half-human, she was susceptible to the powers of the dimension, namely nightmares of your fears. Nia dreamt that she was uneducated about how to use her powers properly and Brainy was killed by her inabilities. However, Nia was able to escape her nightmare fugue state. She later saw Kara hug Alex when the team found Kara and Zor-El.[41]

Training with her mother[]

Nyxly appears in Nia's dream

Nia is confronted by Nyxly.

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At some point, the imp Nyxlygsptlnz entered Nia's dream realm. There, Nia and Nyxly had a confrontation until Nyxly proposed a deal to revive her mother for a day. An owl tried to advise Nia not to listen to Nyxlyg, but the Imp tricked her. Nia destroyed the owl and Nyxly was freed from the realm of dreams.[42] When Nyxly returned to the real world, she brought Isabel back to life (but only for 24 hours) and locked Nia in her apartment with her. Isabel then used her time to train Nia to use her powers, until her time was up and she disappeared.[43]

The seven AllStone Totems[]

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Upon returning to the Tower, Nia realized that Nyxly was planning to attack her friends and felt bad. Nia talked to Brainy about Nyxly's release. To defeat the imp, the Superfriends devised a plan to create a bracelet to retain her powers. Nia and Brainy were interrupted by Mxyzptlk, who wanted to help, but the duo refused his help


Superfriends confront Nyxly

Nia and the Superfriends confront Nyxly.

When a giant cat attacked the city, the Superfriends went to confront him. When Nyxly threatened to destroy the city if Mxy didn't turn herself in, Nia revealed to Kara that she released Nyxly to be with her mom, but Kara forgave her. Nia and Kara tried to trick Nyxly without success. The team refused to call Mxy until they were threatened with death, but Mxy came to sacrifice herself for her friends. Returning to the Tower, the Superfriends decided to search for the seven AllStone Totems.[44]

Nia and the team helped Kelly and John Diggle investigate the destruction of the Ormfell Building, but they were all focused on finding Nyxly and finding the Seven AllStone Totems. After apologizing to Kelly, Nia and the Superfriends helped her become the new Guardian. The team faced off against Jean Rankin, who possessed magic thanks to Nyxly. Nia helped the others defeat Jean.[45]

The Superfriends began searching for the Courage Totem. Seeing that William was scolded by Andrea for not having an interview with the Superfriends, Nia gave William some advice on finding the heroes. Nia watched as Vita possessed Brainy to explain about the totem test. Shortly after, Nia decided to give the location of the Tower of the Superfriends to William so that he would become an ally.[46]

Superfriends with the Totem of Humanity

Nia and the Superfriends manage to obtain the Humanity Totem.

The Superfriends played jenga until Kara arrived, who noticed her mental bond with Nyxly. At the Tower, the Superfriends explained to William what he should and shouldn't post. Because people lost control of the Humanity Totem, Dreamer, Supergirl, and Lena thought about how to stop the chaos. During an argument between Kara and Lena, Nia took William to visit more places in the Tower until things settled down. Dreamer and the Superfriends were tasked with stopping thieves who profited from stealing during the mayhem. Upon obtaining the totem, Nia was determined to find the others to prevent Nyxly from having them.[47]

Nyxly and Dreamer fight in the Dream Realm

Nia and Nyxly face off over the Dream Totem.

According to a medieval tapestry depicting the Oracle of Delphi's original instructions, which Maeve Nal found amongst her mother, possessions after her death, the journey to find the Dream Totem begins in a forest; which Nia concluded must be the same forest she often found herself in when entering her dreams. Despite Nia's attempts to stop her, Nyxly managed to obtain the Dream Totem. Nia and Maeve then reconciled.[48]

Final battle against Lex and Nyxly[]

Superfriends (Earth-Prime)

Dreamer and all the Superfriends defeat Lex and Nyxly.

The Superfriends managed to motivate everyone to rise up against the villains. Dreamer and the team took on Lex and Nyxly, but Lex revived several villains from the past to attack them. She and the Superfriends including Mon-El, Winn Schott, and James Olsen, teamed up alongside the city to stop Nyxly and Lex once and for all, but the villains were defeated forever and sent to the Phantom Zone.

Dreamer Center for LGBTQ Outreach

Dreamer Center for LGBTQ Outreach.

After the defeat of Nyxly and Lex, Nia used her Dreamer persona to endorse an outreach center for the LGBTQ+ community. Later, Nia attended William Dey's funeral.

Despite Brainy being needed in the 31st century to repair the damage done to the Big Brain by the Evil One, Nia was surprised to see him return at Alex and Kelly's wedding. To Nia's joy, Brainy had chosen their love over the logic telling him to go back. When Kelly threw the bouquet, Nia snagged it with her powers; smiling to Brainy, implicating she wants them to get married next.[49]

Fever Dream[]

Nia in a Warehouse

On March 28, 2023, Nia had a dream in which she was walking through what appears to be a warehouse when she is suddenly hit with what can only be described as images of doom crows, graves, black widow spiders. Soon, a group of people appear behind her with a hooded figure, and she says that they can't stop her now that she's this close. Nia prepares to battle this figure, but they are able to remove her power. Iris inexplicably appears and tells her that it's about control and then Iris collapses. Nia suddenly wakes up in NC Jitters and realizes she needs to get to Central City.

Nia and Iris are sent to the dream realm

Nia and Iris are sent to the dream realm.

Nia shows up at CCCM. Nia tells Iris that she's her role model they recently had that brunch Ryan mentioned. Nia tells Iris about her recent efforts to take her powers to the next level and then about her most recent dream and how her powers were erased. She thinks that the only person who can help her is Iris because she was also in the dream. While they're sitting there, Nia gets an image of the hooded figure and suddenly both she and Iris are knocked out. They end up in a dream where Nia is a police officer and Iris is the captain. It's Iris' dream. Nia is trying to figure out what is going on as well as how to wake them up, but she can't. Iris is intrigued by this dream life, however. and wonders if this dream means she should have been a cop. Suddenly, a door appears, and Iris thinks it's a way out. Nia tells her that in her previous dream, Iris died and explains about the hooded figure. Nia thinks the hooded figure can only kill in dreams, so Nia thinks they need to be extra careful.

They go through the door and suddenly they are working at Jitters, but so is Barry and Chester. In the waking world, Barry shows up at CCCM to bring cheese fries and finds both Iris and Nia asleep. He takes them back to STAR. Labs They are in a deep REM sleep and don't respond to outside stimuli. Even Cecile can't sense anything. Everyone else in National City are off world and can't help. And things are getting worse. If they don't wake up soon, they will be in permanent comas. In the dream, things start getting weird in the coffee shop and Iris takes control of the situation and solves the issue. Nia suddenly starts feeling warm and tells Iris they need to go. It turns out that they are having something called "angry sleep". Nia realizes that they need to crack the code of whatever the problem Iris is dealing with in her real life to get out.

Iris reveals that she misses being able to clock out at the end of the day, she misses having her freedom. Suddenly, the scene changes to the warehouse like place where their dreams are merging. They are now sharing a nightmare and Nia tells her that they have to run. Things are only getting worse for them physically in the real world as their fevers keep rising and even Chester and Allegra aren't sure they can solve this one this time. Nia and Iris are cornered by the hooded woman who attacks them. Nia stands up to the woman and says that she is the dreamer, and she is control and won't let her hurt them. Then a door opens and suddenly Nia and Iris are back in CCCM but are still dreaming. They observe Iris' employees talking about her Pulitzer win and they aren't happy. They think she's a fraud. Nia talks with Iris about the situation and Iris tells her about her feelings that she hasn't earned things because she knows about the future. She feels like she's not making her own choices. Nia tells her that she is making her own choices because destiny is the culmination of a lifetime of choices, and this is a path that she did indeed create.

Nia and Iris find a door covered in spiderwebs. Nia explains that a spider bite killed her mother and Iris tells her that maybe she's not supposed to regain her powers. Maybe she just needs to follow where things go, even if it's scary. Nia realizes that she needs to give up control and has to go through the final door alone. Nia makes her way through to another door and ends up back in the warehouse with the hooded figure again.

Nia expanding her powers

Nia expanding her powers.

"She's the one I've been looking for. I just didn't realize it. And now that I've connected with her, she is going to teach me to use my powers in all new ways. So it turns out that my potential is beyond my wildest dreams."
—Nia Nal[src]

Nia tells the hooded figure that she's ready to give up control and accepts whatever comes next. The figure removes her hood and shows herself to be the original Dreamer the ancient source of Naltorian dream energy. She gives Nia the power now that they've both embraced their paths and both Nia and Iris wake up completely fine at STAR Labs. After it is all over, Nia explains to Team Flash that the original Dreamer is going to teach her how to use her powers beyond her wildest dreams. Cecile can feel the original Dreamer, but only Nia can see her. Nia then hugs Iris and leaves.[50]

Possible future[]

Nia writes an article about Iris in 2049 shown on Iris's desk.

Alternate timeline[]

Nia in darkest timeline

Nia in the dystopian alternate timeline.

In an alternate timeline created by Mr. Mxyzptlk where Kara and Lena had never became friends, National City was governed with the iron fist by a tyrant, insane Lena, who was turned into a Metallo by Lillian. Nia was part of the resistance alongside Alex, J'onn, Winn, Mon-El and Kelly. She fought the brainwashed Brainy alongside Alex and Kelly, while J'onn took care of Lena's henchwoman Reign and Winn, Mon-El and Mxy infiltrated the D.E.O. to retrieve the Hat's Fifth Dimensional hat in order to allow the imp to retrieve his powers and bring himself and Supergirl back to the original reality.[51]


Nia Nal

Nia in her civilian persona.

"I just... I move too fast 'cause that's what I do. I push myself and I take on more than I can handle. My mother always said it."
"But that's what heroes do. Leaping before one looks is part of the job description."
—Nia Nal and Brainy[src]

Nia has similar traits as Kara Danvers: hardworking, meticulous, and eager to prove herself as a reporter. While somewhat shy, she has shown to be passionate about her new job, determined to tell a compelling story. Nia developed a close mentor-student relationship with Kara, to whom she looks up.

Nia has a strong sense of justice and will never hesitate to speak out for what is right in the face of injustice and stand up for what she believes. For example, Nia stood up for Querl Dox when some pizza chefs tried to attack him for being an alien, threatening to expose the bigotry in the establishment unless they agreed to serve him. She also personally requested her boss, James Olsen, to issue a statement condemning these anti-alien attacks. Having personally faced bigotry due to being transgender, Nia is open-minded, accepting, and empathetic to fellow victims of prejudice and hate.


Nia as Dreamer.

Nia aspires to be independent and self-sufficient, being very dedicated to her job. As a result, when her latent powers began manifesting and caused a sleep disorder, Nia refused help from anyone for a time, only agreeing to let Kara Danvers and Querl Dox in when realizing her dreams could help fight against the Children of Liberty.

Powers and abilities[]


"You have anticipatory dreams."
  • Human-Naltorian hybrid physiology: Nia is a human-naltorian hybrid, as her alien powers are accessible to one woman of each generation from her home planet, Naltor, and were (apparently) common enough that Nia understood what was happening when her powers unexpectedly started to manifest.
    • Inherited Power bestowal:
      Nia using her powers

      Nia using her powers.

      Nia gained the powers and abilities of the Dreamer from her mother Isabel meaning Nia can bestow to her future daughter through inheritance as the powers are passed down from mother to daughter each generation.
    • Superhuman strength: Nia is stronger than normal humans. She was able to combat the superhumanly strong Menagerie on equal footing. She was also able to easily swing a Dominator around with her oneiric energy chain.[33]
    • Superhuman durability: Nia is proven to have a level of superhuman durability, able to block multiple punches from Menagerie while barely fazed. She also was able to withstand an amount of energy that would kill a human relatively unharmed.
    • Oneiromancy: Nia has the ability to see the future through her dreams. These visions are sometimes symbolic, metaphorical, or even feature rather blurry imagery and thus bear hidden or unclear meanings and implications, leaving it up to the dreamer to interpret them. Nia is unable to control or know exactly what's happening in her dreams and where it is happening, nor can she properly interpret such or anticipate when it shall happen until it actually does. Furthermore, the nebulous outcomes that a Naltorian Dreamer foresees are implied to be far from absolute, since Maeve Nal implied that a dreamt eventuality can be prevented with the right method of intervention. It is shown that Nia can bring things from the dream world to the real world, as she brought the pink cougar with her, sending it chasing the aliens, a power Brainy calls lucid dreaming.
      • Precognition: Nia's power allows her to see events yet to come and to prepare for them. Since this is a side-effect of her primary precognitive power to subconsciously perceive eventualities while sleeping, Nia herself does not have to fall asleep first to access this aspect of her precognitive abilities; any impending danger will autonomously alert Nia - expressed in a vision seemingly indicated by a noticeably abrupt jerking motion of her body, with eyes instinctively closing as she briefly experiences a soon-to-happen (and otherwise disastrous) event through her mind's eye - thereby potentially allowing her to intervene in time and prevent the immediate outcome she just glimpsed. However, being the acolyte Dreamer that she presently is, Nia seemingly has no control where or when this precognitive power will act up - much less without her voluntary consent - to warn her of a threat, as it has only done quite sporadically so far. Nonetheless, the powers demand Nia's immediate attention while giving her only a fixed measure of time to possibly come up with and enact an intervention in response. With it, Nia was able to anticipate a gunshot fired by a Child of Liberty headed towards her direction by having a vision of the shot coming and even managed to move her handcuffs right in front of the bullet's predicted trajectory, blocking the projectile with her chains and simultaneously freeing herself. Later, through this aspect of oneiromancy, Nia rescued Maeve from getting struck down by a raging Child of Liberty swinging down an axe during their mother Isabel Nal's memorial, having foreseen the weapon to be striking down at the podium her sister stood on.
      • Dream-walking: Apart from dreaming the future, it was hinted that one in possession of the oneiromantic trait can also use it to "dream-walk" into the same dream with other people, allowing the Dreamer to mentally drift into the subconsciousness of another who also sleeps. This power is seemingly not limited to another Naltorian Dreamer. Dream-walking appears to be how the previous Dreamer traditionally and esoterically confirms the identity of her successor; in her final moments, Isabel inadvertently pulled Nia into the former's subconscious dream, which made the Nal matriarch realize that she was to be succeeded as a Dreamer by Nia and not Maeve.
    • Astral projection: After requesting deeper knowledge on her home planet from Kelex, Nia became capable of projecting her consciousness into an incorporeal state and thereby move about beyond the confines of her physical body - allowing Nia to exit her tangible body and travel around in an astral body. This is an advanced technique for an oneiromancer and months ahead of basic training, according to Querl Dox. This ability possibly constitutes the basis for Naltorian "dream-walking", with the Dreamer in question projecting her ethereal consciousness into the running subconscious of another person in order to be in the same dream with them. Nia, while under meditative concentration, was initially only able to project her astral form's hands from her actual bodily ones. Later, Nia successfully demonstrates being able to fully astral project her intangible consciousness - bearing the likeness of her actual self as Dreamer, suit and all - beyond the confines of her body, which enabled her to not only spy with impunity upon her targets but also to "synchronize" with a telepath like J'onn J'onzz - thereby voluntarily bring others along into the astral plane with her.
    • Oneiric energy manipulation:
      Nia tries to kill the man

      Dreamer with her oneiric energy chain.

      It was seen that Nia's mental energies that allow dreaming of the future could also be projected into and actually be able to affect the physical world. It was inferred that though this aspect of Dreaming power was not unheard of, very few Naltorian Dreamers actually exhibited this facet let alone to the fullest, marking Nia as uncommonly strong even by Dreamer standards, with her own mother even deeming that Nia will go to surpass her predecessor.
      • Oneiric energy blasts: If her dreaming abilities are tapped into and untamed, these vibrant and incandescent blue energies are powerful enough to be fired with such concussive force that can considerably damage even the crystalline structures of the Fortress of Solitude. With Querl conceiving the notion of honing these said energies into weaponized practicality, he designed a special set of gloves for Nia to be incorporated into her Dreamer suit, ensuring the hybrid could harness and "calibrate" the raw dream energy and non-lethally blast enemies from a distance, or "charge" them as glowing energized orbs upon the palms of her gloved hands (seemingly channeled and originating from the undersides of her suit's wrists) to intimidate someone at point-blank range. After the Crisis, Nia is able to use her energy blast without her gauntlets.[30]
      • Oneiric energy projections: Nia can now make projections from her dream blasts with any hand-based attacks, such as chains and shockwaves. Nia powers even include a shield that she is able to make large or small to protect herself or others.[32]

Former powers[]

  • Powers via Legion ring: Brainy gave Nia his ring, which she wore in the last battle against Lex Luthor before returning it later.[37]
    • Flight: The ring has been shown to enable Nia the ability to fly through unspecific means. It seems to be activated through a telepathic suggestion, as no thoughts or movements were taken to activate it. It appears that it allows Nia to fly in a more hover-like stance instead of the typical vertical form of flying found in Martian Manhunter or Supergirl.
    • Telepathy immunity: The ring has been seen to give the wearer the ability to resist telepathy/mind reading.
    • Oxygen independence: The ring granted Nia the power to breathe unaided in harsh environments such as the vacuum of space.


  • Expert hand-to-hand combatant: With Nia's precognitive powers, she has displayed the beginning signs of an unpolished yet skilled hand-to-hand combatant; as she was able to block a punch from Menagerie and knock her out. With some training from Brainiac 5, Nia's combat skills have improved to the point she is able to fight blindfolded. Nia gradually becomes a seasoned hand-to-hand combatant; as she is able to fight on par against Menagerie and Hat respectively.[14] Nia also proved capable of subduing a few Liberty Agents with pure ease.
"Well, James said your passion for making the world a better place is matched only by the elegance of your prose, so..."
Alex Danvers to Nia Nal[src]
  • Writing: Nia is a very talented writer, having worked as a political speechwriter for the White House, a prestigious position she achieved while still in the early stages of her adult life.[7][8] Nia's prose and language as a reporter has been consistently praised by her superiors at CatCo Worldwide Media.[5][52]
  • Indomitable will/High tolerance for pain: Nia is a very determined individual and never gives up on trying to protect Earth. She has a remarkable tolerance for pain.


  • Open interpretation: Being a relative novice in the ways of dream interpretation, Nia could misinterpret or misconceive what her prophetic dreams allow her to foresee. For example, Nia failed to interpret the omen she received about her mother, Isabel, dying of a spider bite; she mistook the ink that Maeve used for her artwork to be lethal poison, as that was the cause of Isabel's death in Nia's perceived dream. In actuality, the black fluid in Nia's dream was merely a representation of death and Isabel's demise in the real world, while destined to be by poison, was to come from a spider's venom. This was implicated in Nia's dreams by the cobwebs she saw when her mother died.[2]
  • Intermittent precognition: Nia's precognitive powers—be it dreamt or even glimpsed while awake—have a fixed duration that denotes how far she can see into the future. So far, the powers allow Nia to only foresee from mere seconds up to within a minute's worth of a certain event; any occurrence to happen after that is entirely beyond her ability to anticipate. This may leave Nia extremely vulnerable to subsequent assaults or when repetitively under such executed upon her by the opposition. For example, despite being fully garbed in her Dreamer suit and having apparently foreseen a confrontation with Menagerie, Nia was nearly bitten from behind by one of the hostile alien's serpentine creatures but rescued by Supergirl just in time. Nia even explicitly admitted that she dreamt nearly all the details except for Supergirl grabbing the creature and saving her in the process.
  • Power-dampening cuffs: Just like with any other alien, Nia's powers can be dampened by technology specifically designed to weaken her powers.[20]

Former weaknesses[]

  • Narcolepsy: When her powers began manifesting, Nia struggled with insomnia as she was terrified of sleeping and seeing vague fragments of the future. Nia would subsequently fall asleep at random times during the day, hindering her day-to-day life, similar to narcolepsy. However, after Nia learned to accept and control her powers, her sleep patterns returned to normal.


Dreamer suit (Earth-38)

Dreamer suit.

Original multiverse[]

  • Dreamer suit: Nia wears a blue protective suit as as her superheroine alter-ego, Dreamer, to hide her identity from her enemies when she goes out fighting crime. The suit previously belonged to her mother, Isabel Nal, which Nia received from her father, Paul Nal.[13]

New multiverse[]

  • Dreamer suit: Nia wears a blue protective suit as as her superheroine alter-ego, Dreamer, to hide her identity from her enemies when she goes out fighting crime.[29]

Former equipment[]

  • Legion ring: Brainy gave Nia his ring, which she wore in the last battle against Lex Luthor, but she returned it later.[37]



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Crisis on Infinite Earths[]


  • Nia is the first known human-alien hybrid to be introduced in the Arrowverse.
  • Nia's phone number is 555-8010.[52]
  • Every morning, Nia gets an extra-large coffee with milk and no sugar from Bob's Diner.[52]
  • S'mores are Nia's favorite dessert, but she will always choose salty over sweet.[4]
  • Nia is a Gryffindor and her Patronus is a dapple gray stallion. She's also a Miranda and House Stark.[4]
  • Nia is an INFP personality.[4]
  • Nia loves Thursdays and the month of April.[4]
  • Nia is a fan of Taylor Swift.[22]
  • Nia enjoys sugar-free vanilla lattes.[53]
  • Nia's favorite song is "9 to 5", saying that it gets her through stress.[1]
  • Nia is the first transgender character in the Arrowverse.
  • Though Nia has shown desire for marriage; with Brainy, [54] she would likely maintain her maiden name as her descent Nura has the Nal family name.[14]

Behind the scenes[]

  • In the DC comics, Nia's descendant, Nura Nal, is a member of the Legion of Super-Heroes in the 30th and 31st centuries. Her home planet is Naltor.
    • Despite being created as an original character for the CW series, Nia made her comic book debut in "Date Night", the eighth part of DC Pride #1 (August, 2021). The comic was written by Nicole Maines, the actress who portrays her. Maines is transgender like Nia.


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