Nick Salvati (1975 - November 28, 2012)[1] was the right-hand man of crime boss Frank Bertinelli. He was killed by Helena Bertinelli as revenge for murdering her fiancé, Michael Staton, on Frank's orders. Nick was also the husband of Dina Salvati.


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Nick was arrogant, unreasonable, cruel, and a bully, as well as being a hypocrite, and always trying to blame everyone except himself for problems that he caused. He felt undervalued by Frank, and seemed to positively relish by inflicting violence on Helena and Oliver.


  • Skilled hand-to-hand combatant: Nick had some skills in hand-to-hand combat, as he was able to briefly fight Helena and managed to block a few of her punches; but was ultimately no match for her.



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  • Nick's address was 37 Groombody Dr., North Starling.[1]
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