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"Ms. Lance, what were you thinking? Seducing a nurse in the sexually constraining 1950s? What happens to her when you leave?"
"I was liberating her... with the option to seduce later.
Martin Stein and Sara Lance on Sara's fling with Nurse Carlisle

"Night of the Hawk" is the eighth episode of the first season of DC's Legends of Tomorrow, and the eighth episode overall. It aired on March 10, 2016.




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The scene opens with certain young people racing through the byways of Harmony Falls, Oregon. One of the vehicles blows a tire and the driver turns off the roadside, almost hitting an unusual shining stone all the while. As the youngsters accumulate to analyze the huge stone, Vandal Savage strides free and clear and reveals to them that it's a meteor and says that it was their "predetermination" to discover it.

Tear's group lands in Harmony Falls, following data from the Archeon that Savage showed up during that timeframe. Gideon pulls up some news stories refering to various horrible homicides and vanishings, and Rip proposes that Savage is behind them. To discover Savage, Rip says they have to examine the killings and locate the regular connection between casualties. Along these lines, Ray and Kendra act like a wedded couple and buy one of the casualties' homes, while Stein acts like a specialist (with Sara as his attendant) to fill the activity opportunity left by another casualty's vanishing. In the mean time, Jax is sent to penetrate the neighborhood secondary school to investigate three teenagers' vanishings while Rip and Leonard act like FBI operators to work with the sheriff's specialization.

Soon thereafter, Stein memories about the 1950s before Jax and Sara call attention to how socially backward Harmony Falls is. Jax sees a young lady sitting alone at the counter and perceives her from the paper as somebody who knew the missing youngsters. After some goading from Stein, he becomes friends with the young lady (named Betty) by plunging some french fries in his milkshake and rapidly consents to go out on the town with her the following night.

In the wake of get to know another medical attendant at the clinic, Sara finds that Savage is running a confined ward and acting like "Specialist Knox". In addition, Kendra and Ray find that Savage carries on with nearby to them and has a spouse named Gail. At the point when Savage welcomes Kendra and Ray to a gathering at his home, Kendra plays it stupid and persuades Savage that he doesn't perceive her, which implies that he won't attempt to murder her...yet.

Beam and Kendra head to Savage's gathering while Sara and Stein accepts the open door to look for data on his confined ward. Sara gets occupied by her new medical caretaker companion (who's a closeted lesbian), before an alert goes off in Hall H. In the mean time, Savage puts the proceeds onward Kendra yet leaves when he gets a call to take care of his patients...which wind up being the three missing adolescents changed into winged bird of prey beasts.

The following day, Ray utilizes his ATOM suit to break into a secured room Savage's home and finds the Amon blade. He escapes with the blade similarly as Savage strolls into the room.

Sara converses with her medical attendant companion about Doctor Knox, yet winds up kissing her. Jax's date with Betty additionally goes well...right up until two athletes assault them. After Jax fends off one of the muscle heads, one of the changed bird of prey adolescents dives in and pulls the two athletes away. Betty perceives the young lady as her beau, yet the beast assaults and slices her neck before Jax can drive away. Tragically, the sheriff pulls Jax over and takes him out before he's ready to get Betty to security. Leaving Betty seeping in the vehicle, the cop hauls Jax away.

Leonard and Rip track Jax's vehicle and discover Betty (still alive) yet no Jax. They take Betty back to the Waverider, where they find out about her changed beau and understand that the teenagers more likely than not come into contact with a Nth metal meteor like the ones that changed Kendra and Carter. While Martin attempts to discover a solution for the changes, the remainder of the group pushes ahead with an arrangement to murder Savage with the Amon Dagger.

Jax awakens lashed to a seat and finds that he's caught in Savage's haven. Savage infuses him with a serum that changes him into a bird of prey beast. Savage is hindered by Kendra showing up in the refuge to allure/murder him, yet he sees through Kendra's ploy and puts the blade to her neck. As Savage battles Kendra, he releases his falcon guineas pigs on the clinic. Jax and one of the other bird of prey beasts assault Stein and Snart, while another falcon beast assaults Sara's medical attendant companion. Sara spares his medical caretaker companion and quells Jax, while Ray runs in and shoots Savage through a window to spare Kendra.

Taking Jax back to the Waverider, Stein starts a quality treatment that changes their partner back to ordinary. Sara visits her medical caretaker companion and gives her a farewell kiss before leaving. Jax visits Betty and gives her another vehicle and advises her (and a changed Tommy) to escape Harmony Falls. Beam and Kendra likewise talk about their sprouting relationship while pressing their home.

Before Sara, Ray and Kendra return, Chronos out of nowhere shows up and assaults the Waverider. At the point when the abundance tracker penetrates the boat and enters the extension, Rip orders Gideon to take off, leaving a large portion of the group caught in 1958.




Preparation ran from November 23 until December 3, 2015. Shooting ran from December 4 until December 16, 2015.[1]