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"You don't think I deserve these powers? You don't think I'm a real woman? Well, I don't care. I know who I am. I am the Dreamer."
Nia Nal to Maeve Nal

"Nightmare in National City" is the sixteenth episode of the sixth season of Supergirl, and the one-hundred-twenty-second episode overall. It aired on October 19, 2021.



Nia informs Braniac that her father Paul told her that he had an argument with Maeve after the way she spoke to Nia following Isabel's funeral, prompting Maeve to leave home with all of their mother's things; he hasn't heard from her since. Braniac suggests she just dream without searching for the totem and Nia has flashes of Isabel and Nyxly, along with Crippen University and the office of Dr. M. Revée. She advises Braniac to keep the green look he has been sporting for William's benefit.

Alex arrives at the Tower and gives Supergirl, Lena and J'onn drawings from Esme, who is away with Kelly visiting Kelly's family. Since things are quiet, Supergirl reveals a plan to do an interview with President Zakharov of Kaznia and Prime Minister Perez of Corto Maltese about a forthcoming peace treaty between their people. Kara has a hard time pitching the idea to Andrea but eventually Andrea works out a way to make it appeal to her audience.

Nia goes to see Dr. Revée, who turns out to be Maeve. She brushes aside Maeve's attempt at an apology for what she said to Nia when they last met and tells her sister about the Dream Totem. Maeve has heard of it, but thought it was a legend, and points to the large number of books with information on it.

Nyxly discovers that the Lexosuit contains an AI that appears to be Nyxly herself. William offers to help Kara with a mock interview but she is called away when Nyxly is sighted. The AI leads Nyxly to the Dream Institute where a scientist, Dr. Pavoni, has found a way to access people's dreams. The AI can help Nyxly use it to enter the Dream Realm. Supergirl, Martian Manhunter and Braniac arrive but Nyxly blasts them aside with the Lexosuit gauntlet and leaps through a transmatter portal, which disgorges a Nightmare monster. Supergirl and Manhunter try to battle the creature, which grows to giant size and heads for a nuclear power plant. They contact Alex and Lena, and Lena does the only thing she can think of: She uses an old DEO satellite to surround part of the city with a dome-shaped force-field, cutting the monster off from the power plant. Trapped inside the dome, the monster turns invisible.

Nia and Maeve consult the information on the Dream Totem. Nia discovers Maeve has kept news articles about her activities as the Dreamer. They learn a tapestry apparently leads the way to it and Maeve explains the legend states the Minoans hid the totem inside the Dream Realm, guarded by an Oracle that ensures only the pure of heart can touch it. The search begins in a forest, possibly the one Nia has been dreaming about. Nia decides to take Maeve there with her.

Supergirl, J'onn, Lena and Brainy touch base at the Tower: Nia has told Brainy her plan, and they also work out what Nyxly did. Their only chance is to use the equipment from the institute to reopen the portal and send the monster back. Kara meets with William to practice for the interview. They see a news report where Governor Peña demands the Superfriends take down the dome. William tells Kara that the dome has cut people off from their places of work and their families. Andrea tells Kara she has set up an interview with the Kaznian chief negotiator for her.

Nia and Maeve explore the dream forest. A tree reacts to a necklace that Isabel gave Maeve and Nia finds a concealed part that opens up a door to the Dream Realm, filled with spires. Nyxly is being guided through it by the AI and sees the pair, following them. Nia and Maeve work out one of the spires contains the totem. Nia uses dream energy to levitate them and they see a gold spire.

Alex and J'onn try to negotiate with Peña who gives them twelve hours to complete the dream portal, which Lena and Brainy are working on, before she sends in the National Guard to take down the dome. A mob tries to break out of the dome and Kara abandons the interview to talk them down as Supergirl. Andrea tells her she's given her a lot of leeway but her work is suffering from whatever else she has going on. William comes to the Tower and tries to get Supergirl to make a statement calming the public but she has to leave to be at the interview with the leaders as Kara.

Nia and Maeve find the spire and Nia transforms into Dreamer to lead the way. However, Maeve runs past her and tries to grab the Dream Totem for herself. The Oracle rejects her for trying to steal her sister's place. The sisters argue: Maeve is still bitter that she spent her whole life studying for something she was passed over for, to which Nia points out Maeve doesn't deserve the Dreamer powers if she would put everyone at risk to get them. Nia declares herself to be the Dreamer, not caring what her sister has to say about it. Nyxly arrives and blasts the pair before using the gauntlet to override the Oracle's ward and take the totem. Dreamer protects Maeve and battles Nyxly. Maeve gives her the necklace which boosts Nia's powers and allows her to win. Nyxly retreats with the totem.

Kara is preparing for the interview but the dome is coming down: Peña has had the Air Force destroy the satellite generating it. Kara's friends are ready with the dream portal, which the monster will be attracted to, but she insists on joining them as Supergirl. Sentinel, Martian Manhunter, Lena and Braniac activate the portal and the monster heads for it but is distracted by an attack by military helicopters. Supergirl and Martian Manhunter try to fend off the attack, which also damages the portal pillars. Sentinel and Braniac realign them and Lena brings the portal back online. Supergirl pushes the monster through it. She returns to the interview with Kara but the world leaders have already left. Brainy calls her to tell her about Nyxly getting the Dream Totem.

Nia and Maeve leave the university together. Maeve apologises for hurting Nia and admits she is more worthy of the Dreamer mantle. Nia isn't ready to forgive her sister for hurting and abandoning her after their mother's death but does offer her a second chance. Maeve gives her Isabel's necklace and Nia tells her to call their father.

William commiserates with Kara, reminding her of Cat Grant's maxim that you can do anything but not at the same time. Andrea tells Kara she's rearranged the interview. Kara says to get William to do it and she's also passed on her other articles: She's realised she's not giving CatCo her full attention so quits. She then rejoins William as Supergirl, saying she's ready to give the statement. Lena, Alex and J'onn discuss protecting the other totems at the Tower and see William broadcast Supergirl apologising to the city and vowing to stop Nyxly. Brainy also sees the broadcast as he is reunited with an emotional Nia.

Nyxly tries and fails to repair the gauntlet. The AI asks for the Dream Totem and, as the gauntlet grasps it, a figure appears inside the gauntlet: Lex Luthor, who tells Nyxly he's the key to her success.



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  • The Lexosuit seemed to create an A.I. based off of Nyxly's own mind.
  • The Superfriends generating a dome around half of National City in order to trap the Nightmare monster is similar to the Stephen King novel Under the Dome, and the 2013 TV series of the same name, which is loosely based on the book (with the dome having trapped people within Chester's Mill; coming down precisely at the town's borders). Similar to the King novel, the dome is shown cutting a vehicle in half, with the unspoken implication that collateral damage involving humans and animals is possible.
  • Andrea references the March 2021 Oprah Winfrey interview with "the Royals" (Harry and Meghan). This is a rare direct reference to a very recent real-world event in an Arrowverse episode produced during the pandemic era.
  • The Dream Totem being located in the Dream Realm contradicts what Mxyzptlk and Nyxly said about each world in Earth-Prime's universe having seven AllStone Totems, unless each world has its own Dream Realm.
    • Though in Vertigo's The Sandman, different rooms represent different people's dreams. It is then possible one room could have contained the Dream Totem for Earth-Prime and is then specific to that Earth.
  • Of the AllStone Totems, Courage, Hope, Truth, Humanity and Love are psychological aspects; proven with the chaos caused by the Courage, Humanity and Hope Totems already caused. So the Dream Totem, along with the Destiny Totem are the most dangerous by default. (Dreams allow the dreamer to create whatever they wish. Plus Nia has used dream energy to create temporary constructs.)
    • This makes them similar to the Infinity Stones from Marvel Comics. With the first five Totems being counterparts to Soul and Mind; the Dream Totem counterpart to Reality and Power; and the Destiny Totem counterpart to Time and Space.


  • In the official press release for the episode, Maeve Nal's first name was misspelt as "Mauve".