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Dr. Niles Jarrod (died 2020)[1] was a doctor whom Kara Danvers tracked down in her investigation of William Dey.


Original multiverse

An aurafacian prepares to kill Niles.

At some point, Niles met with William Dey.[2]

At a night club, Niles was approached by William and once again demands he reconsider working together. Niles again declines and leaves to go talk to a blonde with tattoos. They find themselves making out in the bathroom, only for her tattoos to come alive, crawl inside his body and kill him.[2]

New multiverse

Niles was alive in Earth-Prime but Eve Teschmacher was sent to kill Jarrod on orders from Leviathan. While beating him in a club bathroom, Eve was approached by Lex Luthor, who killed Jarrod to win over Eve's loyalty.[1]


New multiverse

Under oath, during the trial of Lex Luthor for his crimes against humanity, Eve Teschmacher recounted how Lex killed Niles to persuade her to join him.[3]



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