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"So you're saying Dante runs a secret society responsible for centuries of worldwide regime change?"
Rene Ramirez to Felicity Smoak[src]

The Ninth Circle is a worldwide terrorist organization, formerly led by Emiko Adachi and currently led by Beatrice.


The Ninth Circle is a powerful secret society inspired by Dante's Divine Comedy. The organization was created in ancient times and was responsible for the many changes in the human society, always operating from "behind the scenes". They have a council comprised of high-ranking members of the Ninth Circle; who are elected to lead and guide the circle.

Although the Ninth Circle council chooses an individual to serve as field leader of the Ninth Circle; the organization is under the direct command of the council.

The Ninth Circle council have no tolerance for any form of insubordination; for example, after Emiko Adachi's vendetta against Oliver Queen resulted in exposing the Ninth Circle's existence to the public, they removed her as the leader of the Ninth Circle and gave the position to Beatrice, they also ordered Beatrice to kill Emiko for her insubordination.[1]


Early activities

The Ninth Circle dates back to the 14th century, Italy. Throughout the years it's funded several large-scale political events such as the War of the Roses, the Colonization of the Americas, and the Russian Revolution.

Dante later brought Emiko Adachi onto the Ninth Circle when she was young, and after years of training, she became the leader of the centuries-old organization, the organization managed to keep a low profile as nothing could be found on them on the dark web.[2]

Attack on Star City

In 2018, the Ninth Circle associated itself with the Longbow Hunters, a famous group of highly skilled and deadly mercenaries who are heavily feared in the criminal world. Dante indirectly gave Bear, one of the Hunters, instruction that involve killing Kazumi Adachi to make Emiko stronger.[3]

Later that year, they came to Star City with plans to profit from its destruction at the hands of Emiko, with Team Arrow and A.R.G.U.S.,[4] which began to track its moves and target its members during their operations. First, they targeted Virgil,[5] who later, confronted the Team many times.[6] Oliver and Diggle managed to discover the truth about Kazumi Adachi's death from Bear,[3] so they coudl reveal it to Emiko who murdered Dante in revenge.[2] After Dante's death, Emiko took full control of the organization, deciding to finally destroy Oliver and Star City.[6]

However, in Emiko's vendetta against Oliver, she got sloppy and wound up exposing the Ninth Circle to the public for the first time in history; as a result, the council removed Emiko as the leader of the Ninth Circle and gave the position to Beatrice (which Emiko herself was completely unaware of) this, along with Oliver successfully disarming the weapons and convincing Emiko to become a hero, led to Beatrice killing her, for her failure to destroy Star City, but mainly because her vendetta against the Queen family resulted in the organization's existence being revealed to the public. Subsequently, Beatrice and Virgil destroyed the Palmer Tech building before retreating from Star City, as their plans were foiled.[1]

Known members

Current members

Former members

  • Emiko Adachi (removed as the leader of the Ninth Circle by the council)
  • Dante (second-in-command; deceased)

Known enemies

Current enemies



Season 7

Behind the scenes

  • In the DC comics, the Ninth Circle is a similar terrorist finance group led by "Dante".
  • The concept that there are nine circles of Hell comes from the classic poem the Divine Comedy, which also features characters named Dante, Virgil, and Beatrice.