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No Man's Land Collectables is a collectables store, and secretly an underground bar.


Beneath No Man's Land Collectables a bar was opened, operating as a meta-human-only bar. Helena Kyle visited rarely, but enough to make acquaintance with the owner, Gibson Kafka. She visited to ask Gibson if he'd heard anything about a meta-human with the same powers as another, but he'd heard nothing. He proceeded to convince her to have another round of drinks with him. While there, Dinah Redmond showed up, but Helena told her off as she was truanting. Dinah returned and was welcomed by Gibson, but not before Barbara Gordon showed up and scolded her. However, they sat down with Gibson nonetheless.[1]

Running away from the New Gotham Clocktower to avoid her mother, Dinah comes here and sees Gibson as he is tending bar. While offering her a soda, Gibson alerts Barbara of Dinah's presence. Dinah tells Gibson about her parentage and he tells her of her many exploits as a crime-fighter. Getting upset, Dinah telekinetically spills the drink on the table. Soon, Carolyn arrives and Gibson asks for an autograph. Carolyn tells Dinah why she gave her daughter up for adoption, causing Dinah to cry and run away. Outside, Carolyn is captured by Frankie Spitz and his thugs.[2]

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