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This character is the first known "Calculator". For his successor in an erased future, see Felicity Smoak.

"Have either of you boys heard of... the Calculator?"
Damien Darhk to Danny Brickwell and Michael Amar on Noah Kuttler[src]

Noah Kuttler,[1] alias "The Calculator", is a fugitive cyber-criminal, the ex-husband of Donna Smoak, the father of Felicity Smoak, the father-in-law of the late Oliver Queen, the step-grandfather of William Clayton, and the maternal grandfather of Mia Smoak. A computer genius and an intellectual, he is a man of great intelligence, having had conversations that even his daughter did not understand.[2]


Early life

Noah Kuttler was a well-known cyber-criminal under the alias "The Calculator". He is highly regarded on the dark web for his abilities,[3] which placed him on the police and F.B.I.'s radar.[1]

At some point, Noah moved to Las Vegas, Nevada, where he met and fell in love with Donna Smoak. On July 24, 1989, they had a daughter, Felicity.[4] Noah was very close to his daughter, with the two bonding over their shared love of and aptitude for technology. Noah taught Felicity much about computers and at one point, she used his electronics collection to build a super computer.[2][5]

Leaving his family

When Felicity was seven years old, Noah was said to have abandoned her and Donna to avoid going to prison.[1] In reality, Noah didn't have much choice, as Donna decided not to gamble with fate on the chance that her husband could reform from his criminal ways, and decided to escape from Noah, disappearing from his life. Knowing he was not good for his daughter and not wanting Felicity to despise her mother, Noah let Felicity believe he abandoned them.[6]

Blackmailing Roy Harper

While Roy Harper was living under a new identity, Noah discovered his secret. He then blackmailed Roy into helping him, telling him he would reveal his identity. To watch Roy's every move, the man had Roy put on a lens in his right eye.

Kuttler was contacted by an unknown employer and hired to detonate a web nuke to take down Star City. He had Roy steal several parts to build this nuke. However, Team Arrow eventually managed to free Roy from his influence. Felicity broke through Noah's encryption code and he contacted her, disguising his voice. Noah told Felicity his intention wasn't to take down the internet but the entire city.

Once a few mercenaries placed the device on site, Noah was contacted again by Felicity. Noah teased her that he would blow up a subway and that the only way he could be stopped would be if the device was removed. Once Felicity installed a firewall, he told her it didn't matter because he could decode the firewall with ease. Noah decoded the firewall, but Roy destroyed the device before he could execute the web nuke. Felicity then installed a virus on his computer to remove the information he had on Roy.[7]

Reuniting with Felicity

Shortly after, Noah watched Felicity make a presentation at Palmer Technologies on the company's new power cell. He gave Felicity a standing ovation and complimented her to Oliver Queen. After the presentation, Noah revealed himself to his daughter .[7]

Noah and Felicity went out to dinner. Noah revealed his identity as the Calculator and that he knew Felicity was "Overwatch". He stated that they had a lot in common as they were both vigilante hackers. Noah claimed that he wanted to be in her life and to get to know her, even handing over a flash drive of some of his hacks as proof. Taking her mom's advice on not to get close to him because people don't change, Felicity set up a trap for Noah and learned he was only getting close to her to steal data from Palmer Technologies. Felicity later turned her father in to the SCPD, proclaiming that they were nothing alike as he was handcuffed and read his rights by Quentin Lance, who is now her mother's new boyfriend.[1]

Enemy of H.I.V.E.

During H.I.V.E. leader Damien Darhk's prison break from Iron Heights,[8] Noah was one of the convicts who escaped. He began staying at Ravenspur in Cypress Cove, which he and Donna used to frequent.

After activating the reprogrammed Rubicon protocol, Darhk believed that Noah was the only one able to hack Rubicon and foil his plans. He sent his men to execute him, but Noah managed to escape and was finally rescued by Team Arrow. Noah and Felicity later broke into Palmer Technologies to steal a processor needed to hack into Rubicon. Although they managed to copy only 90% of the processor, he extrapolated the design to complete it. Working with Felicity, Noah was able to stop all but one nuke, all the while being hunted by Damien Darhk's underlings: Danny Brickwell and Michael Amar. He then took a bullet trying to save Felicity.[3]

Noah survived the bullet and, after much arguing with his wife about their life together, returned to the mission and worked on subverting another H.I.V.E. attempt to get control over Rubicon through computer hacking, this time with the employ of Brother Eye leader Cooper Seldon. Assisted by Felicity and Curtis Holt, Noah prevailed over Cooper's efforts, managing to overload the man's whole computer system. Following this victory, Noah left the premises on request from Donna, who thought that he remained every bit as dangerous to their daughter as the day she took her away from him.[6]

Attending his daughter's wedding

In December 2017, Noah, having seemingly begun making amends with Felicity and Donna, returned to Star City to attend his daughter's wedding. At the celebration, Noah and Donna both walked Felicity to her new husband. When Donna began fussing over the fact that Felicity didn't have a traditional wedding, Noah tried to advise her to let the couple have their day. He later danced with Donna at the reception as they happily reflected on their daughter's marriage.[9]


"There’s two sides to me: the father and the hacker. She sees only the criminal."
—Noah Kuttler on his relationship with his daughter, Felicity Smoak[src]

As "The Calculator", Noah is an opportunist criminal, with great disregard for the lives of others and no qualms with controlling and blackmailing people he has no love for, such as Roy Harper. He's a graceful loser, shown when he tried to re-connect with daughter, Felicity Smoak, impressed by the fact that she managed to outsmart him during the "web nuke" plot.

Despite being an unrepentant criminal, Noah harbors great love for his family. He allowed Donna Smoak and Felicity to leave him out of concern over their well-being if they were caught up in his deeds and kept the façade of abandoning her so Felicity would not hate her mother. He was distressed with Felicity's coldness towards him and despite ultimately attempting to deceive her, he genuinely wished to reconnect with her. Even after she trapped and had him imprisoned, Noah held no grudge towards Felicity and took a bullet for her. He was saddened by Donna's resentment of him and ultimately agreed to leave again when she argued that not living together with a fugitive father would be better for their daughter, still, Noah was reluctant to leave, thinking that after everything that's happened, Felicity would be crushed to see him disappear from her life again. In addition, even he has limits to which he was willing to sink into as a criminal, being disgusted with Damien Darhk's extreme plans of world-destruction and working together willingly with Team Arrow to stop it. In time, he was able to began making amends with his wife and daughter and seemed to approve of Oliver becoming his son-in-law, attending his and Felicity's wedding.


  • Genius-level intellect: According to Donna, Felicity's intellect was inherited from her father, Noah. This is proven when he was the only hacker better than Felicity. His intellectual skills surpassed those even of Felicity's hence making him one of the best hackers and one of the most intelligent individuals in the multiverse.
    • Computer specialist/Master computer hacker: Noah is a highly skilled computer hacker, his hacking skills surpassed those even of Felicity's. His skills are so advanced that even Damien Darhk acknowledged Noah as the only one able to hack Rubicon and foil his plans.[3]
  • Skilled marksman: Noah was shown to have some skill with firearms, managing to take down a few ghosts with a shotgun.[3]


Former equipment

  • IR Burst Receiver: Noah left behind an incredibly advanced device at Palmer Technologies to steal the company's data. This was later collected and turned off by his daughter, Felicity Smoak.



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  • Noah enjoys Lionel Richie[3] and Tom Jones.[9]

Behind the scenes

  • In the DC comics, Noah Kuttler, also known as the Calculator, started off as a criminal whose outfit was an actual calculator, claiming he could genuinely calculate the formulas for victory. However, after hearing about Oracle, Noah became an info broker to super villains, charging money per question and setting up jobs for other criminals. Also in the comics, Noah also has daughter and a son who are named Wendy and Marvin Kuttler/White who are also based off the twins characters from the Super Friends animated TV show.