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Noonan's was a restaurant and bar located in National City, notably frequented by Kara Danvers, Alex Danvers, James Olsen, and Lucy Lane.

In late 2019, Noonan's was renovated, courtesy of their new sponsor, Obsidian North.


Kara Danvers spent three years waitressing part-time at Noonan's Restaurant from 2010 to 2013 before being hired at CatCo Worldwide Media.[1]

Kara regularly ate sticky buns from Noonan's for breakfast[2] and would buy a pumpkin spice latte with extra foam, sprinkled with cinnamon, as her go-to drink.[3]

James Olsen often drank tea from Noonan's.

In late 2015 at Noonan's, a broadcast of CatCo Worldwide Media revealed that Supergirl was Superman's cousin.[2]

Kara with Noonan's for Cat Grant.

Starting November 2015, Kara bought a latte and bagel from Noonan's every morning for her boss, Cat Grant.[4]

Lucy Lane and James shared a chocolate fruit tart at Noonan's as the former explained her reasons for coming to National City. James opened up about his conflicting feelings to Kara as she picked up Cat's order. The next day, Kara picked up lunch and milkshakes at Noonan's for herself and Cat's son, Carter Grant, when she ran into Lucy.[5]

On the week of Thanksgiving, Kara ordered takeout from Noonan's. There, she and James talked about their holiday plans before he left with Lucy.[6]

Lucy and James had breakfast at Noonan's together, after which they discussed their dinner tonight with the former's father, Sam Lane. The next day, Cat took Kara to Noonan's for martinis, where she talked about dealing with their recent anger issues. Later, Sam arrived at Noonan's to pick up Lucy for their flight home, only to learn she intended to stay in National City with James.[7]

Kara, James, and Winn Schott met with Lucy at Noonan's for drinks and legal advice regarding a "hypothetical" situation at CatCo Worldwide Media. The news then broadcasted that an unknown Kryptonian woman was suspiciously hovering over CatCo Plaza.[8]

In early 2016, Kara met Cat's eldest son, Adam Foster, at Noonan's while picking up her boss' order and they discussed his mother's reputation vs. her real self. Meanwhile, a news report broadcasted Senator Miranda Crane's upcoming anti-alien rally. That night, Cat, Adam, and Kara had coffee together at Nonnan's. With some encouragement from Kara, mother and son were able to begin mending their relationship.[4]

Kara and Adam had their first date at Noonan's.[3]

Noonan's broadcasted Cat's warning to beware of Supergirl, who was growing aggressive and dangerous after being exposed to Red Kryptonite. At the same time, Supergirl flicked peanuts at the bottles in Noonan's, shattering them and scaring the patrons.[9]

Siobhan Smythe met Winn at Noonan's for mimosas, where she told him of her troubling job prospects since being fired from CatCo.[10]

Eve with Noonan's for James and Marcus.

In late 2016, on Mon-El's first day interning at CatCo, he and Kara brought Noonan's coffee for the company's various assistants.[11]

In May 2017, Eve Teschmacher bought curly fries and two milkshakes from Noonan's for James and his "nephew", Marcus.[12]

In late 2018, Nia Nal bought three coffees from Noonan's to help her stay awake at work.[13]

In late 2019, Obsidian North became a sponsor of Noonan's, whose staff and regular customers served as the beta testers for Obsidian's augmented reality contact lenses. Customers and staff are able to choose from a menu on a virtual interface with just a tap.

Kelly Olsen, Alex, Kara, and J'onn J'onzz ate breakfast together at Noonan's as the former discussed her new job at Obsidian North.[14]

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