"Five years ago, Heddwich was dead. NorPenn saved this town. They-they... they said the mine was tapped out, but we gave it new life."

NorPenn Mining Company was a mining company established in Heddwich by Thad Bowman.


Around 2009, NorPenn Mining Company and its president Thad Bowman re-opened the coal mines in Heddwich, which were previously closed due to unknown circumstances.

In 2014, miners started hearing the sounds and notice other suspicious activities caused by Coblynau, culminating with Lannis Cadogan burning in his shower - an instance which attracted John Constantine in town, additionally to map done by Liv Aberdine signaling paranormal activity in the area.

While visiting Lannis Cadogan's funeral and wake, John become acknowledged with a miner named Ed, as well as Thad Bowman with whom he engaged is a physical fight due to Lannis's wife outing him as a possibly hostile news reporter.

In the next day, massive accident happened at the mine, with coal falling down on some of the miners, injuring and killing a few people. After asking Ed about circumstances of the event, John intimidated Owen into telling him more before Owen was drowned in his own car by Coblynau with John barely escaping thanks to Zed Martin.

Later that day Thad Bowman and his son Nathan Bowman tried to investigate the mine personally, which resulted in Coblynau killing both of them before John and Zed approached. They later decided to explode the mine with the help of Ellis McGee, eliminating the threat once and for all.[1]

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