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:''For her [[Earth Two]] equivalent, see [[Barry Allen's mother]]''.
:''For her [[Earth Two]] equivalent, see [[Barry Allen's mother]]''.
:For her grandaughter, see [[Nora Allen II]]

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For her Earth Two equivalent, see Barry Allen's mother.
For her grandaughter, see Nora Allen II
"You have such a good heart, Barry, and it's better to have a good heart than have fast legs."
—Nora to Barry Allen[src]

Nora Allen (née Thompson[1]; 1959[2]-March 18, 2000[3]) was the mother of Barry Allen, the wife of the late Henry Allen, and a good friend of Joe West. She was killed by Eobard Thawne, aka the Reverse-Flash, and her husband, Henry was blamed for the murder and has been in jail ever since. However, 15 years later, Eobard had secretly recorded a confession for the murder of Nora, and subsequently Henry was released from prison. Barry eventually found who really murdered his mother, the speedster Eobard, the man who had been disguised as Harrison Wells.

Shortly after defeating Zoom, Barry travels back in time and prevents Eobard from murdering Nora, altering the timeline. However, after realizing he had made a mistake by saving her, Barry allowed Eobard to kill her to restore the timeline. However, due to the manner in which it was done, subtle changes in the previous timeline were caused, creating another, slightly altered, to the timeline.


Early life

In 1995, Barry begged Nora and her husband, Henry to take him to a science expo but on the way they hit a flat tire. Their car was towed to a garage in town and they were stuck there all day. They ate ice cream and french fries with gravy at a local diner. In 1999, Barry and Nora watched Singing in the Rain. When Barry ran home from school one day after being bullied, his mother assured him that he had a good heart, which was worth much more than having fast legs.[4]

Original timeline

In the original timeline, Nora never had been killed by Reverse-Flash and presumably still lived until the timeline was altered.

Altered timeline

Late that night, on March 18 2000, a Barry Allen and Eobard Thawne from the future sped in to the home and fought, circling Nora, and waking her husband and son. Eobard tried to get a clear shot to kill the younger Barry, but was dogged by the Flash when he transported his past self twenty blocks away from his home. Enraged, Eobard stabbed Nora in the heart before fleeing the scene. Henry was blamed for Nora's death and sent to prison.[5][6]

Barry was sent back in time for a second chance to save Nora, but he was warned by his future self not to do it, considering the damage it would cause in the timeline. But this allowed Barry to have one last, heartfelt talk with his mother, confirming that her son and husband were safe in the future and that they loved her.[7]

Flashpoint timeline

Out of emotional wreckage, Barry travelled back in time to the moment where Eobard was about to stab Nora, he timely interfered with the attack and beat Eobard unconscious. After the Reverse-Flash's beating, Nora was terrified considering as to what she had just seen, however, Barry reassures her that she is fine. Flash forward 16 years later, the Barry who saved his mom's life is living at home with her and Henry, getting to experience a new timeline with both of his parents alive, however, at the cost of not being able to save a dying Wally. Barry reluctantly allowed his mother's murder meant to be by letting Eobard who was imprisoned do the job resetting the timeline to a post Flashpoint timeline that had subtle differences within it.

Post-Flashpoint timeline

Out of emotional wreckage, Barry travelled back in time to the moment where Eobard was about to stab Nora, he timely interfered with the attack and beats Eobard unconscious. After the Reverse-Flash's beating, Nora was terrified considering as to what she had just seen, however Barry reassures her that she is fine. Then another version of Eobard comes in and taunts Barry by saying that she is actually not. Then the younger Eobard disappears following by the younger Barry. Nora still pleading for her life, Eobard stabbed Nora in the heart therefore restoring the timeline very similar to the previous.


Nora's death was incentive for her son, Barry, to join the forensics department of the Central City Police Department - inciting a need to both learn how to investigate crimes and to study cases with unexplained elements - all with the deep-rooted desire to prove the circumstances of her murder true (that she was not killed by her husband, but by a man in a yellow suit who could move as fast as lightning) and to ultimately prove his father, Henry's innocence. This quest was ultimately what led Barry down the path that would lead him to eventually become the superhero known as the Flash.

In 2015, Barry received a video message from Eobard Thawne after his "death" in which he confessed to the murder of Nora, allowing Barry to finally clear his father's name.

When Barry's powers were taken by Zoom[8] and he attempted to regain them by recreating the particle accelerator explosion,[9] he was briefly transported inside the Speed Force itself, which manifested as his friends and family to talk to him, culminating in a manifestation of his mother telling him that he needed to accept Nora's loss and move on. While talking to "Nora", this manifestation assured him that his mother would be proud of what he had become, the two reading Barry's favorite childhood book together to give Barry one last good memory of his mother before he regained his speed and returned home.[2]

However, after Henry Allen was murdered by Hunter Zolomon, also known as Zoom, Barry ran back in time and saved his mother, creating another, new timeline where she did not die.

Following her death the second time at the hands of the Reverse-Flash, Barry resolved to still use his powers for good in the name of her and Henry.


Nora was shown to be a caring, gentle, and kind woman. She was a loving mother and wife who dearly loved her husband and son.



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  • Because Eobard Thawne was erased from existence when his ancestor Eddie Thawne committed suicide, there is an alternate timeline in which Nora is still alive.
  • In the original timeline Nora was never killed by Eobard; as she lived to see her son reach adulthood, it is unknown if Nora was aware that Barry is the Flash; in the original timeline.
  • In the DC comics, Barry actually went back in time to prevent Nora Allen's death at the hands of the Reverse-Flash. However, the results of his actions created a time ripple, leading to the events of Flashpoint.
  • She is the first character to die on The Flash as was the catalyst event that kicked off Barry's journey therefore the entire show.
  • Flashpoint is secretly referenced during "Fast Enough", when a future version of Barry prevents his alternate self from saving their mother. This is most likely a reference to Flashpoint and that the events of that have caused Barry to let Eobard kill Nora.
  • In the episode "The Race of His Life", Barry goes back in time and saved her in the aformentioned manner, and resulting in the timeline being altered as suggested prior.
  • The book "The Flash: Hocus Pocus", reveals that Nora used to be a real estate agent.


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