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"God, being yourself, that is a magic stronger than any wish. Being truly okay with myself, scars and all, is how the right people truly found me."
—Nora Darhk[src]

Nora Palmer[1] (née Darhk; born December 2, 2003)[2] is the daughter of the late Damien Darhk and the late Ruvé Adams, and the wife of Ray Palmer. Nora is also a good friend of Mona Wu and Ava Sharpe. She was a playmate of William Clayton when he was kidnapped by Malcolm Merlyn and placed into Damien's "care".

Nora and her mother were to survive the Genesis disaster in the Tevat Noah facility, only for Lonnie Machin to kidnap them, with the ensuing fight sabotaging the facility and killing Ruvé. Nora was rescued by Team Arrow, before being returned to Damien by Thea Queen. She was to spend her last moments with her father, as they waited for the world to be destroyed in a nuclear fire, only for Team Arrow to put an end to Damien's plans.

However, Nora later grew up to become a follower and vessel of the mysterious entity known as Mallus. She also became involved with the Order of the Shrouded Compass to resurrect her father, desperately wanting to save him from his dark fate. As Mallus grew stronger though, Nora began to have second thoughts on her loyalty to the demon. During her missions, she used the aliases "Madame Eleanor" and "Valkyrie". When Mallus was initially freed from his prison, she was killed in the process. However, with help from Ray Palmer, Damien went back in time and took Nora's place as a vessel for Mallus, saving her life. Nora was subsequently arrested by the Time Bureau before Ray gave her father's time stone so she could later escape and start a new life.

Sometime after, Nora was found by Ray, who came asking for her help for saving Constantine's life. She initially decided to turn herself over to the Time Bureau to pay for her past crimes, before being forced to escape again and join the Legends. Nora was eventually appointed as an agent of the Time Bureau by Director Ava Sharpe. In an attempt to save Mona, Nora took on the mantle of Fairy Godmother from Tabitha and became bonded to Gary Green, who had then been Tabitha's host. After the defeat of Neron, Nora doubled up as a member of Legends again and currently resides in the present as Ray's girlfriend (later wife).

After making Gary's wish, and the Time Bureau shutdown, Nora kept working on her role as a Legend, and as a Fairy Godmother. Like Damien was resurrected as an "Encore" by Astra Logue, Nora took the oportunity to bond with him, and getting married to Ray, who proposed to her the same day. Like Ray took Damien's advice over Nora's job as a Fairy Godmother, Ray and Nora decided to leave the Legends so she could focus on her job properly. She is now pregnant.


Original multiverse

Early life

12-year-old Nora with her family at Christmas.

Nora Darhk was born on December 2, 2003[2] in Star City[3] to Damien Darhk and Ruvé Adams, and was the only child of the couple. Growing up with her parents, Nora had a seemingly normal and happy, albeit sheltered childhood. The family moved to Stonehaven by fall 2015.[4] That Christmas, Nora and her parents started their holiday celebrations by decorating the Christmas tree together.[5]

Lonnie Machin captures Nora and her mother.

In January 2016, Lonnie Machin/Anarky took Nora and her mother hostage at their home to get revenge on his former associate, Damien, whom he saw as having betrayed him. As Machin was about to burn the two, Team Arrow intervened and rescued them. While in police custody, Ruvé presented fake identification for Nora and herself. Afterwards, Nora and her family moved straight away to the Fairmount Hotel for a month until her parents could find a new home for them. Damien comforted Nora after the ordeal as she fell asleep during the ride.[6]

Nora meets her new playmate, William Clayton.

In mid-February, while staying at the hotel, Damien introduced Nora to a new companion, William Clayton, and asked her to play with him, which Nora happily agreed to. Unbeknownst to her, William was Oliver Queen's son, who had been kidnapped by Malcolm Merlyn on Damien's orders.[7] William stayed with them for several days until he was eventually freed by Team Arrow and Vixen.[8]

Nora and her mother escorted in Tevat Noah by Malcolm Merlyn.

In May, Nora and Ruvé moved into Tevat Noah, H.I.V.E.'s safe-haven town built under Star City designed to survive the nuclear destruction of the world caused by the approaching Genesis project. As Nora gazed around the facility, her mother and Malcolm discussed Machin. When Ruvé realized Green Arrow and Spartan had broken in, she ordered Malcolm to take care of it and gestured Nora to come along to safety.

Nora and her mother held hostage by Machin in the power supply.

Shortly after, Nora and Ruvé were taken hostage again by Machin and held captive in the power supply. Machin filmed a video of Nora and her mother, demanding the surrender of her father. Team Arrow tried to free them but ended up causing the destruction of Tevat Noah. In the ensuing chaos, Machin fatally stabbed Ruvé and managed to escape. Nora watched in horror as the ceiling of the facility collapsed on her mother while Green Arrow shielded her from the debris. Spartan freed Nora, and Ruvé's dying wish was for Green Arrow to protect Nora and save her from the surrounding explosion.

Nora is threatened with death by Speedy.

When Damien learned about the destruction of Tevat Noah, his first two questions were whether his wife and daughter were safe. Upon learning that Ruvé was dead, Damien changed his plans, trying to destroy the world rather than attempting to rebuild it.[9] Though Nora was still alive, Damien claimed he was doing it for her, to save his daughter from the pain of growing up without her mother. Later as Damien broke into Felicity Smoak's home and tried to kill Green Arrow, Speedy arrived with Nora and threatened to kill her if Damien did not let him go. He agreed and escaped, taking his daughter to safety.

Nora with her father a few moments before his death.

Damien brought Nora to his nexus chamber underneath City Hall to wait for the end of the world. While playing with a doll, Nora was scared of the place and expressed how she missed her mother. Damien comforted her, promising that they would see Ruvé again soon. An A.R.G.U.S. assault team arrived to take out Damien but were quickly killed by him. A short while later, Green Arrow arrived and challenged Damien to one final battle. Nora wondered why the vigilante was here, to which Damien stated Green Arrow "came here to die". Nora was left in the nexus chamber as the two battled outside on the streets, ending with Green Arrow killing Damien.[10]

Possessed by Mallus

After Damien's death, Nora was placed into child services under the alias "Emily". Struggling to manage with the loss of her parents and family name, she grew lonely, isolated, and afraid. In late 2017, Nora eventually became a target of the mysterious demon known as Mallus, who began possessing her by preying on her fear. During this time, John Constantine, unaware of the identity of both Nora and the demon, attempted to rid her of Mallus. He was unsuccessful, and Nora was admitted to the Sumner Asylum on September 23, 2017. When Constantine went to the asylum to try to exorcise Mallus, the demon-possessed Nora told him that he would take over both her and Sara Lance, before the exorcism was interrupted by the asylum staff.

13-year-old Nora with Sara Lance prior to an attempted exorcism by John Constantine.

Constantine sought help from Sara, who identified the demon and insisted on her and the Legends helping him free Nora. While attempting this, they found out Nora's true identity, but the exorcism again failed, with Constantine, Sara, and Leo Snart being sent back in time by Mallus before Nora regained control of her body again. The next day, Nora was taken out of the asylum by Ray Palmer and Zari Tomaz.

Ray and Zari brought her to CC Jitters to calm her down. The trio then played a game of Heads Up, which began to lift her spirits up. However, Nora suddenly became scared again after seeing Green Arrow kill her father on TV, allowing Mallus to take control of her once more. Mallus proceeded to fight Ray and Zari while destroying the cafe. Sara, determined to help Nora, traveled to Mallus' dimension. She encouraged Nora to fight the demon, freeing the little girl from Mallus' control.

Nora reunites with her father.

Shortly after though, much to Nora's amazement, her father, Damien, appeared to her in the cafe. After restraining Ray and Zari, Damien claimed to Nora that Mallus is not a demon but her "savior," and that she must allow him to guide her childhood in order to ensure Damien's resurrection in her adulthood. When the asylum orderly showed up to escort her back, Nora was hesitant but Damien encouraged her to go with them.[2] Nora grew up as a loyal follower of Mallus and began inheriting his powers as her own. She also started going by the name "Madame Eleanor" and followed the demon's commands in order to resurrect her father. Mallus also granted Nora a talisman that allowed her to traverse time at will.[11] At some point, Nora learned Oliver Queen was, in fact, the Green Arrow and grew to harbor resentment towards him for killing her father. In approximately 2039, Nora began traveling through time to revive her father.[12]

Serving Mallus

Nora in 1895 as the medium Madame Eleanor.

As Mallus needed a Blood Moon to resurrect her father, Nora went into the past to recover his body immediately after it had been buried. However, due to the Legends' blunder in Aruba, anachronisms were popping up all over time and Damien's corpse ended up in 1895 Victorian London. Traveling into the past, Nora went by the name Madame Eleanor, a medium capable of communicating with the deceased. She then employed the service of Sir Henry Stein and the cult of the Order of the Shrouded Compass, promising to show them that one can come back from the dead. They gathered fresh blood in order to sustain her father's body in preparation for a ritual to resurrect him during the blood moon. When the activities of the cult drew in Rip Hunter and the Legends, she went on to ensnare Zari Tomaz with a message from her deceased brother and later stole her Air Totem.

Mallus speaking though Nora.

When Rip demanded to speak with Mallus, Nora allowed her master to possess her to speak with him; once the time came for the blood moon, Nora was given her body back and laughed in triumph. Her father was back, and his magic had been returned as a gift from Mallus. During the battle with the Time Bureau and Legends, Zari recovered her Air Totem, but Nora and her father escaped.[11]

Nora at a party in 1930s Hollywood.

Soon after, Nora and Damien began to travel through time, changing history in order to cause anachronisms to weaken the prison holding Mallus, with the aim of freeing the demon. With this as their goal, she accompanied her father with Kuasa to 1930s Hollywood, where they fought with the Legends over Helen of Troy. While Sara Lance dueled with Damien, she defeated the rest of the Legends, before helping her father. She was about to kill Sara when Firestorm intervened and overpowered both her and Damien combined, causing them both to quickly leave that time, but leaving Sara in a coma.[13]

Nora as a "Valkyrie".

Later, Nora returned with her father to 1000 A.D., the two posing as a Valkyrie and Odin, respectively. During the battle, she was defeated by Mick Rory and Leo Snart; seeing his daughter unconscious, Damien became enraged and chose to escape with her.[14]

Nora on death's doorstep after being shot with an anti-magic gun.

While in the Bahamas in 1717, Nora managed to steal Amaya Jiwe's Anansi Totem and later tried to retrieve the Earth Totem leading to a fight with its wielder, the seemingly zombified Anne Queen, and the Legends. During the fight, she tried to siphon the life-force of Amaya but was shot with a dart of Ray Palmer's anti-magic gun, that left her on the brink of death. Later, feeling guilty, Ray came back to the place where he shot her and gave Nora a cure in exchange for the Anansi Totem. However, after she was cured, Nora attacked and almost killed Ray, eventually knocking him out instead when her father suggested that it would be a better option to take him as their prisoner.[15]

Working with Ray Palmer

Nora and Ray in 1962 East Berlin.

After learning of a long-dead scientist in communist East Berlin in 1962 who could help fix the shattered Fire Totem, Nora volunteered for the mission, stating she's the best choice of not risking any paradoxes due to her father's younger version being there. She took Ray with her, saying that Vogal would most likely talk to a peer and Ray speaks "nerd", and together they went to the past. Younger Darhk tried to kill Vogal, but Ray and Nora rescued the scientist and escaped.

The following day, Younger Darhk tried to kill Vogal again as the group tried to get to West Berlin but failed, and they were rescued by Damien's future version, who came after them after noticing they were late to come back. Mad that her father came and possibly jeopardized the mission, and after a few hurtful words, Nora was kidnapped by her father's younger self. Agreeing to trade his daughter's life for the scientist, the Present Day and Younger versions of the men met, but younger Darhk tricked his older self and threw Nora out of the roof, although not before he shot Vogal. Future Darhk used his magic to catch Nora before she could fall to her death, while Younger Damien tried to use the situation to his advantage- he shot his future self, but Future Darhk caught the bullets with his magic. The two started fighting, while future Darhk continued trying to keep Nora in the air with his magic. During the fight, Younger Darhk was impressed by his opponent's magic powers and noted that he should study it in the future. Eventually, Nora managed to release the powers of the Anansi Totem and defeated younger Darhk.

Mallus's possession over Nora grows stronger.

Dr. Vogal later died from his injuries, but not before he gave Ray the secrets for cold fusion. Nora was unsuccessful in getting it from him, and she witnessed as Ray caused an Aberration by blasting the Berlin Wall on purpose, leading to his immediate rescue by a speedster who also pocketed the Fire Totem as a souvenir. After returning to the future, Nora and her father cleared up their issues with each other. However, Mallus's possession of Nora grew stronger.[12]

Conversing with Sara

Nora taunts Sara in Mallus's dimension.

When the Death Totem corrupted Sara, her spirit was trapped in the spirit realm, where Nora showed up. She gave Sara a brief history on the totem and revealed it was the one that worked in Mallus's favor, the reason why it was erased from history. Nora tried to convince Sara that a life not full of regret and guilt would be the best path and coldly showed her an old mission from Sara's time with League of Assassins, in which the victim's daughter stumbled upon her dying father. Sara earlier pointed out that Nora's path of villainy didn't start when Oliver killed her father and that she once helped Nora regain control of herself when Mallus took over her that fateful day in Jitters. After Sara regained control, she left the realm, with Nora stating that she was making a mistake and Sara reassuring her she wasn't.[16]

Freeing Mallus

Nora murders Kuasa.

Eventually, Kuasa began having second thoughts about helping the Darhks to free Mallus and double-crossed them by handing Nate over in exchange for the Anansi Totem, which she secretly returned to Amaya. Later, after Nora caught her father just pretending to torture Nate while actually confessing to him his displeasure about Mallus taking over his daughter's body, she was furious and started to drain Nate's life force by herself. However, she was stopped by Wally, Amaya and Kuasa who she easily defeated. In retaliation for what her former ally did, Nora used her magic to extract the Water Totem from Kuasa's body, killing her in the process and forcing the Legends to flee.[17]

After Nora and her father sent Grodd into 1979 in order to kill a young Barack Obama and create a final anachronism to shatter Mallus' prison, they bid goodbye to each other, knowing that as soon as the demon is free, Nora's body will be consumed by him. Not wanting this to happen, Damien betrayed Nora and allied himself with the Legends. He lured Nora into a trap by having her enter the Waverider under "Mallus'" suggestion (actually a miniaturized Ray using a record of John Noble's voice) and trapping her in a confinement magic circle.

Nora transforms into Mallus's true form.

After Mallus stated that Nora was "already gone", the Legends decided to allow Amaya to save her village in 1992, in order to free Mallus so that they could take him down once and for all. However, after Damien had a vision of his daughter telling him she is scared of dying, he sabotaged the Legends' plan by unleashing Grodd onto the village in an attempt to protect the timeline and keep Mallus from being freed, in hopes of saving Nora. The Legends scattered in the chaos and Nora was freed by her father while the team battled Grodd. Once the rampaging gorilla was defeated, however, Mallus was freed and Nora painfully transformed into the demon's true form.[18]

Saved and arrested

Ray comforts Nora after her father's sacrifice.

Soon after, Ray came up with a plan to stop Mallus from completely taking over Nora's body. Desperate to save his daughter, Damien Darhk went along with it and the duo time jumped back to right before Mallus broke free in 1992's Zambesi Village, where Damien shot Nora with Ray's anti-magic gun. Not to be defeated so easily, Mallus proceed to take over Damien's body instead, while Ray brought Nora back on the Waverider and cured her of the side-effects of the gun. Upon realizing what happened to her father, Nora broke down as Ray comforted her for her loss.

Nora ready to fight alongside the Legends in Salvation.

Afterwards, Ray and Nora met with the rest of the Legends in 1874's Salvation, where, in order to avenge her father, along with Jax, Ava Sharpe, Helen of Troy, Jonah Hex, and the resurrected Kuasa, she helped them defeat the army of historical figures controlled by Mallus and later assisted at the demon's defeat at the hands of the giant Beebo doll summoned by the Legends, happy that her father was avenged.

Nora looks at Ray as she is transported away.

At the end of the battle, while she was escorted to prison by a pair of agents of the Time Bureau, Nora was stopped by Ray, who asked the agents to talk to her a few minutes in private. Once the agents gave them space, he kindly asked her how she was feeling. After Nora responded sarcastically that her father died for a second time and that she would now spend her life in prison, Ray secretly gave her Damien's time stone, saying that her father had sacrificed his life in order to give her a second chance and that he is sure she will make it worthwhile. As she was transported away, Nora gave a last glance of gratitude to Ray.[19]

Choosing a new path

Hiding from the Bureau

Nora as an entertainment witch.

Four months later, when it was revealed that Nora escaped the custody of the Time Bureau using the time stone and was now a wanted woman, Ray admitted to Zari that it was him who gave her the time stone and that he had developed feelings for Nora,[3] later telling the rest of the Legends about helping her escape.[20] At the same time, in order to hide from her pursuers, Nora started working at a Renaissance Fair in 2017 as an entertainment witch.[21]

Turning herself in

Some time after that, after John Constantine put his own life at risk to save some children from a shtriga during a Legends mission, Ray went looking for Nora and asked for her help to save John. Nora was hesitant to use her magic at first, afraid of the evil side of it, but Ray convinced her that her magic doesn't have to be bad and she decided to use it to help John. During the process, Nora saw the face of an unknown man, and she asked John who it was afterwards. John said that it was simply "the past" before moving aside to smoke, leaving her alone with Ray.

Nora turns herself in to the Time Bureau, to atone for her past.

Ray begged her to use the time stone to go back into hiding, confessing that he cared about her and only wanted her to be free. Instead, she used the stone to travel them both to the Time Bureau headquarters. She then gave the time stone to Ray and told him that she couldn't keep running; that even though she knew that her father sacrificed himself to give her a chance at a better life, she also knew that if she was always on the run, that life couldn't happen. Deciding that she could not be truly free without repentance, Nora squeezed Ray's hand one last time before letting the Time Bureau agents arrest her and take her away.[22]

Nora in prison at the Time Bureau.

After Mona was hired as the Bureau's magical creature caretaker, Ava brought her to Nora's cell and she introduced herself amicably by giving her a copy of "Uncaged Desire" and asking her if she had special requests or food restrictions, but Nora answered her roughly that the only things she could have given her were "peace and quiet". However, Mona doesn't surrender and tried to do something kind for Nora by offering to Ray to bring her a love letter written by him. When she entered Nora's cell, Mona discovered that the witch was reading the book she had gave to her and happily stated that she knew she would have read it, inadvertently spoiling its end to her, before giving her Ray's letter and to state that there was a love that cannot be contained by any cage. Hearing this Nora got nervous and told Mona that she doesn't want the letter; due to the girl's insistence, however she was ultimately forced to push the letter out of her cage, involuntarily touching the grating and triggering the alarm, which prompted Ava to come into the cell asking questions about what happened and leading Nora to attack her with an energy blast when she tried to open Ray's letter, causing a major shortcut as a consequence.

Nora bonds with Mona and Ava.

Nora, Mona and Ava remained locked into the cell. Despite the initial and mutual disagreements between Nora and Ava, Mona helped the three women open up to each other. They shared a bottle of wine and Ava's birthday cake (that Mona had recovered from Sara that morning) as well as talking about their fears and childhood traumas. In the end, although Nora said her years of isolation had taught her to expect no future and hope for nothing, Ava and Mona convinced her to open the letter, stating that regardless of her past or present, she could still have a future and get out of prison one day. As soon as the three women opened the envelope of the letter, they found Ray inside, who explained that he had shrunken himself in order to hide inside it and see Nora, who slightly blushed stating that it was "stupid, but sweet". The man helped them open the door and, the next morning, Nora shyly asked Mona if she could deliver a letter to Ray from her, to which she cheerfully replied that she would have to do anything for "her generation's Ross and Rachel".[23]

After this, Nora and Ray began a close epistolary correspondence.[24]

Relationship with Ray

After Gary was tasked by Nate and Zari to investigate Hank Heywood's secret project behind the Bureau's back, he asked for Nora's help in order to hack his computer and the Time Bureau's security system, however, after they found information regarding Project Hades's experiments on magical creatures and they were almost caught by a person who was inspecting Hank's office (whom Nora perceived as a malevolent being), she immediately came back to her cell suggesting Gary not to dig too much into that story.

Nate found Nora over Hank's corpse.

Later, after Hank was murdered by the individual she had met earlier, Nora sensed magic from this creature and broke out of her cell, knowing something was wrong. She entered the room only to find Hank's lifeless body, and to subsequently be discovered by Nate, leading him to assume that she'd been responsible for his father's death. Before she got a chance to explain, however, numerous Time Bureau agents filled the room, weapons drawn, forcing Nora to flee.[25]

After her escape, Nora used a reflection spell in order to contact Ray through a mirror during Hank's funeral. She revealed to him that she was innocent and Ray immediately believed her asking her where she was and offering to host her on the Waverider until they found a way to clear her name.

Ray and Nora awkwardly share a bed.

Nora gleefully accepted and sneaked on the ship with Ray's help spending the rest of the day hidden inside of his cabin. That night Ray brought her pajamas and they briefly shared the bed until, out of awkwardness, Ray chose to sleep on the armchair leaving Nora to sleep alone in the bed in a bit of frustration as she was (awkwardly) trying to seduce him. Later, due to "Kamadeva"'s magic dust that brought out true feelings and desires, she had a wet dream about Ray. The following day, as Zari and Sunjay were singing "I Surrender" and releasing the full power of the magic, Ray and Nora were affected too and managed to express their feelings for one another, finally consummating a night of passion.[26]

Joining the Time Bureau

Nora and Constantine use magic to stop Neron.

To prove her innocence, Nora helped John free Neron from Desmond's body. Nora and Constantine joined their magic to attack and take Neron out, but Ray appeared to help Nora, causing Nora to lose focus and be shot down by Neron, who escaped shortly after, but Nora managed to prove herself innocent.[27] While resting, Ray tried to protect her due to the fact that he began to be possessed by Neron. Upon awakening, Nora was recruited by Ava to be an agent for the Bureau.[28]

Nora and Mona realized that Gary Green had the Bureau under his power, so Nora released Ava from mind control, and together they discovered that Gary had a replacement for her nipple to hypnotize everyone. The trio of girls defeated all the agents and managed to remove Gary's nipple, but he escaped with Neron and the witch Tabitha.[29]

Becoming a Legend and Fairy Godmother

In an attempt to save the life of Mona Wu, Nora was tricked by Tabitha into taking on the mantle of Fairy Godmother from her and became bonded to Gary, who had then been Tabitha's host. Gary sent Nora, (thinking his fairy godmother was still Tabitha), to hell in order to save John Constantine and Ray Palmer.[30]

Nora joins the Legends.

She found Constantine. who was being tortured, and with his and Astra Logue's help, found Ray and brought his soul totem back to Earth. Upon returning to the Waverider, Nora helped the Legends face Neron in Heyworld. When Nate was killed, Nora and everyone present sang Sweet Baby James, bringing him back to life. Nora eventually joined the Legends and continued her love affair with Ray.[31] As Gary's last wish, Nora granted him to be Constantine's apprentice by freeing her from her bond with Gary.[32]

Anti-Monitor Crisis

During the Anti-Monitor Crisis, Nora as well as everyone in the multiverse except for the seven Paragons, was killed in an antimatter wave by the Anti-Monitor on December 10, 2019,[33] only to be restored a month later, after the Paragons and the Spectre created a new universe.[34]

New multiverse

Making wishes come true

Nora continued her work as a fairy godmother all over the world, so she had almost no time to go on dates with Ray or go on adventures with the Legends.[32]

Nora meets Freddy Meyers.

Upon returning to the Waverider, Nora entered Ray's room, angry at all her work and resting in Ray's room. Upon awakening, Nora accompanied the Legends to 1989 to prevent Freddy Meyers from becoming a serial killer, and had to return to work as a fairy godmother to help on the mission. Nora met Freddy, who became her new host, and he asked her to have a fancy suit to impress everyone and a pony, much to Nora's surprise. She gracefully took Freddy to prom night and joined Ray and Nate to go to prom night together.

Nora and the Legends take photos.

Nora started to love prom nights, but saw that Freddy would be pranked with Tiffany Harper, so Nora changed her mind. Nora went for Freddy and managed to advise him to continue on the prom night. She helped him by being the DJ and avoiding the joke by making Freddy and Tiffany fall in love. When Freddy's mother, Kathy, was arrested, Nora convinced Freddy to move on. The Legends went to 2004 to celebrate, and Nora and Ray greeted Freddy and Tiffany as adults. Nora and Ray danced together and then went with the team to take pictures.[35]

Nora had a video call with Ray until they were interrupted by Mick Rory. Nora and Ray had another video call because Ray wanted to show her Marie Antoinette's head because Ray believed that she and Nora might be related, but Nora was displeased seeing the head.[36] Nora with her new host, Pippa, went to Constantine's house to help him with his untimely death, but their magic was in vain due to it not working.[37]

Marriage and leaving the Legends

Nora, Ray, and Damien in Mr. Parker's Cul De Sac.

Ray set up a date night for them at Constantine's house, so Nora left her charge on the Waverider under Nate and Behrad Tarazi's care. However, while waiting for Ray and Gary to cook dinner, Nora was shocked to answer the door and find her father Damien Darhk back from the dead. Putting on the facade that she was an evil sorceress, and that she was engaged to Constantine with the Legends as her minions, Nora attempted to drug Damien with a spell to take away his powers.

Nora and Ray get married.

However, the engagement ring Ray had hidden in the dessert previously was found by her father, forcing Nora to reveal her charade. Her father attempted to kill the Legends, but thanks to her impatient charge, Nora and everyone else was wished into a child's tv show, Mr. Parker's Cul De Sac. This helped Nora explain that being a fairy godmother helped her deal with the trauma of her childhood. After everyone was freed, Nora married Ray in an unofficial ceremony, with Damien's blessing. Shortly afterwards, her father killed himself again.[38]

Nora and Ray leave.

After a very passionate night (which unfortunately Mick could overhear), Nora agreed with Ray that they would go on one last mission with the Legends and retire; this way Nora could continue helping children and they could have a proper married life. While waiting in line for the bathroom with the rest of the Legends (due to Zari wasting time with her makeup), the couple told the team of their decision; however, Nate remained in the dark due to not having been waiting in line. After the men and Charlie went on a mission to find a piece of the Loom of Fate, Nora met with the other women, including Mona Wu. The ladies turned the book club meeting into Nora's bachelorette party. After packing their things, Nora and Ray said goodbye to everyone leaving the Legends and returned to 2020.[39]

Final reunion with Damien

Nora was transported to a mysterious place, where she was reunited with her father, who came from an alternate timeline. She didn't understand what was happening, but Damien explained what happened and was happy to have one last chance to see his daughter. Nora cried due to her father once again leaving her, and they both joined hands before she was dispatched with Team Flash. Nora demanded an explanation from the team on why Damien died again. Joe West spoke with her and explained that Damien sacrificed himself to save Nora once more. She went with Joe to presumably find out the details of Reverse-Flashpoint.[40]

The missing Necrians

Nora, now pregnant, was working on her future baby's crib. Ray, concerned about Nate Heywood not returning his calls, put on his exosuit and planned to go on a mission to rescue the Legends. Nora told him not to worry. The two then went to Jefferson Jackson's home to recruit Jefferson on their mission, where Jefferson asked Nora about the status of her pregnancy. When Ray asked where they could find a spare time courier to rescue the Legends, Nora led them to Mick Rory. After they convinced Mick to give them his time courier, the group went to his house and discovered that his children are missing.

Nora stayed behind with Alda Hall-Saunders, Kendra Saunders and Carter Hall's daughter, and Alanna Jackson, Jefferson's wife, after the former Legends went through the time courier portal in search of Mick and Kayla's children. She told Ray that if missed the birth of their child, she would name the child Neron. During the period in which they were gone, Nora granted many wishes to Alda, including giving her demonic horns and wings. Nora then talked to Mona, expressing relief that she was safe. Later, at their house, Nora talked to Ray about naming their child Damien after her father if it turned out to be a boy, since Damien recently sacrificed himself to save her.[41]


"I like my demons."
—Nora Darhk to Kuasa[src]

As a child, Nora was kind, caring, polite, cheerful, and innocent. While it is unclear how much she knew about her parents, Damien Darhk and Ruvé Adams', affiliation with H.I.V.E., Nora nonetheless loved them deeply.

Seemingly stemming from the murders of her parents, as an adult, Nora has adopted all of her parent's absolute worst traits, becoming very cold, cruel, arrogant, and ruthless. She is also manipulative and sadistic, using people's emotions against them and reveling in other people's misfortunes. Though Nora is not quite as evil, as her father, Damien remains very important to her (she was willing to siphon Sara Lance's life force when she saw that Sara had a sword to her father's throat).

Though occasionally taking smug, sadistic pleasure in other people's misfortunes, Nora does not quite take her cruel sense of humor as far as her father; after discovering that Martin Stein was trapped in Jefferson Jackson's body, he fell into an uncontrollable laughter, but she was unaffected and seemed to have no humor about it, instead calmly asking him if he needed a moment before they chased after their enemies.

Upon becoming a permanent vessel for Mallus, Nora's character took a turn for the worse the stronger he became inside her, with her becoming even more violent, reckless, and conceited than before, to the point that her father, fearing for her safety and at last admitting to missing his daughter as she'd been before Mallus and working with the Legends to try and exorcise Mallus from her. Once separated from Mallus, Nora returned to her typical personality, now bitter from the second death of her father and the prospect of being a prisoner of the Time Bureau.

However, Nora is proven to have some form of appreciation towards Ray for continuously going out of his way to show her kindness and proclaiming that she can be an ultimately good person from what he's seen in her. The two have since developed romantic feelings for each other, and with the help of Nora's prison caretaker Mona Wu, she communicated with him through letters during her time as a prisoner of the Time Bureau.[23] Thanks to some magic dust that brought out true feelings and desires, they overcame their skittishness and shared a night of passion together, cementing their love for each other.[26]

Despite being apparently very inexperienced with romance[23] and utterly awkward while flirting, Nora has proven to be quite shameless; she showed no qualms in stripping in front of Ray.[26]

Powers and abilities


Channeling the power of the demon Mallus, Nora is able to do great feats of dark magic.

  • Dark magic: After merging with the soul of Mallus, Nora became able to access the magical powers she has inherited from her father, Damien Darhk, however due to Mallus's influence she was able to use them to a much greater degree.[11] Even after Mallus left her body and then died, Nora still remained capable of using her inherent dark magic.[19]
    • Life-force absorption: Nora can siphon the life-force from people and kill them through physical contact.[13] She has even used electricity to substitute for another life force to save John Constantine.[22]
    • Telekinesis: Nora can move and otherwise exert force on objects and people with her mind. This notably allowed her to stop and launch multiple projectiles without physically touching them.[13] Nora can also use her telekinesis to rip things out of one's body, such as she did when she ripped the Water Totem out of Kuasa. She retained this power even without Mallus, although she was no match for Neron's own telekinesis.
    • Thermokinesis: While channeling the powers of Mallus, Nora is able to control flames of the Heat gun[13] and cryoblasts of Cold Gun.[14]
    • Photokinesis: While channeling the powers of Mallus, Nora is able to control light blasts of the A.T.O.M. Exosuit.[13]
    • Electrokinesis: While channeling the power of Mallus, Nora is about to control electricity such as absorbing and redirecting Wally's lightning.
    • Teleportation: After downing the Time Bureau agents and Nate, Nora was able to teleport away to escape.
    • Energy projection: While channeling the powers of Mallus, Nora is able to project powerful dark energy, purple in color, and is concussive in nature. Her blasts can be used as waves or beams, and are powerful enough to knock three of the Legends down. Even after Mallus's death, Nora proved able to easily knock down many Time Bureau agents and Nate with a simple wave of dark energy.
    • Reflection spell: Nora Darhk uses a spell to communicate with Ray from far away.
    • Retrocognition/Precognition: Nora is able to see past and future events through visions.[citation needed]
  • Magic sensitivity: Nora is able to feel the presence of Demonic beings, such as Neron, with her body vibrating and reacting violently to their aura of dark magic.[25]
  • Magic via Fairy Godmother's wand: After getting the wand from Tabitha, she gained impressive additional magical powers, along with its curse.
    • Wish bestowal: Nora is able to grant wishes of her charge.
    • Tracking: Nora is able to track a person, navigated by the wand.
    • Teleportation/Portal creation: While without her will, Nora was able to open a portal to Hell and teleported back from Hell to Earth.
    • Telekinesis: Nora is able to control her surroundings remotely, as shown when she unlocked John's cuffs without touching them.
    • Invisibility: Nora can become invisible, as shown when she did so in order to infiltrate Neron's vault in the Soul Exchange.
    • Wish sensing: According to Nora, Fairy Godmothers have what she refers to as a "special radar that tunes into kid's wishes", which enables her to hear such wishes made within her vicinity.

Former powers

  • Abilities via Air Totem: Nora's temporary powers came from the Air Totem, a totem that channels and harnesses the power of the air.[11]
    • Aerokinesis: The Air Totem granted Nora the power to manipulate the air, bending it in whichever way she wanted.[11]
  • Abilities via Anansi Totem: After Damien Darhk stole the Anansi Totem from Amaya Jiwe, he gave it to his daughter. However, Nora learned from Kuasa that she could only tap into the totem's power when she had a selfless reason for doing so. When her father was struggling to save her from falling while fighting off his 1962 self, Nora told the older Damien to let her go. This enabled her to activate the totem. Unlike Amaya, access the totem's power manifests the spirits in a purple aura.[12][17]
    • Superhuman strength: Through the spirit of the gorilla, Nora became incredibly strong, being able to drag Ray Palmer to the ground with a single hand even while he attempted to fly away in his A.T.O.M. Exosuit.
    • Flight: Through the spirit of the hawk, Nora is able to seamlessly fly in the air.
  • Mediumship: Nora was able to communicate with Mallus and speak for him.[11] She was also able to see into the true nature of people, as she quickly determined that Martin Stein and Jefferson Jackson had switched bodies. Her eyes turn red when she uses mediumship. It's presumed she lost this power since Mallus is dead.


  • High-level intellect/Expert tactician/Leader: Nora is intelligent, with sharp intuition and a vast knowledge of mysticism. Nora is also a highly trained tactician, as she orchestrated the Order of the Shrouded Compass' plot to resurrect her father on a Blood Moon night.
    • Expert interrogator/Torturer: Nora is a talented interrogator and accomplished torturer, having once taken pleasure out of harming her victims.[12]
    • Master of deception/Manipulator: Nora is an exceptional liar and has great improvisation skills.[12]
    • Expert computer hacker: Nora is proficient with computers, able to hack into the Time Bureau's security systems with ease.[25]
    • Bilingual: Nora is capable of fluently speaking English and German. She can speak these languages at a native level, effectively changing her American accent into a thick German one.[12]
    • Occult knowledge: Nora has acquired extensive knowledge of the supernatural. Nora has shown knowledge of rituals and when the right time is to perform them.
  • Expert hand-to-hand combatant/Martial artist: Presumably during her time with the Order of the Shrouded Compass, Nora is a highly trained hand-to-hand combatant and martial artist. She was seen using krav maga when fighting guards and soldiers in Germany, able to swiftly evade punches and grabs, even using a scarf to strangle a guard unconscious.[12]
  • Stealth/Infiltration: Nora can quickly vanish from sight after disorienting her enemies with her magical energy blasts.[25]
  • Singing: Nora is a good singer, as she sang with Ray while under the influence of magic.[26]
  • Dancing: Nora is a talented dancer, as seen in the dance with Ray.[26]


  • Anti-magic gun: When Nora attempted to kill Amaya, Ray shot her with a special nanite pistol he'd built to counteract Mallus' magic, which would have cost Nora her life if not for a cure Ray gave her afterwards.[15] While Nora did seem to make a full recovery, this also seemed to have, at least temporarily, affected her ability to access her powers, as shown shortly after arriving in 1962 East Berlin.[12] However, Nora could be seen using her powers effectively to aid the Legends in their fight against Mallus' army in the Old West while the demon himself was still recuperating after being injured by the explosion caused by Rip Hunter's sacrifice.[19]
  • Light magic (presumed): Much like her father, Nora's powers come from dark magic so it is very likely that if one person can focus their natural life energy into positive sources of strength (i.e. hope, love, joy, etc.) then her magic will ultimately prove to be ineffective against the target and even repel her from trying to absorb the said person's life-force.
  • Host dependence: Nora cannot use her Fairy Godmother powers on her own without the charge's consent. In addition, since she became a Fairy Godmother, she is seemingly unable to access her other magical powers.
    • Obligation: Since taking the Fairy Godmother's wand from Tabitha and getting it's curse, Nora has to grant her charge's wishes, without her own will.
"All magic has its limitations; you know, stroke of midnight and all that."
John Constantine to Nora Darhk[src]
  • Magical limitations: Every magic has its own limits; while being able to grant most of the wishes, even Nora (with the Fairy Godmother's wand) couldn't retrieve Ray Palmer while Neron was using his body.[31] She was also unable to prevent John Constantine from dying when one of her charges wished for him to stay alive, due to the fact that Astra accelerated his date of death from Hell.[37]

Former weaknesses

  • Aberrations/Anachronisms: The more aberrations and anachronisms that are being made, the more likely that Mallus takes more control of Nora's body. After the aberration Ray created by blasting a hole in the Berlin Wall in 1962, Mallus had noticeably gained more control over Nora's body, and black liquid is also seen flowing through Nora's veins when Mallus was briefly trying to possess her.[12] Now that Mallus has left her body, aberrations don't affect her anymore.[19]


Original multiverse

  • Fairy Godmother's wand: Nora got the wand from Tabitha in order to save Mona by being her Fairy Godmother. It grants impressive magical powers, being able to grant most wishes of its charge but not the hosts, unless the charge wishes to.

Former equipment

  • Air Totem: After tricking Zari into giving her totem to her, she used the necklace to manipulate the air. Zari managed to get it back during the fight that followed.[11]
  • Anansi Totem: After her father stole it from Amaya Jiwe, Nora acquired the Anansi Totem to summon the spirit of any animal, but she could only summon the powers of the totem when she had selfless reasons to use it. Kuasa later betrayed her and gave it back to Amaya.
  • Water Totem: After Kuasa's betrayal, Nora used her magic to draw the Water Totem out of Kuasa, causing it to reform. The totem was later "borrowed" by her father and given to the Legends.
  • Time stone: Nora used a mystical stone that allows her the powers of teleportation and time travel. It was destroyed by a gun by the 1962 version of Damien Darhk. After Mallus was defeated and her father sacrificing himself, Ray found Damien's time stone and gave it to Nora so that she may escape the Bureau and find a second chance. After turning herself back in to the Time Bureau, Nora left the stone with Ray.[22]

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  • Nora is the same age as her husband, thanks to time travel; before time traveling from 2039, Ray was 22 years older than her.
  • Both of Nora's parents died to save her life; Damien transferred Mallus' possession of Nora into himself and Ruvé stopped Green Arrow from trying to save her so he could make sure Nora lived.
  • In "No Country for Old Dads", Nora states that she has been mourning her mother for 23 years. This implies that the adult version of Nora is from around the year 2039, thus being 35 or 36 years old as of that episode.
  • Ray Palmer developed affections for Nora after prolonged interaction with her in Damien's captivity and subsequent adventure in 1962. He believed there was still good in her after meeting her child-self in 2017. Nora soon developed a soft spot for Ray as well, since he was the most proactive Legend in helping free her from Mallus' control.
    • Nora and Ray also appeared to have similar interests musicals/movies when playing a game of Heads Up with Zari Tomaz.[2]
    • Interestingly, Ray and Nora's actors, Brandon Routh and Courtney Ford, are married in real life.
  • Nora has used three of The Totems of Zambesi, more than any other individual. All the totems were stolen from their original owners.
  • Her father affectionately referred to her as "Nora-Doll".
  • Nora has had a taste for Jitters' hot chocolate with whipped cream and caramel sauce since childhood.[2][12]
  • She has no allergies.[2]
  • Nora is 5'6" and weighs 122 lbs.[3]
  • According to Ray, Nora has a thing for guys with mustaches.[24]
  • Although she is too prideful to admit it, Nora became a fan of Rebecca Silver's novels during her time in prison, having read both Uncaged Desire[23] and Body of Proof.[25]
  • Nora's life bears similarities to that of Grace Gibbons:
    • As children, both grew up following their respective guardians' (Damien and Orlin Dwyer's) warped views.
    • Both became super-villains in the future in a mission to avenge their respective families.
    • Both ended up faced conflict from their guardians, who wanted Nora and Grace to be better than them.
    • Both were redeemed with help from the heroes.