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"I'm XS. How schway is that?"
—Nora West-Allen[src]

Nora West-Allen (born November 2023[1]), nicknamed XS by her mother, is a meta-human speedster and a time traveler. She is the daughter of Barry Allen and Iris West-Allen[2], the future older sister of Bart West-Allen[3], and the future wife of an unnamed woman.[4]

According to a version of Eobard Thawne from 2015, Barry's daughter was supposed to be named Dawn, presumably referring to Nora in the original timeline.[5] In a previous timeline, among her early pseudonyms suggested by Lia Nelson were Lady Flash, Flash Woman, and Femme Flash, Thawne had nicknamed her Little Runner[6], and her cover identity during her brief time as a villainous speedster was Jenni Ognats.[7]

In a previous timeline, Nora went back to the past to finally meet her father and became a part of Team Flash, working alongside her parents and their friends. However, unbeknownst to the team at the time, Nora was working with Thawne, who was imprisoned in 2049, on an agenda to destroy Cicada's dagger and save Barry from vanishing in a future crisis. After Team Flash defeated Cicada by administering the meta-human cure to her younger self and destroying her uncle's dagger, Nora was erased from existence once a new timeline began to set.[8]

At some point after Nora was erased from existence, Wally West viewed multiple futures and he saw her running in one of them, indicating that she would be born at some point in the future.[9]

In the current timeline, Nora is a vigilante operating in 2049 who fights meta-human criminals such as Godspeed alongside her younger brother Bart. During one fight with Godspeed, he went to the Flash Museum and used the Cosmic Treadmill to travel back in time. Fearing that they would never find him if he got away, Nora and Bart broke their family's number one rule and decided to follow him[10] eventually ending up in the present.[3] Upon returning to 2049, Nora and Bart realized that they accidently caused "temporal fissures", so they travelled to December 2013 in order to fix these "temporal fissures".[11]

During their vigilante work, Nora and Bart faced off against Will Parker[12] as well as Magog and his allies, receiving help from various heroes.[13]

Nora also supported her mother when she was dealing her time sickness and helped Team Flash fight Eobard Thawne with he gained the powers of all of the negative forces.[14][15] Later, when the Legion of Zoom tried to kill her father, Nora once again helped Team Flash, defeating Savitar. After the battle, Nora visited herself as a baby before returning to 2049.[1]


Original multiverse[]

Previous timeline[]

According to Eobard Thawne, the daughter of Barry Allen and Iris West-Allen was supposed to be named "Dawn". Upon meeting Nora in 2015, Eobard realized that she was Barry's daughter and asked if her name was Dawn. When Nora corrected him, Thawne realized that his actions in the year 2000 had changed the timeline and inspired the West-Allen couple to name their daughter after Barry's late mother.[5]

Early life[]

Nora was born to Barry Allen and Iris West-Allen sometime between 2019 and 2024 in Central City. She was named after her late paternal grandmother, Nora Allen.

In 2024, Barry disappeared after a battle with Reverse-Flash and never returned, leaving Nora to be raised solely by her mother.[2] Sometime after this incident, Iris secretly had a power-dampening chip implanted in Nora to keep her inherited speedster powers hidden, also asking family and close friends to stay silent about them. As a result, Nora remained unaware of her meta-human powers.[6][16]

As she grew up, Nora was given the nickname "XS" by Iris due to the former's tendency to do things in excess.[2]

Young Nora West-Allen in 2032

Nora in 2032.

While Nora didn't remember her father, she nonetheless idolized Barry. Following his disappearance, Nora's relationship with her mother became tense as Iris struggled in the aftermath of losing Barry and refused to talk with Nora about him or their past.[17] Nora also took much of her anger over her father not being around out on her mother. As a result, Nora spent a lot of her time in the Flash Museum, where she studied Barry's adventures.[18][19]

Nora looking at Cicada's file

Nora looking at Cicada's file.

In 2032, when she was a child, Nora visited the Hall of Villains in the Flash Museum for the first time. One of the villains mentioned was Cicada, a meta-human serial killer who both Team Flash and their allies failed to capture. Upon learning this, Nora grew very terrified of Cicada, even more so than any other villain in the museum.[20]

One day in the 2030s, Nora ran away from her home to the Central City Police Department then to the Flash Museum. There, Nora bought a comic and an action figure of her father as the Flash. Interested, she read the comic while holding the action figure. Nora then visited the Hall of Villains section of the museum again. There, she watched a video that explained that Cicada had killed many more citizens than Zoom and the Red Death. Nora grew even more scared of Cicada. Nora's mother, Iris eventually found Nora and told her to not run away from home again, and Nora got angry at her mother, saying that she wanted to visit the Flash Museum because of her dad. Nora then dropped her action figure and then her mother picked up the toy and gave Nora a hug, saying that she loved Nora.[19]

Nora graduated from Central City University with a 5.6 GPA and became a forensic scientist.[2] Following in Barry's footsteps, Nora joined the CCPD, working alongside Lia Nelson.

Nora and Lia in the hospital

Nora and Lia in the hospital.

In one case of chemical theft, the crime scene left Nora to deduce that the incident could only be caused by a speedster, when talking to Lia about her theory, Lia dismissed it as an obsession from Nora and remembered Nora's obsession with "Cicada", after Lia argued that no speedster has appeared since a devastating crisis, Nora saw Speed Force trails in her software, she went to the Flash Museum to research about the variants of the Speed Force until the curator announced that the museum was closing for the day, when Nora and Lia were investigating the case, Godspeed hit her with electricity, after being sent to a hospital, the doctors extracted the power-dampening chip her mother implanted in her, Nora discovered that she had powers and used them to try to be a superhero, but accidentally ruined the arrest of two criminals; Bug and Byte.

After searching for a way to stop a speedster, Nora decided that she needed the help of another speedster so she went to Iron Heights Prison to interrogate Eobard Thawne. Eobard was able to tell that Nora was a speedster, due to clues all over her body, but before she could ask for his help, she got interrupted by a guard. Nora and Lia resumed their investigation by breaking in Stagg Industries to find the last chemical that Godspeed needed to make V9 but he shows up shortly after they arrive and after a brief fight with Nora, he kills Lia.

A grieving Nora awaited her mother at her loft. Though Iris sympathized with her over Lia's death, Nora angrily confronted her mother over dampening her powers, briefly speeding towards her, and was further shocked to learn that all of their close friends and family were aware and sworn to secrecy at Iris' request. She then demanded to know why her own mother hated speedsters so much but Iris only said that she had lost too much and didn't want to add her daughter to that list. Nora then ran off.

Back at CCPD, Detective Frankie Curtis told her that they found Godspeed's DNA inside Stagg Industries which lead them to discover that his real name is August Heart, whom Nora recognized from the Flash Museum earlier. Returning to the museum, Nora realized Godspeed's lightning turned blue like Zoom's, before watching a video of Trajectory's death from overdosing on V9, leading her to deduce that Heart was seeking to create a permanent V9. Nora was then able to convince Eobard Thawne to use his transmitter to help her stop Godspeed, who sent her to the Tracy Brand Building to get the converter that would stabilize Godspeed's Velocity 9 serum. Godspeed shows up and Nora is able to stop him until he uses a dose of his V9 serum to remove his Power-dampening cuffs. Godspeed chases Nora through the city so Eobard tries to teach Nora how to phase but she fails and hides instead.

Nora vs Godspeed

Nora fighting Godspeed.

Eobard then came up with a plan to neutralize Godspeed's V9 by getting him to run in front of Central City Citizen Media's satellite wave. After August was arrested, Nora asks Eobard to train her but Eobard tells her that he is already on a death row. However, Eobard instructs her to search in the Time Vault in S.T.A.R. Labs to learn about her father. She finds Gideon there, who already knew her and Gideon reveals to her that her father was the Flash and showed her Barry's final message.[6]

As a result, Nora became estranged from her mother, feeling that Iris took away her choice to be a hero like her father,[16] Eobard began passing on his wisdom to Nora, in which she honed her powers like Barry.[21] She became known as the "Fastest Woman Alive", a homage to her missing father.[2]

Visit to the past[]

Nora meets her father for the first time

Nora meets her father, Barry Allen, for the first time.

Thawne taught Nora how to travel through time using the Speed Force. Before her travel to the past, Thawne also taught Nora a language that he discovered so she could use it to write events of the early 21st century in her journal and to inform him about some of these events.[21] After this, she traveled 32 years into the past to late 2017. She awkwardly greeted her father at his wedding to her mother. Nora informed him that she felt the wedding would be "one for the ages". Barry asked if they knew each other, to which Nora quickly replied that they didn't and that she was no one special. Before walking away, Nora told Barry to make sure to say "I do".[22]

Nora writing in her journal

Nora writes in her journal.

Nora reappeared sometime later in CC Jitters after the defeat of the Trickster and Prank. She excitedly paid for Ralph Dibny and Cisco Ramon's drinks while babbling intellectually about helping others, much to their confusion. Afterwards, Nora wrote in a journal, using the language that Thawne taught her.[23]

Nora meets Caitlin and Harry

Nora meets Caitlin Snow and Harry Wells.

Nora later returned to Jitters to meet Harrison Wells and Caitlin Snow, unbeknownst to them. She knocked over her Killer Frost drink at their table on purpose and immediately apologized, claiming to be nervous about an upcoming meeting with some new people. After Nora babbled about Jitters, Caitlin reassured her that it was fine and hoped her meeting goes well. As she and Harry left, Nora became serious and muttered that it did.[24]

Nora meets Cecile

Nora delivers a baby shower present to Cecile Horton.

Nora later appeared as a delivery girl at Barry and Iris's apartment, where her Papa Joe West and Mama Cecile Horton were having their baby shower. Nora told Cecile that the baby was due in 21 days and gave her and Joe a diaper bag, claiming it was a gift from "someone who cares". After giving them the gift, Nora spotted her mother and disappeared. She then ran away at super-speed.[25]

Nora helps Barry destroy the S.T.A.R

Nora helps Barry destroy the S.T.A.R. Labs satellite.

Afterwards, Eobard urged Nora to assist her father in destroying the S.T.A.R. Labs satellite on the day of the Enlightenment.[20] She traveled to 2018 and altered the timeline, making sure the satellite was properly destroyed.[26] After helping her father, Nora saved Spencer Young from falling debris. Spencer then tried to ask her for a selfie, but Nora sped off.[16] The next day, Nora went to the West house, where Team Flash was celebrating the birth of Jenna West. Nora introduced herself to Team Flash, revealed she was Barry and Iris's daughter from the future and claimed she "made a big, big mistake".[26]

Helping Team Flash[]

Nora tells Barry the truth

Nora tells Barry the truth.

Nora mentioned that she knew everyone on Team Flash before stating that her mistake was helping to destroy the satellite, which somehow kept her from going fast enough to open a time portal and that they were the only ones who could help her. She was brought to S.T.A.R. Labs where she ran in the speed lab before awkwardly starting to talk about the future to her parents—right before they stop her. Caitlin then took a sample of Nora's blood while Cisco put a device on her to test her connection to the Speed Force, and she continued to run in the speed lab.

Nora saying You got it Kid Flash

Nora saying "You got it Kid Flash".

A short time later, Nora ran to the Central City Police Department to see what her father was up to. Noticing how behind he was on his CSI work, she offered to help him look at the cases. Although he was doubtful, she began to work on a case, much to his annoyance. The case she had then caused Barry to bring up ice cream, which caused Nora to start describing the ice cream made at the Mason Family Ice Cream Shop in Happy Harbor, Rhode Island. They both noted that it's their favorite dessert. Right after Barry told her to not mess with the timeline, a radio then alerted them of a meta-human attack, and Nora went to Cisco's apartment and grabbed the original Flash suit for Barry to wear. She tried to tag along but was told to stay. Nora ran after him anyway with the intention to watch and excitedly sees Gridlock. Though she just decided to watch, she ended up distracting Barry, and he is sent flying into the air. Nora ran after him where he landed in the water and she expressed her apologies.

Flash and XS about to time travel

The Flash and XS about to time travel.

They returned to S.T.A.R. Labs and Nora believed her parents to be mad at her and begged Iris to not say disappointed. When Caitlin asked how she knew who Gridlock was, Nora talked about the Flash Museum which listed all the fights the Flash had and that she studied all of it. Nora then went with Iris to Jitters with the former commenting on how much cooler Barry's lightning bolt is than Lightning Lad's and wondering when he'll be back. Iris told her not to worry and that in the meantime, she's gonna try to get to know her daughter. Iris began asking questions about Nora and their family, with Nora revealing she's a CSI and that they don't spend a lot of family time.

Nora then asked if Cisco and Caitlin needed help and they both returned to S.T.A.R. Labs, where she was excitedly commenting on wearing the tachyon prototype Barry used to when he first met Supergirl. Barry and Nora attempted to return the latter to the future but was rejected by the wormhole, as Nora had equipped a device that harnesses negative tachyons on demand. She revealed to Barry the real reason why she returned to the past and confessed her plot, to stay in the past for a while, to be with him.

Nora later helped Barry and Wally phase an airplane that was about to crash because of Gridlock. Nora bonded with her father as days past and both became close. She somehow also became Barry's trainee for she wanted to become a great speedster like her father.[2]

Meeting Cicada[]

She often helped Barry stop meta-humans to impress him. They both apprehended Block, a meta-human stealing high-tech weapons. When Team Flash first encountered Cicada, Barry, Ralph, and Cisco tried to stop him but he overpowered the trio. Barry was almost killed but thanks to Nora, who shouted "Dad!", seemingly affected Cicada's emotions, which stopped him from killing Barry and later disappeared.[27]

Back at S.T.A.R. Labs, Nora explained that Cicada was never caught, not even by Green Arrow, Supergirl, the Legends, or the League. She also realized the future was altered when she helped her father destroy the satellite. Cicada's hunt for the meta-humans raged on, as he became more dangerous for Team Flash to handle for he wanted to kill Vibe. His hunt for Vibe became very threatening when he tortured Joe for the information about Vibe. At last, Vibe stood against Cicada and were both transported into a snowy forest. Barry immediately ran to aid a wounded Cisco, whose powers were dampened by Cicada's dagger.

But when Barry came close to Cicada his powers were also negated. Barry fought Cicada in hand-to-hand combat but lost again. In S.T.A.R. Labs, Nora used the speed force to figure out how to protect Cisco from Cicada. She headed to the battlefield and threw a reactor to Cisco to throw at Cicada but it reflected back to Cisco, which made a huge explosion. Fulfilled, Cicada instantly flew away, while Barry, who thought that Cisco was dead, mourned his friend's death but a minute later a breach appeared. Cisco came out of the breach, exhausted while Barry hugged him. Cisco thanked Nora for saving him from Cicada.[20]

Reconciliation with Iris[]
Nora tries to kill Barry

Nora tries to kill Barry.

Team Flash battled Spencer Young, a blogger who aspired to become famous by hypnotizing people and creating "news" for her to report. Barry and Iris assigned Nora to spy on investigate whether or not Spencer was a meta-human, but after Spencer complimented her, Nora started to flirt with her instead. Iris interrupted and subtly urged Nora to check her meta-human awareness app, which came out negative and caused Spencer to leave. Nora grew irritated when her mother still insisted she stay away from Spencer and revealed they're estranged in the future because Iris secretly implanted a power-dampening chip in Nora when she was young to suppress her superspeed, which the former didn't discover until six months ago.

Later, Spencer lured the Flash and XS to a stadium, where she hypnotized XS into trying to kill the Flash. XS tried to phase her hand through the Flash's chest but was knocked out by Iris with a speed-dampening gun. The Flash then captured Spin. Team Flash discovered Spencer's powers came from her phone, which was converted into meta-tech during the Enlightenment. Afterwards, Iris tried to apologize to Nora for what happened between them in the future, suggesting she might have had a good reason for implanting the chip. However, Nora believed that her mother only wanted to control her. Barry sided with Iris, stating that everything she does is for her family's protection. Angered and betrayed, Nora moved out of her parents' apartment and stayed with Joe, Cecile, and Jenna at the West house.[16]

Two weeks later, Nora helped her father stop an art thief but nearly hurt some civilians by causing the thief's motorcycle to crash. When her parents scolded her for skipping out on training and being reckless in the field, Nora lashed out at her mother, claiming all she does is talk down to her from behind a desk. Nora later went home and complained to Cecile about Iris. Cecile firmly stated that Nora should respect her mother and put her to work doing household chores in exchange for stories about her father, including an adventure about Barry encountering Grodans. That night, Cecile told Nora a final story about Barry helping a boy who lost his parents eventually smile again.

Nora was deeply moved but then realized the story was actually about her mother helping her father in the aftermath of his mother's death. Cecile revealed all of the stories were about Iris and pointed out that Nora projecting her anger onto the past version of her mother is preventing her from seeing the person Iris is now. She gave Nora a scrapbook with more information on Iris. Later, Nora got an alert that her father had been kidnapped by Rag Doll and rushed to save him, only to witness Barry being pushed off a building and Iris jumping after him to unlock his power-dampening cuffs, much to her amazement. Afterwards, Nora complimented Iris on her accomplishments as a journalist and apologized for her initial harsh demeanor, making amends with her mother.[17]

In the following week, Nora, Iris, and Sherloque come looking for the piece of the Satellite that injured Cicada and she managed to find it in water. Later that day, she went to fight Icicle with the rest of the team but was unable to fight in the cold temperatures so he got away.[28]

The Team Flash celebrating the Thanksgiving

Team Flash celebrating Thanksgiving.

The next week, she and Barry went to a Mercury Labs to retrieve a generator before it was struck by lightning as a lightning strike hitting the generator would have blown up a whole block. When Barry got struck by lightning, Iris told her to make an electrical shock to bring him back from the dead. She and Barry later went to Iron Heights Prison to investigate if Mark Mardon escaped but they were interrupted when his daughter broke in to kill Mardon. However, Barry managed to bring him to the pipeline. The next time Jackam attacked, Nora was able to save Barry from getting hit by another lightning strike. When Jackam appeared at an airport and attempted to kill civilians, Nora brought the Weather Wizard Wand so that Barry could use it to counteract Jackam's lightning. In the aftermath of Jackam's arrest, Sherloque meet up with Team Flash and revealed that the identity of Cicada was Orlin Dwyer.[18]

War against Cicada and second thoughts[]
Barry and Nora confront Eobard Thawne from the past

Barry and Nora confront Thawne in 2015.

Later, Nora developed a plan to stop Cicada which involved time-traveling to the past to obtain necessary items to negate Cicada's dagger in the present. Despite initial reluctance to let Nora join, Barry later allowed her to do so after encouragement from Iris. First, the two traveled to Barry's final battle against Savitar in order to obtain a shard from Savitar's armor. Shortly after a Time Wraith appeared, Barry distracted it while Nora retrieved the shard. In order to obtain the Speed Force transmitter next, Nora and Barry traveled back to the day Barry lost his speed to Zoom. As Nora stayed out of sight, Barry was able to obtain the transmitter from Harry, although immediately after, Zoom appeared, having taken notice of both Barry and Nora. As the demonic speedster chased them across the city, Nora and Barry re-entered the Speed Force as Zoom followed, but were knocked aside when a Time Wraith captured Zoom, causing them to appear in an unknown time and damaging the Speed Force transmitter.

Eobard assisting Barry and Nora

Eobard assisting Barry and Nora.

Upon realizing that they arrived in 2015, Barry and Nora went to an earlier version of Eobard Thawne to help them in repairing the transmitter, where Nora revealed to Eobard that they required it to stop Cicada in the present. Shortly after Eobard made the necessary reparations, Nora and Barry traveled to the night of the particle accelerator explosion in order to inject dark matter into the armor shard, where Barry revealed to Nora that it was Eobard who murdered his mother, much to Nora's shock as it was never mentioned in the Flash Museum. Shortly after the particle accelerator exploded and the dark matter was added into the shard, Nora and Barry went to Central City Hospital where they hid the shard in one of the structural beams, before returning to the present to face Cicada with their new weapon.

Zoom tries to capture Barry and Nora

Zoom tries to capture Barry and Nora.

Sometime later, when Sherloque confronted Nora about the symbols in her journal, she claimed that she made them up in order to keep track of events even if the timeline changes. Nora then transmitted her latest journal entries to a mysterious individual through Gideon and traveled to Iron Heights Prison in 2049 to confront said individual: Eobard Thawne.[5] Nora became mad at Thawne for hiding the fact that he killed her grandmother. Thawne tells her that he didn't know that she didn't know since her mother should have told her. But since Barry taught her that Thawne only helps himself, he loses Nora's trust and she runs away.

Nora West-Allen after Iris gives second chance advice

Nora after Iris gives her second chance advice.

Nora than goes back to S.T.A.R. Labs and picks up her father's blue suit from the loft for Joslyn Jackam's trial and jokes about Barry wearing a green suit to relax the atmosphere before going heading to weather Jackam's trial. At the trial, she saw that Cecile was acting weird because she accidentally felt Jackam's feeling before she recommended that Jackam should get the maximum sentence. When a car theft was reported, both her and Barry went after the thief who turns out to be a meta that had the ability to disrupt dark matter which made Barry phase constantly. She managed to stable him before bringing him to S.T.A.R. Labs where he was locked in the pipeline until the dark matter effect wore off. Since Barry was unable to testify, Nora was forced to replace him as the CSI.

She managed to answer questions about Jackam until she pleads guilty. Back at the lab, she learns that Jackam never made it to prison and because the thief from earlier broke her out. She later finds Jackam who tries to convince Nora that she wasn't involved in her breakout but Nora still didn't believe her and delivered her to the police. In the speed lab, she discovers that there is no connection between Van Zandt and Jackam and she asks Barry if every criminal stays bad. Barry told her that even the worst criminals like Leonard Snart can become a hero if people see the good in them. Nora than later goes to face Silver Ghost and Weather Witch but failed to convince Joslyn that she was wrong and Raya shot a missile that knocked Nora off her feet. Killer Frost showed up to create an ice wall to stop the criminals but the car phased through the wall. With the help of Cisco, Nora went to the road where the criminals were supposed to be but unbeknownst to her, the car was invisible. Just as the car was about to run Nora over, Jackam froze the road which caused Nora to believe that not all criminals are bad.[21]

The next week, Nora was on the crime scene of Carl Bork's murder and deduced that Cicada was on a killing spree. Later when Cicada attacked another former Meta criminal, Nora tries to save the meta, but Cicada breaks her back. She later woke up and realized that she couldn't feel her legs. After she healed, she witnessed Barry almost killing Cicada but managed to stop him by reminding him that killing wasn't what heroes do. However, during her conversation with Barry, Dwyer was able to escape.[29]

A week later, Nora makes a journal entry and sends it to Thawne about her feeling guilty about the fact that she has lied to her parents. Later, she went to the ice rink with her parents and the rest of Team Flash. Back at S.T.A.R. Labs, Sherloque introduces the team to a Memory Machine that he created. The machine allows people to travel into other people's memories. The plan is to use the machine to travel into Grace's mind to wake her up from her coma. Fearing that a side effect of the machine will cause Barry to see her memories and find out her secret, Nora decided to travel into Grace's mind herself but gets trapped. While stuck in Grace's memories, Nora discovered that Grace knew that her uncle was Cicada and she is proud of what he is doing for her. When Grace realized that Nora was the Flash's daughter, she summoned her "brain defense mechanism" which was Cicada.

Nora was able to successfully defeat him and then tries to convince Grace to come with her but she just replied that she is a liar and summoned another version of Cicada. Her father then appears from a portal and knocked the new Cicada out of the way and saves Nora. Before Barry can talk to Grace, Nora tells him that Grace was not coming so they jump in the portal to leave her mind. Back at S.T.A.R. Labs, the team studied Nora drawing Dwyer's place and they discovered that Grace has a shard of Clifford DeVoe's satellite stuck in her head which was way Barry and Iris ended up in Nora's memories. When the team asked Nora why she went in on her own, Sherloque told the team she was protecting a secret. However, instead of revealing her actual secret, Sherloque made the team believe her secret was her painful memories about her being mad at her mother. Later, Nora went to the newly founded Central City Citizen and revealed to her parents that the future had changed and showed them that her newspaper from the future had the new founding date.[19]

A week later, Nora was spying on Sherloque and discovered that he was closed to finding out who she was working with. Fearing that he would find out, she ran to 2049 and talked to Thawne to figure out what she could do to protect her secret. Thawne told Nora that a way to deviate Sherloque's focus on her was to help him with his love life. Nora contacted Sherloque's ex-wives to help but instead helping him, they threatened him with the debt he owns them. After the communication ended, Sherloque walked away heartbroken and Nora had to follow the next stage of Thawne's plan. Knowing the identity and history of the Earth-1 doppelgänger of his ex-wives, Nora managed to create an event in CC Jitters that caused her to meet Sherloque. After finding out Renee was a meta, Sherloque became more focused on stopping Cicada to protect her and left Nora's file for another time keeping her secret safe.[30]

Nora rewinds time to save Team Flash

Nora rewinds time to save Team Flash.

The next week, Nora was present at a meeting of Team Flash where they talk about the fact that the Meta-human cure still needed one month to finish. Barry didn't think they could wait a month so, Sherloque told him that if he brought it into the Speed Force it would be done in an hour. After her father went to the Speed Force, Nora got an emergency call from her mother who was captured by Cicada. She went with Caitlin to rescue Iris but Caitlin was killed in the rescue. Nora reversed time by an hour in order to save Caitlin. In this new timeline, she managed to convince her mother to stay at S.T.A.R. Labs so she wouldn't get captured. However, in this new timeline, Ralph got captured instead of Iris. Nora again went with Caitlin on a rescue mission and was able to save her from being killed. However, Ralph was killed instead, so Nora reversed time again. In this new timeline, she convinced both Iris and Ralph to stay at S.T.A.R. Labs but Sherloque got suspicious of her behavior. Nora then gets an alert from Sherloque who was captured.

To save Caitlin, Nora convinced Cisco to help her rescue Sherloque but he is killed, so Nora reversed time again. In this new timeline, she managed to keep all of Team Flash at S.T.A.R. Labs. However, Cecile was captured, so Nora went to rescue her alone in order to save the rest of the team. However, in her face-off against Cicada, Cecile was killed. Every time Nora faced Cicada, someone on Team Flash was killed and after reversing time 52 times, she realized she couldn't do it anymore. Nora came clean to the team about the fact that one of them always dies and that she can't prevent it. The team then agreed to help Nora defeat Cicada while preventing all of their deaths. Using Nora's knowledge of time, the team came up with a plan that involved Nora reversing time to use Cicada's dagger against him.

During the fight with Cicada, everything went as planned and Nora was able to push Cicada into his own dagger so that he got injured and then Cicada flew off. When she told Barry about what happened that day, Barry explained to her that a consequence of time travel is that no one knows what changes might occur. Nora then went back to 2049 and told Thawne that she was not sure if he can manipulate time after what her father taught her. Thawne told her that he is the only speedster who knows how to manipulate time and reminded her of the plan to destroy Cicada's dagger and save her father.[31]

Team Flash meets King Shark

Team Flash meets King Shark.

The next week Cisco told the team that the cure was finished so they decided to find a subject that would volunteer to test the cure. The team went to A.R.G.U.S. and met Lyla to see if King Shark would take the cure since he is a meta-human that doesn't want his powers. They met Tanya Lamden and they find out that now they can talk to Shay since she developed a Telepathic crown to communicate with him. When King Shark appeared and asked if the cure could help him Nora was surprised by his presence but then King Shark suddenly escaped after throwing the crown away. Nora asked Barry what they would do know and he told her they would find a new way to catch him. Nora then went with her father to S.T.A.R. Labs to see how the upgrade of the crown was going and Cisco said that it's finished and King Shark has been located so, they went after him. After they located King Shark and were unable to re-communicate with him, Barry injected him with the cure. Later, when Shay woke up, Nora asked him if he remembers when he became a shark the first time but he said he only remembers a glimpse of his life before.

Later, after Team Flash discovered Grodd took the crown, Nora informed the team that Grodd's power helped him from being located and learned from Lyla that Grodd escape due to DeVoe's satellite shutting down the power dampening device in his cell. They also learned that he controlled King Shark so that he can get an upgraded version of the crown to amplify his mental abilities and control the whole city. Later when Grodd was located, Nora and Barry went to fight him but during the fight, Grodd managed to stop her and her father from moving. Right before Grodd was about to kill them, King Shark appeared and starting fighting Grodd. Nora and her father witnessed the fight and when they managed to move again they both threw lightning strikes to free King Shark from a trap and to knock Grodd to the ground. Later, during the debrief about how Grodd is going to be contained, Nora asked if Shay is going to stay King Shark forever but doesn't get an answer.[32]

The following week, Nora went to 2049 to tell Thawne about their progress on the cure and he informed Nora Nora that something or someone was coming to change the timeline. Nora returned to 2019 and asked Team Flash if they tried everything to locate Cicada and her parents were impressed by the energy she was using to find Cicada. Nora doubted that her father would be able to convince Dwyer to take the cure but he said he would figure it out. Later at CC Jitters, Nora got excited when she learned that she has her own drink but was interrupted by a meta attack. She and Barry went to confront the meta who but he escaped. However, Nora recognized the acid burn marks from the picture of the final confrontation between the Flash and Cicada and told her father that today is the day he stopped Cicada. At S.T.A.R. Labs, she revealed that Master must have been present during the final confrontation. Nora was then told by Iris that she could go back to her timeline if Cicada was defeated today which made her panic since she wants to stay with her family.

Later, she tried to help Barry with how he was going to convince Cicada to take the cure by citing some examples where he has changed people's hearts. Later, she heard her father talking to Cicada during their confrontation but she was upset about the fact that Cicada doesn't care about his legacy since thought that was their only shot at stopping him. Later, Iris tried to spend a lot of time with Nora since she will have to return to 2049 if they stop Cicada. Nora told Iris that she regrets how much time she has spent focusing on stopping Cicada rather than spending that time with her family. When Barry confronted Dwyer a second time, he was able to convince him to take the cure by revealing to him that Grace was a meta. While Dr. Ambres, Cisco, and Caitlin were administering the cure, Nora was in the lounge with Sherloque and Cecile. Sherloque asked Nora how she knew about the newspaper but the power got shut off and they were attacked by another Cicada. After the attack, Nora wondered how it was possible that another Cicada was there.[33]

Secret exposed[]

Nora went to 2049 to confront Thawne because he was supposed to know what he was doing but he admitted that he was wrong and that he failed to stop Cicada. Since he didn't have enough time left, he told Nora that she should tell Barry everything. Back in 2019 at the Central City Hospital, while investigating the new Cicada, Barry asked her if everything was okay but she said that she doesn't know what to do. Later that day, Team Flash detected that a Time Sphere was in Kolins Woods so, Nora, Barry, Sherloque, and Cisco went to investigate. After they determined it was the same one from the S.T.A.R. Labs archives, they concluded that the new Cicada was from the future.

The next day, while investigating the murder of a police officer that was killed by the new Cicada, Nora told Joe and Cecile about the fact that the new Cicada was from the future and Barry reveals that there is a stolen case file from 2017. Nora and Barry later went to the crime scene of the missing file with Cisco and he vibed that the meta responsible for the crime killed Grace Gibbons mother and father. Nora then revealed that when she was in Grace's mind, Grace saw herself dressed as Cicada which led them to the conclusion that Grace was the new Cicada. Nora, Barry, and Joe then went to a birthday party to meet Vickie Bolen, who was the one responsible for the death of Grace Gibbon's parents. They interrogated Vickie who told them that she didn't know anything about their deaths and that her family didn't know that she was a meta. Nora then had a vision that Grace was just outside the birthday party. Nora and Barry distracted the children and tried to evacuate the Bolen family but Grace attacked them.

She managed to incapacitate Nora and Barry but Vickie managed to use her power to incapacitate Cicada so that they could get out. At the Central City Hospital, Nora and Cecile felt Grace's presence but they were too late as Cicada's dagger broke through the window and took Nora's speed. However, Barry managed to save Vickie. When Nora got her powers back, she took Vickie away while Barry confronted Cicada. Later, after Orlin's death, she was about to tell the team her secret but Sherloque entered and exposed her secret to Team Flash. Sherloque explained everything about Thawne and the fact that she manipulated them which made Barry angry when he realized that it was true. Nora was then locked up by Barry in the pipeline. Nora told him that she was sorry but Barry ignored her and walked away.[34]

Negative Speed Force

Nora running in the Negative Speed Force.

After Team Flash read her journal, Iris opened her cell because she understood that the loss of Lia made her vulnerable to Thawne and she told her to not make her regret what she was doing. Nora then went to see Team Flash to explain the full story about how she came in contact with Thawne. When she finished, she told Barry that she just wanted to see him in case he wasn't able to stop Cicada. He told her he understood why she went back in time but didn't understand why she kept getting Thawne's help, especially after she learned what he did, and already had Team Flash to help her. With Nora betraying his trust, Barry sent her back to 2049, warning her that if she attempted to return to 2019, he would know as he would sense disturbances in the Speed Force. Barry then ran back to the present, leaving behind a shocked and tearful Nora.[6]

Nora consumes the negative speed force

Nora taps into the Negative Speed Force.

Later, Nora was sitting next to Thawne's cell wondering how she could see Barry again after what he told her. Then Nora realized that Thawne had time-traveled before without Barry knowing and asked him how that was possible. Thawne didn't want to tell her but Nora insisted so he revealed that he created his own Speed Force called the Negative Speed Force. He warned her about all the negative effects that it had but Nora still wanted to use it. When Nora first tried to use the Negative Speed Force she failed and Thawne just assumed that she didn't have enough hatred to access it.

While Nora was talking to Thawne, Iris arrived and told her to step away from him. Nora was surprised that she as there and she told her that she was there to help. Nora wondered where Barry was and when Iris told her that he wasn't there, Nora got angry. During their argument, Nora began succumbing to her anger, worrying Thawne, and tapped into the Negative Speed Force. As she ran into it, she started to feel its negative effects and remembered the worst moments of her life as she attempted to return to 2019. After exiting the negative Speed Force, reaching 2019, Nora's eyes began to glow red.[35]

Return to 2019[]

Young Rogues

The Young Rogues.

After Nora returned to 2019, she infiltrated McCulloch Technologies's server room and scanned the building's blueprints. In a warehouse in Keystone City, she met up with Peter Merkel, Joslyn Jackam, and Brie Larvan and convinced them to help her steal weapons from McCulloch Tech to sell on the Black Market. The first step of their plan was to retrieve Spencer Young's phone from the S.T.A.R. Labs archives and kidnap Cisco. During the operation, Nora managed to retrieve the phone but was confronted by Barry. During their confrontation, Barry expressed deep regret and apologized for abandoning Nora, although Nora declined his apologies and snapped, thinking Barry had stopped loving her, causing her eyes to glow red.

She then used the Negative Speed Force to throw lightning at Barry, which allowed her to escape. Back at the warehouse, she asked Cisco to hack the phone but since Cisco didn't take her request seriously, she threatened him by phasing her hand through his chest which convinced him to do it. Later, Joslyn complained about their weird made up names but Nora insisted that they have to trust her. Joslyn then revealed that she knew Nora's identity from the day of her trial. While they were talking about the baggage they had with their families, Cisco informed them that he had finished hacking the phone and gave it to Nora. She then gave it to Brie and told Joslyn to tie Cisco back up. The Young Rogues then began their heist at McCulloch Tech. They infiltrated the building as visitors and once they located the Forge, they knocked out all the guards.

Rogue suit

Nora in her Rogue suit.

They entered the Forge but before they stole anything, the Young Rogues betrayed Nora and tied her to chair along with all of the guards. They then sent a message to the city saying the Flash had to come to them and reveal his identity soon or they would kill all of the hostages. The Flash arrived but it was later revealed that is was actually Sherloque using VR technology. Nora was then surprised when some of the hostages were revealed to be Team Flash with facial transmogrification devices. While Iris and Joe secured the actual hostages and fought Peter, Nora was saved from a lightning strike by Barry who jumped in front her. The lightning strike miraculously bounced off him and hit the power dampener in the Forge which allowed him and Nora to stop Brie and Joslyn.

In the aftermath, Nora was confronted by her parents at S.T.A.R. Labs about the fact that creating the Young Rogues wasn't a great idea and she should have come to them for help. However, Nora revealed that she created the Young Rogues in order to steal a Mirror gun that they could use to destroy Cicada's dagger. Barry decided that they should use the gun to stop Cicada and welcomed Nora back to the team. Later, it was revealed that Cicada planned to spread a virus across the city that would kill all Meta-humans.[7]

Nora using the cerebral inhibitor

Nora using the cerebral inhibitor.

Later, the team talked about the effects of the Cryo-Atomizer (the device that would serve as a way to infect the city with the virus) and they also talked about why Nora still had Red Lightning. However, she said that she was fine since she didn't feel any negative emotion. Later, the team received a distress call from Sherloque whose girlfriend was attacked by Cicada so Nora ran with Barry to stop her. However, Cicada was able to see what Nora saw so she flew away to avoid the lightning strikes. Sometime later at the crime scene, Nora and Barry figured out that Cicada planned to use her dagger to spread the virus and Nora told her parent that she could see what Cicada saw and conclude that they could use that power to stop her. Back at S.T.A.R. Labs, Nora told the team that she knew where is the last part of Cicada's virus was, Ollins Laboratories.

Before Barry took off, he told her to stay away because her connection to Cicada could compromise the mission. Later, Nora vibrated her body so fast that no one could see her so she could overhear a conversation where Ralph theorized the timeline of Cicada and pointed out the fact that something didn't add up about the dagger. Nora then went to Cisco's workshop to get the Cerebral inhibitor to try to access Cicada's mind but she was stopped by her parents who talked her out of it. However, they eventually agreed to let her try but only if she did it in the trap that the team used to stop Eobard Thawne so everyone would be safe. Nora then confronted Grace in her mind and discovered that she was headed to CCPD where all the metas that were taking the cure were. Nora wanted to go with Barry he still told her to stay behind. So she, Iris, and Sherloque stayed behind at S.T.A.R. Labs and helped Cisco to deactivate the virus.[36]

Eobard talking to Flash and XS

Eobard talking to XS and the Flash.

When Ralph was brought back to S.T.A.R. Labs after interfering with the Mirror Gun blast, Nora asked the team how they could "fix him" so they could ask him why he interfered. At CCPD, Barry and Cisco found a piece of wood that they figured out was from Cicada's Lair. Back at S.T.A.R. Labs, Sherloque solved the mystery of Ralph's interference and concluded that Thawne's plan involved him avoiding his execution by getting Nora to destroy Cicada's dagger. Nora got upset about the fact that Thawne had manipulated her from the beginning so, Barry taught her about the consequences of making mistakes.

Nora about to kill Eobard

Nora about to kill Eobard.

Later, the team found Grace's cabin and they found a way to breach and trap her at S.T.A.R. Labs while Nora connected herself to young Grace's mind to try to convince her to take the cure. After a good version of her uncle appeared in her mind, Grace agreed to take the cure. However, the shard in her head helped counter the cure which allowed her future self to escape her containment at S.T.A.R. Labs and defeat every member of the team in the cabin. Cicada was about to kill Nora but Cisco breached the Mirror Gun to Barry and he used it to transport Cicada's dagger to the Mirrorverse. Moments later, Grace was cured and her future self was erased from existence.[8]

Ceasing to exist[]

"Thank you, for everything."
—Nora to Barry and Iris before being erased from existence[src]
Nora West-Allen being erased from existence

Nora being erased from existence.

After Team Flash destroyed Cicada's dagger, Nora and Barry went to 2049 to try to stop Thawne but he had already escaped. The three began to fight and Thawne had the upper hand until Team Flash arrived and crashed into him with the Time Sphere. Nora was about to kill Thawne but before she could, her hands began to glow. The team realized that since they created a new timeline when they destroyed Cicada's dagger, Nora's timeline no longer existed so she was being erased from existence. Thawne told Barry that Nora could be saved if she ran into the Negative Speed Force. However, Nora chose not to do that since she knew the Negative Speed Force had begun to make her more like Thawne and that wasn't who she wanted to be. She accepted her fate and faded away after embracing her devastated parents for the last time.[8]

New multiverse[]

Previous timeline[]

At some point in the history of Earth-Prime, Nora went back to the past. For an unknown reason, Barry eventually took her back into the future without consulting Iris.[37] Nora later returned to the past and helped Barry defeat Cicada.[38]

Current timeline[]

Early life[]

Nora was born to Barry Allen and Iris West-Allen in late 2023.[1] She was named after her late paternal grandmother, Nora Allen.[39] When Nora was around seven, her younger brother Bart West-Allen was born.[10]

At some point, Barry and Iris told Nora and Bart stories about the version of Nora from a previous timeline, causing Nora to feel connected to her previous self.[10]

At some point, Nora met the Speed Force's physical form and she dubbed it "Big Nora".[39]

Before or during 2049, Nora became a vigilante in Central City and fought meta-human criminals alongside her younger brother Bart. However, before they became vigilantes, Nora and Bart were taught their family's number one rule of protecting the timeline at any and all cost.[10]

The Godspeed war[]
XS and Impulse in Central City 2049

XS and Impulse in 2049.

Nora and Bart were fighting Godspeed in 2049 when he went to the Flash Museum and used the Cosmic Treadmill to travel back in time. Fearing that they would never find him if he got away, Nora and Bart broke their family's number one rule and decided to follow him.[10]

Nora and Bart reach the past

Nora and Bart arrive in the present.

After Barry told Cecile how he felt helpless because he was unable to travel to 2049 and check on Nora, she appeared in the speed lab. After a brief reunion, Nora introduced Barry to Bart.[3]

After Barry told Nora and Bart that August had no memories and that there were clones of Godspeed who were looking for him, Barry and Nora briefly talked about the version of Nora from a previous timeline until an alarm went off letting them know that the Godspeed clones had returned to Central City. Nora, Barry, and Bart went to confront them, but the Godspeed clones only went after Bart. After this encounter, Nora and Bart revealed to Barry that Godspeed was Bart's archenemy.

After learning that Godspeed was Bart's archenemy, Barry and Iris sidelined Bart, which caused him to get upset and he sped off. Knowing Bart the best, Nora knew where he went and went there to comfort him. When the Godspeed clones returned, Nora led them into a trap created by Chester P. Runk's solar encryption engine. However, the clones quickly recovered and attacked Nora, injuring her. Not wanting her to get injured again, Barry also sidelined Nora. Later, Bart fell into a trap when the Godspeed clones threatened to kill Jay Garrick. Barry and Nora went to save him and Nora tried to buy Barry some time by enticing the Godspeed clones with her speed. With the help of Cisco Ramon, Nora, Barry, and Jay were able to save Bart. However, he was left in some sort of comatose state.[10]

Nora watches her parents renewing their vows

Nora at her parent's vow renewal ceremony.

Since Team Flash needed all of the help that it could get in order to stop the Godspeed war, Barry called in the Speed Force. The Speed Force then gave Nora a boost of Speed Force energy so she could be at full strength when fighting the Godspeed clones. During a fight with the Godspeed clones, Nora created a lightning construct of a lasso and used it to take out some of the clones. After failing to stop the Godspeed army, Barry decided to give Godspeed the organic speed that he wanted. Later, Nora watched while Barry faced the recently recharged Godspeed alongside Eobard Thawne. After Godspeed's defeat, Nora attended her parents' vow renewal ceremony at the West house.[39]

At some point after her parents' vow renewal ceremony, Nora and Bart returned to 2049. She and Bart would then travel to 2021 from time to time to visit Barry and Iris.[40]

Fixing "temporal fissures"[]

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Bart and Nora make a plan to rescue the hostages

XS and Impulse make a plan to rescue the hostages during the Royal Flush Gang's casino heist.

After Nora and Bart returned to 2049, they were hit by a temporal wave and then found out that Jay Garrick was now alive. While talking to Jay, Nora and Bart realized that he had married Rose instead of Joan Williams. In order to figure out what had happened to the timeline, Nora and Bart went to the Flash Museum. At the Museum, Nora and Bart discovered that they had accidently caused "temporal fissures" when they chased Godspeed through time. In order to fix these "temporal fissures", Nora and Bart traveled to December 2013 after they figured out that was when the timeline started changing.[11]

Trapped in the Still Force[]
The Flash and XS emitting green lightning

XS and the Flash emitting green lightning while escaping from the Still Force.

While Nora was writing an article in 2049, Deon Owens suddenly appeared and sent Nora into the Still Force so she could save Barry who was trapped there. After Nora and Barry reunited in the Still Force, Barry told her that Deon had betrayed and trapped him. Since they were trapped, Nora decided to reveal to Barry that unlike the version of herself from a previous timeline, she was a reporter instead of a CSI. Barry then realized that he had a piece of the Still Force inside of him since he had created it, so he tried to connect to the Still Force in order to figure out how he and Nora could get out of it. To help him, Nora told him to focus on Iris' brush that had ended up in the Still Force since she still had it in the future. Barry's attempt to connect the Still Force made him and Nora visible to Joe and sent Iris' brush out of the Still Force. Barry then felt Still Force energy moving through him and gave some of it to Nora so they could escape. However, they weren't able to make it through the temporal barrier since the Still Force was pulling them back into the past every time they tried to escape to stop them from escaping. In order to make it through the temporal barrier, Barry told Nora to focus on the moment that they got back home. Once they managed to return to S.T.A.R. Labs, Barry and Nora told Joe and Cecile what had happened. Nora then returned to 2049 after saying goodbye to Barry, Joe, and Cecile.[4]

Stopping Will Parker[]

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In 2049, when Bart tried to stop Will Parker from mind controlling citizens of Central City all by himself, Nora called Wally West and told him that she needed backup. When Nora and Wally arrived to help Bart stop a rampage caused by civilians who were mind controlled by Will, Bart angrily accused Nora of dragging Wally into the situation, with each claiming that it was the other's fault. Wally then diffused the situation, stating that they needed to work together to prevent any more damage from being done. After Will was defeated and sent to Iron Heights, Nora, Bart, and Wally were congratulated by the crowd.[12]

Battle with Magog[]

In 2049, Nora is writing an article for the Central City Citizen while Bart is bored when they see the breaking news on their TV that Bloodwork is attacking Keystone City. Bart wants to fight him, but Nora says that they can't because Bloodwork is a level 5 villain and they aren't suppose to handle those kinds of threats on their own. They then see on the news that Martian Manhunter defeated Bloodwork and head downtown to stop a jewelry store robbery. Nora and stop the theft when Magog appears wanting to kill all of the heroes. They attempt to fight him, but he easily overpowers them.

Supergirl appears, thanks them for their help, and starts fighting Magog. Nora suggests to Bart that they let Supergirl handle Magog while they go to S.T.A.R. Labs to try to figure out who Magog is. At S.T.A.R. Labs, Chester P. Runk explains that he has never seen technology like Magog's before and discovers that his real name is David Reid who is a disgraced scientist who has been off the radar for years. Chester also tells Nora and Bart that he has picked up distress calls from multiple cities, including Star City.

Nora and Bart head to Star City where Will Parker has returned and mind controlled people into becoming his soldiers. Green Arrow is fighting them when Nora and Bart show up to help her. Green Arrow hits Will with one of her arrows, but then she suddenly vanishes in a cloud of green smoke. With Green Arrow gone, Nora and Bart work quickly to stop Will and free everyone from his mind control. Nora and Bart then head to Coast City where they find Atom fighting Clayface. They help Atom defeat Clayface, but realized that he also vanished in a cloud of green smoke. Nora and Bart decide that Supergirl will need backup in her fight against Magog, so they head to Gotham City where Clayface said the last attack is to recruit Batwoman. When they arrive in Gotham City, Nora and Bart find people burning things related to heroes and Batwoman fighting a couple of Necrians. Nora tells Batwoman that Supergirl needs her help when Kal-El suddenly appears and Batwoman then vanishes in a cloud of green smoke. Nora and Bart then return to Supergirl's fight with Magog that ends when she vanishes in a cloud of green smoke. With most of the heroes gone, Nora and Bart decide to visit the only other hero they can think of.

Heroes united

XS and the other heroes facing off against Magog and his allies.

At the Kent Farm in Smallville, Nora and Bart find Clark Kent and ask for his help. However, he refuses and after a speech about how he had to face off with Lex Luthor on his first day at the Daily Planet, he tells Nora and Bart that he believes they are strong enough to face Magog. After a short pep talk from Nora, Bart is convinced that they can finally prove that they are real heroes by defeating Magog. When they find Magog, he mocks them by saying that there are no more heroes to stop him and that they can't possibly stop him because they are children. When Nora and Bart tell Magog that they are going to beat him, he allows them to take the first shot. However, they barely hurt him and he easily gets up.

Nora and Bart manage to land some hits on Magog before he summons his allies. Outnumbered, a mysterious green cloaked figure appears and summons a group of heroes, including the heroes that had vanished, to help Nora and Bart. Together, all of the heroes fight Magog and his allies. During the fight, Chester tells Nora and Bart that all of Magog's energy was localized directly in his lance which meant that they just had to destroy his lance to defeat him. Bart distracts Magog and right when he is about to impale Bart with his lance, Nora grabs and shatters it, defeating him. While Nora and Bart were fighting Magog, the rest of the heroes defeated his allies and sent them back to their proper points in the timeline except for Kal-El who disappeared. Nora and Bart are then recognized by Supergirl who said that seeing the two of them reminded her of when she and their dad first started out.[13]

Helping her mother[]

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Possessed by the Negative Speed Force[]

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Battle against the Legion of Zoom[]

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Possible futures[]

In a possible future, Wally West saw Nora running.[9]

In another possible future, Nora is married to an unnamed woman.[4]


Original multiverse[]

Nora West-Allen's last message ending

Nora's message to her parents.

As they mourned the loss of their daughter, Barry and Iris discovered a piece of technology in Nora's journal that contained a video message and played it in the time vault. In the message, Nora says how she came to the present to meet them, stop Cicada, help fix the Flash's legacy, and save him from disappearing in the future. She added that she wouldn't change anything about her time with her parents and thanked them for everything.[8] Shortly after Barry and Iris played Nora's message, S.T.A.R. Labs experienced a system-wide power surge and Nora's message started playing on a loop before it was destroyed. Four months later, Barry and Iris were visited by The Monitor, who admitted that he was the one that destroyed Nora's message, and he warned the two of them about the coming Crisis.[41]

Nora West-Allen's death weighed on Barry's conscience. Her name was on one of the gravestones that appeared in his Speed Force hallucination while fighting Bloodwork's infection.[42]

New multiverse[]

"I miss my daughter every day."
—Barry Allen[src]
Joe's office (Earth-Prime)

A newspaper article featuring Nora as XS by Joe's elbow.

At some point in the history of Earth-Prime, Barry took Nora into the future without consulting Iris; Mirror Iris later used this decision as one of her reasons to evict Barry from their apartment.[37]

Joe West kept a copy of a newspaper article featuring Nora as XS in his office at the Central City Police Department.[38]

After the death of the Speed Force, Team Flash used knowledge from Nora's journal in order to build a machine that they would use to create an artificial Speed Force.[38][43]

At some point after Nora was erased from existence, her suit was placed in S.T.A.R. Labs' "Hall of Fallen Heroes".[44]

Nora appeared in a dream of Barry's when Iris and he were trying to start a family, exciting Barry about a potential pregnancy.[45]

When Barry referenced the version of Nora from a previous timeline while interacting with the version of her from the current timeline, she told him that he and Iris told her and Bart a ton of stories about the version of her from a previous timeline.[10]


"It looks like it's a gift from someone who wanted you both to know how special you are. Someone who understands that time is precious and right now is all we've got. Relatively speaking."
—Nora West-Allen to Cecile Horton and Joe West[src]

Like her father, Barry Allen, Nora was a brilliant forensic scientist with an aptitude for science and was a bubbly, excitable, and enthusiastic young woman. She highly idolized her father and aspired to be just like him.

Nora was deeply impacted by Barry's absence throughout her life and struggled with the idea of going back to her time period, where he is not there. She even hindered Team Flash's efforts to send her back home by using negative tachyons so she could spend more time with her dad. Having a lot in common with her father, Nora was a notorious daddy's girl.

However, Nora grew to have bitter hatred towards her mother, Iris West-Allen, upon finding out that Iris kept her powers and her father's identity as the Flash a secret from her. Nora retained her frostiness towards her mother when meeting her in the past; she didn't want to let Iris see her at Jenna West's baby shower, was not receptive when her mother tried to bond with her at CC Jitters, didn't hug Iris as she did with Barry when being sent back to her own time, and refused to give her mother her new phone number. Nora even subtly insulted Iris's blog and lack of cooking skills, hinting she doesn't even have any respect for her mother anymore. Nora's anger toward her mother also blinded her to reason, as she refused to believe Iris's warnings that Spencer Young was dangerous, which turned out to be true.

Nora West-Allen can't do the things you can

Nora in the time vault.

Despite the troublesome relationship Nora had with her mother and the non-existent relationship she has with her (missing) father, Nora was proven to have strong familial ties to each member of her family as well as close ties to each member of Team Flash. She appeared especially close to Cecile Horton, her grandfather Joe West, and her uncle, Wally West.

However, after learning more about Iris from Cecile, including her accomplishments as a journalist, Nora began to realize her mother was a good person deserving of her admiration. Upon seeing Iris jump off a roof without a second thought to unlock a falling Barry's power-dampening cuffs, Nora was in awe of her mother's selfless act. Realizing how unfair it was to blame her mother for a decision she hadn't made yet, Nora apologized to Iris for her initial harsh demeanor and the two began to make amends. Nora had begun to bond with Iris, with the two developing a more positive working relationship.

Nora was keen to keep Barry safe and secure so he cannot disappear in 2024, therefore, letting Nora grow up with her father, she was even mad at her father for disappearing, despite not knowing him as a child and wanting to do everything she could to stop that, even begging him to quit being the Flash, his absence had lead Nora to want to learn everything she can about not only Barry but also Iris as well, with things that the Flash Museum cannot tell her. Her trip into the past to defeat Cicada made Nora learn about Barry's potential future as Savitar, who, when shot by Iris, horrified Nora. This made Nora realize that she just "wants to know her father" and wants them to not have any secrets or hidden truths between them.

Nora was, at least, attracted to women, although it is unknown whether she was a lesbian or bi/pansexual. This was seen when she expressed an attraction towards Spencer and even flirted with her; Nora even explicitly claimed to her mother, Iris, that she finds Spencer "cute".[16] She also said in her journal "Oh shrap, am I crushing on her? Yep, totally am. Which is why I hope she's not bad! Because maybe I'll get to hang out with her sometime".[34]

"West-Allen family rule #1: Protect the timeline at any and all cost."
—Nora West-Allen to Team Flash[src]

Nora is a bubbly, optimistic[3], and responsible young woman who always tries to follow her family's number one rule of protecting the timeline. Nora also appears to be careful and calculating, often yelling at her younger brother, Bart West-Allen when he pulls crazy stunts or makes impulsive decisions.[10]

Nora has a strong and healthy relationship with both her father, Barry Allen and her mother, Iris West-Allen to the point where she decided to follow in the latter's footsteps by becoming a reporter.[4] She has an especially strong relationship with her younger brother, Bart, having his back and always being honest with him. Nora also has strong familial ties to each member of her extended family, appearing especially close to Cecile Horton and Joe West, as well as close ties to some of the members and allies of Team Flash such as Chester P. Runk, Caitlin Snow, and Jay Garrick, respectively.[10]

Powers and abilities[]


"My name is Nora West-Allen and I'm the fastest woman alive. When I'm from, 30 years from now, I'm the guardian of Central City. I'm a speedster; just like my dad. People call me "XS". Every day I hope to live up to the legacy of The Flash. But I've still got a long way to go."
—Nora West-Allen[src]
Nora escapes from the West-Allen apartment

Nora emanating multi-colored lightning.

  • Speed Force connection/Meta-human physiology: Nora possesses a natural connection to the Speed Force, giving her the powers of incredible speed. She noted that she isn't as powerful or as capable as her father, Barry Allen in using these abilities, as she can only learn so much from Eobard Thawne and the Flash Museum.
    • Accelerated healing factor: As a speedster, Nora regenerates faster than humans do. According to her, the normal axon growth rate reaches five millimeters a day in a large nerve, but for her, it is over a hundred millimeters.
    • Bodily vibration: Like most speedsters, Nora can vibrate her body for various effects.
      • Intangibility: By vibrating her molecules at the natural frequency of air, Nora can physically pass through solid matter. While only having learned this when she met with her father in the past, with the help of her father and her uncle, Wally West, she vibrated an entire airplane and all of its passengers to keep it from crashing.
      • Invisibility: Nora can vibrate her body so fast that she can no longer be perceived by the human eye.[36]
    • Electrokinesis:
      Nora's energy lasso

      Nora's lightning lasso.

      In a previous timeline, unlike other speedsters, Nora could produce both yellow and purple electricity from her body, commonly seen when running.[25] In the current timeline, she only produces purple electricity from her body.[3] Nora also has control over the lightning she generates, which enables her to produce lightning constructs, such as lassos.[10]
    • Superhuman durability: Nora possesses inhuman resilience, most commonly seen from being unaffected by momentum build-up. She can take attacks and exertion, even survive impacts that would easily kill normal humans.
    • Superhuman speed: Nora can move at such vast speeds, indeterminable to the naked eye. According to herself, she is "The Fastest Woman Alive", which if true, means that Nora's speed already surpasses all other female speedsters.[25] Her speed is proven to be somewhat able to keep up with her father and she was also able to easily outrun Godspeed, an impressive feat as he was able to unleash an electric output that was greater than Barry's current top power level (three billion joules); which was a result of the Velocity-9 serum. However, despite this, Nora is not as fast as Barry at his current top speed.
      • Superhuman agility: Nora has demonstrated flawless coordination, equilibrium and dexterity, she can change direction with immediate sharp turns without sliding or losing balance and instantly stop running on the spot.
      • Superhuman reflexes: Nora's reaction time is augmented to superhuman levels, allowing her to react to danger and events far faster than normal humans.
      • Superhuman momentum: Nora can generate great amounts of physical force through kinetic energy, simulating superhuman strength, even in a stationary position. Even little exertions from this build-up can generate a tremendous amount of force, able to knock a person out.
      • Aerokinesis: Nora can use her speed to generate air flows on various levels and for various effects. She can create vortexes to extinguish fires by forming it around them.
      • Time travel: The kinetic energy buildup from Nora's speed can allow her to breach the space-time continuum, allowing her to physically enter the Speed Force and travel through time. She first used this ability to travel back to 2017 to meet her father for the first time.[22]
    • Superhuman stamina: Nora can handle the stresses of extreme racing without any noticeable distress, letting her function much longer than normal humans unhindered.

Former powers[]

Nora generates red and purple lightning

Nora generating red and purple lightning.

  • Negative Speed Force connection: After being sent back to 2049 by Barry, Eobard Thawne reluctantly taught Nora how to tap into the Negative Speed Force in order to travel back to 2019; thus gaining a connection to it.[35] However, she later gave up her connection to the Negative Speed Force.[7]
    • Electrokinesis: After Nora tapped into the Negative Speed Force, her yellow and purple lightning turned red and purple. She was also capable of making her eyes glow bright red when she was filled with rage.[35] Nora's lightning later returned to its normal colors when she gave up her connection to the Negative Speed Force.[7]
    • Bodily vibration: After tapping into the Negative Speed Force, Nora could garble her voice into a deep growl when she got angry.[8]
  • Mental link to Grace Gibbons: Nora's time in Grace's memories[19] seemed to have left her with a mental connection to the latter's mind, allowing Nora to know when Grace was nearby, and even see things that Grace was seeing.[34] This link was seemingly severed after Grace took the meta-human cure.[8]
  • Temporal regression: In a previous timeline, Nora was able to reverse time around her while running, remaining completely unaffected, such as when she stopped Barry from destroying the falling S.T.A.R. Labs satellite alone.[26] However, she doesn't know how to do this in the current timeline.[10]


"You know I'm a forensic scientist too? CCU grad just like you. 5.6 GPA. I could help you get through this."
—Nora West-Allen to Barry Allen[src]
  • Acrobatics: While distracting Vanessa Jansen/Block in order to tire the latter from overusing her powers, Nora was able to successfully evade all of her attacks, displaying expertise in flips and other maneuvers.[27]
  • Drawing/Sketch artist: Using her speedster powers to preserve quick memory, Nora is a talented sketch artist; she was able to quickly complete a drawing with elegant detail in seconds.[19]
  • Genius-level intellect/Forensics: Like her father, Barry Allen, Nora is very intelligent, having graduated from college with a 5.6 GPA. From a young age, Nora was a keen-minded individual, displaying a natural understanding and quick capacity to learn. Like her father Barry, Nora is a highly capable forensics examiner. From a single glance at the crime scene, she can quickly determine much of the events that transpired. Nora understands and writes time language, used to record events regardless of changes to the timeline, which even the combined efforts of Cisco Ramon and Caitlin Snow had difficulty deciphering. Nora also exceeded the expectations of her future's advanced education system, having studied neuro-regeneration in her fifth-grade STEM class. Nora's intellect earned praise from both Eobard Thawne and Harrison Sherloque Wells.
    • Bilingualism: In addition to English, Nora knows the mysterious language that Barry learned when he was trapped in the Speed Force for six months.[23] It was revealed to be known as "time language", which Nora used to communicate through time with the imprisoned Eobard Thawne. When questioned by Sherloque Wells, Nora claimed to have developed the language herself, which the former was skeptical of.[5]
  • Expert hand-to-hand combatant: Initially, Nora was unable to fight, losing to Godspeed once and ultimately taking him down without combat.[6] Nora had improved and was shown to be adapt in unarmed combat as she was able to quickly defeat two guards without using her powers.[7]


  • Negative tachyons: Nora used a device pumping negative tachyons into her system, which would slow her down and allow her to pretend like she is unable to travel back to her proper point in the timeline.[2]
  • Power-dampening tech: Nora has stated that, in the future, presumably sometime shortly after Barry's disappearance in the Anti-Monitor Crisis, Iris had a power-dampening chip surgically implanted into Nora's body. As a result, Nora's meta-human powers were suppressed all her life, and she only learned about them approximately six months before she'd introduced herself to her parents, meaning she'd have only discovered them shortly before she showed up at her parents' wedding.[16]
  • Cold temperatures: Because speed is produced by a build-up of heat in the target's atoms, Nora is vulnerable to extremely cold temperatures as shown when in battle with Thomas Snow's evil split-personality, Icicle.[28]
  • Hyper-metabolism: While having tremendous stamina, a trade-off of Nora's enhanced speed is an equally accelerated metabolism. This accelerated metabolism requires her to consume great amounts of nutrients before she uses her speedster powers in order to keep up her strength.[29]

Former weaknesses[]

  • Negative emotions: Since Nora was required to use her negative emotions, such as fear, hate, and anguish to use the Negative Speed Force, the use of the Negative Speed Force corrupted her from the inside.[35] However, she later gave up her connection to the Negative Speed Force so those emotions no longer corrupted her.[7]
  • Mental link to Grace Gibbons: Nora's mental connection to Grace worked both ways, allowing Grace to know when Nora's coming. It also caused Nora to tap into the Negative Speed Force when she felt Grace's anger.[36] This link was seemingly severed after Grace took the meta-human cure.[8]


Original multiverse[]

Former equipment[]

  • Rogue suit: As the leader of the new Rogues team Nora used a different suit with a similar purple color scheme, along with her regular XS mask. After the Young Rogues were arrested and Nora re-joined Team Flash, she gave up the suit and went back to using her old one.[7]
  • XS suit: Nora wore a protective suit as XS, to hide her identity when fighting crime. It was originally designed by Cisco Ramon for her mother, Iris West-Allen, when Barry Allen's powers were transferred to Iris. Nora got the suit from the Time Vault in 2049; when she began acting as a superhero.[2] When Nora was erased from existence, the suit and her journal were the only things left of her.[8]
  • Journal: Nora brought a journal with her into the past to record events using the time language.[23] When Nora was erased from existence, the journal and her suit were the only things left of her.[8]

New multiverse[]

  • XS suit: Nora wears a protective suit as XS, to hide her identity when fighting crime.[10] She also wore the suit when she traveled back in time.[3]
  • Gauntlet: Nora wears a gauntlet on her wrist which she uses for various purposes.[10][11][4]
  • Gideon: While operating as XS, Nora uses a mobile Gideon unit that helps her in the field.[10] She also uses Gideon to help her write articles.[4]

Former equipment[]


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Oregon Trail

Nora shows Ralph Dibny and Cisco Ramon her shirt which depicts an image from Oregon Trail.

  • Nora is a fan of the computer game Oregon Trail.[23]
  • Like her father, Nora's favorite dessert is two scoops of cookie dough ice cream with extra sprinkles from the Mason Family Ice Cream Shop in Happy Harbor, Rhode Island.[2]
  • Nora is fond of coffee from CC Jitters[2], particularly the Killer Frost drink.[17][24]
  • Nora has double piercings in her right ear and triple piercings in her left ear.
  • In a previous timeline, Nora was unique in that she was the only known speedster to naturally have dual-colored lightning.
  • The first reference to Nora's existence came in the shape of two quotes referenced by Barry and Cisco Ramon in the fourth season's premiere, "The Flash Reborn". The first was when Barry came out of the Speed Force and was mumbling "Nora shouldn't be here". The second was when Cisco unscrambled the Speed Force code and unveiled the phrase "This house is bitchin'", which was coined by Nora.
  • Nora is the first female and seventh LGBT+ character on The Flash, following David Singh, Hartley Rathaway, Rob, Digsy Foss, Digsy Foss' husband, and Leo Snart.
  • While the Cicada that Nora originally knew of was David Hersch,[20] the Cicada later seen in her memories is Orlin Dwyer. It's unknown if this was a result of the timeline change altering her memories, as Iris noted "These are Nora's memories right now in this timeline after she interfered", or if her memories of Cicada were affected by her current perceptions, which is what happened with her memories of Iris.[19]
  • Nora has altered the timeline more than any speedster, changing the timeline at least 54 times.[2][31]
  • Nora has many similarities with Mia Queen:
    • Both were named after their paternal grandmothers. Nora was named after Nora Allen and Mia was named after Moira Queen.
    • In a previous timeline:
      • Both grew up without a father. Barry disappeared in a Crisis and Oliver Queen died.
      • Both of their mothers kept things from them in order to protect their daughters. Iris dampened Nora's powers and didn't reveal her father's identity as the Flash while Felicity Smoak still acted as a vigilante, even though Mia had condemned that. Both girls left their respective mothers as a result.
      • Growing up, both of them resented their mothers due to their father's absence and family secrets. However, after spending time with their respective mothers as adults and learning who they really were, both Nora and Mia reconciled with them.
      • Both eventually followed in their fathers' footsteps. Nora became a forensic scientist at the Central City Police Department and a speedster vigilante while Mia eventually became an archer vigilante.
    • In the current timeline:
      • Both grew up in better conditions; Nora was raised by both of her parents and also had a younger brother, Bart, while Mia grew up alongside her brother, William Clayton, and never went into hiding, allowing her to get to know her extended family and Team Arrow.
      • Both were made aware of the version of themselves from a previous timeline. Nora was told about the version of herself from the pre-Crisis timeline and Laurel Lance used a Martian memory restorer on Mia to give her back her knowledge of the original multiverse.

Behind the scenes[]

  • Nora can be seen as a composite of various characters from the comics:
    • In the main DC Comics continuity, Nora Allen II of the Justice League: Legacy alternate timeline was similarly a time-traveling meta-human speedster and the daughter of Barry Allen and Green Lantern Jessica Cruz.
    • In the comics, Dawn Allen is the original daughter of Barry and Iris, and is also a speedster from the future who dons a purple suit.
    • XS is a speedster and superhero in the 30th century, and is also a member of the Legion of Super-Heroes. She is the daughter of Dawn Allen and the granddaughter of Barry and Iris. Her real name is Jenni Ognats, which was briefly used by Nora as a pseudonym.
    • Nora's personality and motivation for time travel on the show is also similar to that of Impulse, the hyperactive and reckless cousin of XS in the comics who journeyed to the time when Wally West was the Flash to join him as a superhero. However, Nora's motivation was more in line with the Young Justice counterpart of Impulse, who traveled back in time to prevent the Flash from going missing/dying prematurely to stop a bad future timeline from happening.
      • Nora's personality later changes and isn't similar to that of Impulse after Bart West-Allen is introduced in Season 7.
    • Lia Nelson also nicknamed Nora "Lady Flash", who is a separate character in DC Comics.
  • Nora is the first "main character" of The Flash:
  • Nora's catchphrase "Schway" was first spoken in the animated series Batman Beyond, where it was used by Terry McGinnis, a teenager in the future of Gotham City.
  • Nora is the 11th character in the Arrowverse to have an episode ("Nora") named after her in a civilian sense in some way, after Sara Lance, Felicity Smoak, Harrison Wells, Oliver Queen, Alex Danvers, Zari Tomaz, Harry Wells, Iris West-Allen, Ava Sharpe, and Winn Schott.
    • Nora is also the fourth character in the Arrowverse to have an episode title be solely her name, after Sara, Alex, and Zari.
  • Although Nora's sexuality was not acknowledged on the The Flash until Season 8, Eric Wallace had previously revealed that she is a lesbian.[46]
  • According to Jessica Parker Kennedy, the current version of Nora is older than the previous version of her.[47]
    • However, this doesn't make sense, as the previous version of Nora was born sometime before 2024 and the current version of her was born in late 2023.


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