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"I'm really gonna miss you guys. This world was so foreign and terrifying. But over the years, I've learned to feel safe here. It's been an honor protecting this planet, and being protected by it. And I owe all of that to you."
Kara Danvers' farewell to her family and friends

"Not Kansas" is the twenty-first episode of the third season of Supergirl, and the sixty-third episode overall. It aired on June 4, 2018.




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"Not Kansas" begins following last episode with Reign battling Mon-El and Kara. As the trio is battling, Lena rapidly utilizes the stone brought again from Argo City and prepare a cure to fix Reign.

Lena rapidly completes the cure and infuses Reign with it. Reign isolates from Sam and crumbles. Same awakens and requests an anti-inflamatory medicine and the gathering shares a sigh of relief. They take Sam to the DEO and she's brought together with Ruby.

Somewhere else at the DEO, Kara inquires as to whether she can synthesize the dark stone since it's a valuable material for Argo City and Lena says she'll attempt.

Kara reveals to Alex that her mom is as yet alive in Argo City. Kara uncovers to her sister that she needs to return and live with her mom. Subsequent to conceding she feels regretful for needing to leave, Alex consoles her sister that it's the ideal opportunity for Kara to take some alone time.

The gathering amasses at the DEO to have a going-away party for her. There, Mon-El approaches Kara for some help while she's on Argo and as opposed to taking the mission on for herself, Kara welcomes Mon-El to go with. Mon-El consents to go with her.

Subsequent to stating their farewells, Kara and Mon-El leave to go to Argo. Kara's bustling glancing through her youth possessions when a cherished companion strolls in and the two reconnect.

On Earth, Winn and James - as Guardian - catch a criminal with an unusual gun.

Alex is chatting with J'onn and M'yrnn. M'yrnn reveals to J'onn it's an ideal opportunity to play out an ancient martian ceremony where the senior individual from the family gives all memories to a younger relative before the senior passes away. J'onn doesn't want to do it because he believes M'yrnn is getting better, and says they'll discuss it later.

James and Winn return to the DEO and reveal to J'onn that a shooter they stopped earlier in the day used a weapon from the DEO.

Kara and Mon-El are strolling through the market on Argo when they run into the youngster Mon-El recently healed. The child is totally restored. As they're talking, debris flies into the market and nearly squashes them. Kara sees a strange hooded figure leaving the market.

Kara and Mon-El are talking with Kara's mom and another Argo occupant when they bring up the strange hooded figure. Kara's mom says they'll investigate it and Kara ponders whether she's as a rule excessively suspicious.

J'onn and James go to talk with the maker of the DEO weapon. The weapon creator uncovers that they're selling the firearms they offered to the DEO to the overall population. The gunmaker refuses to stop selling the weapon.

Kara and Mon-El are eating with companions when Kara sees the same strange hooded figure stroll by. Kara goes up against the individual and we see it's an old woman. She professes to have had nothing to do with the previous crane breakdown. Kara's companion reveals to her that the older lady is the spouse of the merchant. Kara's companion suggests Kara go get some rest.

The group is back at the DEO and J'onn orders them to attempt to discover who the furnished shooter was before so they can find his store of weapons.

Winn reveals to J'onn he has an area on the suspect. The suspect, Arthur Willis, posted a declaration via web-based networking media and Winn shows it to the gathering. They understand he's returning to his office to shoot it up.

J'onn finds Willis in the stacking dock of his previous business. He stands up to the shooter, who's disturbed that his life has gone to damnation. J'onn persuades the shooter to surrender his weapon and the circumstance closes with no further occurrence.

Mon-El and Kara are strolling through a nursery on Argo. There, Mon-El concedes he didn't make a trip back so as to help Kara rout Reign. He likewise went back on the grounds that he wasn't totally over Kara. The two offer their sentiments with one another when a robot flies towards them and has a go at assaulting them. They fly upwards and notice another hooded lady back on the ground fleeing from them.

Kara and Mon-El track down the lady again and it's a similar more seasoned lady as in the past. She concedes she's a piece of a gathering known as the Daughters of the Night and discloses to them that Selena is the gathering's high priestess.

Back at the DEO, J'onn accumulates all specialists and gives them a discussion about firearm control and uncovers that the DEO will be moving towards non-lethal weaponry.

Lena's dealing with figuring out the dark stone and she understands its properties could do progressive things for Earth.

J'onn has the discussion with his dad. Alex is looking into reception organizations in National City. Ruby and Sam are viewing a film when Sam drops her glass.

We see Coville heading off to an open field and he's welcomed by the Daughters of the Night. Kara and Mon-El discover that Selena and her comrades took their ship to venture out to Earth.




  • The episode's title is a reference to Dorothy Gale's famous quote from The Wizard of Oz: "Toto, I've a feeling we're not in Kansas anymore".
  • This episode's sub-plot is similar to the plot of the Arrow episode "Spectre of the Gun"; in both cases, the issue of gun control is brought to light and dealt with.
  • On Argo City, Kara reunites with her childhood friend, Thara Ak-Var. In the comics, Thara becomes the latest incarnation of the Kryptonian hero Flamebird.
  • In a nod to 1978s's Superman, James Olsen calls out, "Ms. Teschmacher!" in the same way that Lex Luthor did in the film, which is a running gag in the show.
  • Eve is revealed to be an accomplished scientist who studied nuclear physics in college, and later becomes Lena's research assistant. This is a nod to Superman, where Eve acts ditzy around her boss, Lex, but reads philosophy when he's not around.
  • Samantha and Ruby watch Singin' in the Rain at the end.
    • This marks the third time Singin' in the Rain has appeared in the Arrowverse, with Arrow being the only show not to feature this musical.


  • Winn compares the damage of a masterpiece technology to the loss of several Picassos in the sinking of the Titanic. In real life, no Picassos were aboard the Titanic.
  • When Guardian was being fired upon by an automatic weapon, the bullets' impact on his shield would not push him backwards. By Newton's 3rd Law, if the bullets could push Guardian back, the shooter would have been hurled backwards as well.
  • The D.E.O. weapon appears to be an M4 Rifle, which is the standard issue weapon for the US Army. The M4 uses 5.56×45mm NATO rounds, which is a variant of the .223 Remington. The weapon manufacturer states that they sell a non automatic version for hunting, but J'onn says it's not a hunting weapon. On the other hand, the minimum caliber for deer hunting is .223, which is what the M4 uses, so it could be used for that. It appears the weapon is using some version of armor piercing rounds, which would not be produced by the weapon manufacturer, so the D.E.O. should have been trying to track down the source of the bullets.
  • When Kara and Mon-El are talking in the greenhouse on Argo, birds can be seen in the trees, but Kara previously stated there were no birds on Krypton.[1]