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"We'd make a fortune. An improv group made up of superheroes. We can take it to Washington. We'd be the "D.C. Comics"."
Ralph Dibny

"Null and Annoyed" is the seventeenth episode of the fourth season of The Flash, and the eighty-sixth episode overall. It aired on April 10, 2018.



Ralph and Barry run drills for how to overcome The Thinker. Barry closes it down after Ralph chooses to go off content. Cisco and Iris propose that Ralph transform into a second form of Barry as an approach to befuddle and overcome DeVoe, however he opposes this idea.

Barry and Iris banter if Ralph is paying attention to the battle against DeVoe. Iris says it will all work out.

Harry utilizes the Thinking Cap to find the two outstanding Bus Metas. As Harry clarifies, Edwin Gauss basically vanished from presence, while Janet Petty has been difficult to find as long as she can remember.

Breacher comes in and gags Cisco, requesting help. As he clarifies, he attempted to fend off a multitude of vampires, however he couldn't break away. He requests that Cisco help fix him, and Cisco hesitantly concurs.

DeVoe and Marlize talk in their lab. DeVoe stresses that he will lose his wellbeing very soon, and asks Marlize to help fix the Thinking Chair to assist him with living longer. Marlize concurs, and reminds DeVoe that there are as yet three Bus Metas left, since Weeper is still on the loose.

Two security watches endeavor to move a substantial case at an exhibition hall. As they leave to discover a cart, Null appears and suspends the carton, taking a costly crown all the while.

Ralph and Barry show up as Joe interviews the security monitors. They attempt to figure out which meta played out the heist, and how to stop them. Ralph extends one of his arms to attempt to get fingerprints, yet trips the security monitors, breaking a costly jar.

Caitlin and Cisco perform tests on Breacher. Caitlin uncovers that Breacher can't vibe any longer due to his mature age, and Cisco is hesitant to let him know.

Marlize keeps chipping away at the Thinking Chair. She drops her mug and finds a dubious synthetic on the ground, which she runs tests on.

Team Flash runs tests on the criminal's fingerprints, and discovers that she has a variety of nom de plumes. Barry and Ralph track down her area, and locate the Irish private agent, Earl. Ralph transforms into Joe, and starts to indignantly investigate Earl. They find that he has a lot of gems, and discover Null covering up on the roof. Invalid bounces down, jabbing Barry and sending him onto the roof.

Group Flash attempts to make sense of how to turn around Null's forces, while attempting to hold Barry to the roof. Harry finds that the forces wear off before long, and Barry tumbles down onto the ground. Barry reprimands Ralph for kidding around and not paying attention to things, and seats Ralph.

Marlize peruses the tests on herself, and accepts she's by and large gradually medicated by Clifford utilizing Weeper's tears.

Cisco scrambles to attempt to figure out how to help Breacher, while Caitlin contends that he should simply let him know. Breacher strolls in, and Cisco attempts to get him to take antihistamine pills. Breacher does, and understands that his vibe hues are unique, which Cisco credits to a reaction of the pills.

Barry and Iris talk about Ralph's air. Iris gets a warning that Null is burglarizing a gems store, yet Barry doesn't have a clue how to stop him. Harry proposes that Barry vibrate excessively quick for Null to see, so her forces won't have an impact.

Barry shows up on the scene and binds Null. She giggles and brings up a vehicle that was drifting in the sky, and is currently smashing towards the ground. Barry races to spare the traveler, and Null breaks all the while.

Harry blows up that the Thinking Cap didn't help with Null or vanquishing DeVoe. Iris discloses to Barry that it's difficult to anticipate what DeVoe will do, and that he shouldn't be lashing out at Ralph all the while.

Cisco discovers Breacher's pills, which vibe him towards the area - battling Crucifer on a different universe. Cisco salvages Breacher, and discloses to him that the vibe impacts won't work, and apologizes for not revealing to him sooner. Breacher says that he detests Cisco and leaves. Caitlin comes in, and says that Cisco made the best choice.

Marlize records a video message to herself, warning her of what to do when she understands that DeVoe is tranquilizing her. She attempts to save the video under a phony name, however finds a document of a similar kind - that Marlize herself recorded before. DeVoe appears, and clarifies this has happened a few times previously, and that he's eradicating Marlize's memory with the assistance of Weeper and Brainstorm's forces. He at that point lobotomizes Marlize.

Barry pulls Ralph aside, and apologizes for scrutinizing how he's dealing with things. As Ralph clarifies, he utilizes humor as a barrier instrument. Iris at that point pages them both, uncovering that they discovered Null's area - an exhibition hall party.

Null shows up at the gallery party and suspends visitors so she can take their adornments. Ralph and Barry show up, similarly as Null contacts the floor of the gathering. Barry runs the gathering visitors to security, however is destroyed with Null's forces and sent into the air.

Group Flash scrambles for an approach to spare Barry, however Barry proposes that Ralph extemporize and concoct something. Ralph puts the meta-hosing sleeves on Null, which send Barry flying back to the ground. Ralph then transforms into a monster whoopie pad, padding Barry's fall. Barry expresses gratitude toward Ralph, and Ralph reacts by flatulating out air.

Barry and Ralph put Null in the pipeline. They attempt to choose to do what next. Joe leaves to explore Edwin Gauss, however stops to get some information about a call he got from Earl.

Iris, Cisco, and Caitlin leave the room, so Barry can express gratitude toward Ralph for his assistance.

Breacher visits Cisco while wearing excursion garments. As he clarifies, he will resign from breaking and visit a mythical beast ranch upstate. Breacher then extends to Cisco his employment opportunity.

Marlize awakens, where DeVoe clarifies something very similar - that he just has seven days left in Izzy's body, and Marlize needs to help fix the Thinking Chair. Marlize concurs.

Harry opens Thawne's mystery den, putting the Thinking Cap in a holder. He at that point actuates Gideon, and says that a great deal has changed since they last talked.



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  • The title is a reference to the idiom "null and void".
  • Jason Mewes and Kevin Smith's cameos in the episode, the latter non-speaking, pays homage to their roles as Jay and Silent Bob, who have appeared in many of Kevin Smith's films, such as Clerks.
  • Ralph suggests forming a superhero comedy group, going to Washington (also known as D.C. for its location in the District of Columbia) and calling themselves the "DC comics", referencing the comic book publisher of the same name.
    • Ralph also called the simulation DeVoe "Doc Ock" a reference to the Marvel villain Doctor Otto Octavius also known as "Doctor Octopus" or "Doc Ock"
    • Ralph also uses "Turtle Power" by engulfing his head inside himself; possibly a nod towards Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.
  • When Barry's floating around in S.T.A.R. Labs after being affected by Janet Petty's gravity-bending powers, Ralph suggests Barry burp like Charlie Bucket to get himself down, referencing a scene in the 1971 film Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory.
  • Seemingly not taking the situation seriously, Ralph mentions his confusion over the incredible divisive series finale of the TV series Lost, also mentioning characters Kate Austen and Jack Shephard.
  • Cisco exclaims "jumpin' jellyfish", possibly referencing either SpongeBob SquarePants or the ride of the same name at Disney California Adventure.
  • When mentioning his plans to spend his old age at a dragon farm on Earth-47, Cisco refers to Breacher as "Khaleesi", referencing the title used by Daenerys Targaryen, the "mother of dragons", in the TV series Game of Thrones.
  • Breacher says he was attacked by someone named Crucifer and his bloodsucking minions of the Tenth Circle, to which Cisco remarks that he was attacked by "vampires", Danny Trejo was in Dusk Till Dawn and its two sequels which was about vampires and was referenced by Cisco as well.
  • Janet Petty/Null is the fifth case of a gender-bent antagonist from The Flash comics; the other four are Brie Larvan/Bug-Eyed Bandit, Rosa Dillon/Top, Mina Chaytan/Black Bison, and Izzy Bowin/The Fiddler who were males in the comics.
  • Ralph acts like Darth Vader speaking with a deep voice saying "When I left you I was but the learner. Now, I am the master!", director Kevin Smith is also a huge fan of Star Wars.
  • When Breacher says that he's hungry, Cisco tells him to try the "nacho doughnuts". In real life, guest star Danny Trejo owns a number of restaurants in southern California, including "Trejo's Coffee & Doughnuts", which serves nacho doughnuts flavored with jalapenos and cheddar. Other doughnut flavors served include Mexican hot chocolate, tequila-lime, and churro.
  • When Ralph is impersonating Joe, and is interrogating Earl, he refers to himself as, "Your worst nightmare", which is what Batman would say when capturing criminals.
  • Dibny tells Cisco to "open up your mindgrapes" which is a reference to 30 Rock, specifically "Tracy Does Conan".
  • When Harry Wells enters the Time Vault, the Reverse-Flash music starts to play.
    • Gideon tells Wells that it has been 1,078 days since "they" last spoke. From the date of airing, that date is April 28, 2015, the day "The Trap" premiered, which was the last time Gideon appeared chronologically in the series.