"Never let anyone make you question your own worth."
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Nura Nal is a member of the Legion. She is an acquaintance of Querl Dox, a close friend of Winn Schott, and the descendant of Nia Nal.


Nura Nal is a member of The Legion. Sometime in the future she learned to use her inherited powers from her ancestor Nia Nal and she managed to manipulate it herself and allow others to use it in the Legion rings.[1]

Later, she became a friend of Winn Schott.[2]

Powers and abilities


  • Naltorian hybrid physiology: Nura is a part human and part Naltorian as her ancestor, Nia Nal, possessed human physiology through her father. A woman of each generation from her home planet gains oneirokinetic abilities.[1]
    • Superhuman durability: Like Naltorians and Naltorian hybrids, Nura possess a greater durability and damage threshold than humans.[1]
    • Oneiromancy: Once in a generation, this power manifests exclusively among the women of Naltor. This allows them to see vague glimpses of the future. Also, an inexperienced wielder of this precognition cannot easily distinguish reality from their dreams.[1]
      • Precognition: Nura's inherited Naltorians power allows her to see attacks yet to come and to prepare for it.[1]
      • Dream-walking: Apart from dreaming the future, it was hinted that one in possession of this trait can also use it to “dream-walk” into the same dream with other people, allowing the Dreamer to mentally drift into the subconsciousness of one who also sleeps.[1]
    • Astral projection: Like other Naltorians, Nura capable of projecting her consciousness; allowing her to exit her body and travel in an astral body. This is an advanced technique for an oneiromancer, months ahead of basic training, according to Querl Dox.[1]
    • Oneirokinetic blasts: Nura inherited dreamy energy blasts and manipulated them so other Legionnaires can use this same ability through modified Legion rings.[2]



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