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"The best thing for me is that no man does something that I can do myself."
—Nyxlygsptlnz to Lex Luthor[src]

Nyxlygsptlnz, also known as Nyxly, is a Fifth Dimensional imp who was trapped in the Phantom Zone after her imprisonment by her tyrannic father, King Brpxz.

Nyxly met Kara Danvers and they became friends until Nyxly betrayed her. Upon exiting the Phantom Zone, Nyxly began searching for the Seven AllStone Totems to destroy the entire world. During her search, Nyxly received help from Lex Luthor and Mitch. In the end, Nyxly and Lex were imprisoned in the Phantom Zone.


Early life

Princess Nyxlygsptlnz was born to King Brpxz in the Fifth Dimension, and was the older sister of Bryxly. At some point, she met Mxyzptlk and considered him to be a "wild card".[1]

Banishment to the Phantom Zone

Nyxly was banished to the Phantom Zone for the crime of staging a coup to overthrow her father, who she considered a paranoid narcissist who was threatened by anyone who might take his power. Nyxly's younger brother, Bryxly, was her co-conspirator, but when their plan failed her turned on his sister, letting her take the fall.

At some point, Nyxly met Az-Rel and stole his lighter, because she needed to make campfires since she did not have her magical powers.

Nyxly saves Supergirl from bandits.

Nyxly stumbled upon Scar and his men capturing Zor-El and attempting to take an injured Supergirl. She lied about approaching Phantoms and enraged White Martians, causing the bandits to flee. She took Kara to her small refuge, where she told Kara that Scar was going to sacrifice Zor-El to a creature that lives within the nearby Shadow Lake. Kara revealed she was sent to the Zone by a madman, and until recently she thought her father was dead.

Nyxly divulged the location of Shadow Lake to Kara. Kara wanted to go alone to save her father, so Nyxly confided in her that her father had murdered her brother and banished her to the Phantom Zone because he saw them as a threat to his power. Kara decided they should both go to save Zor-El, since they both don't belong in the Zone. Nyxly was able to remove her power-dampening cuff with a powerful orb from her dimension, granting her magic again. She used her magic to heal Kara's leg and began to feel like her old self again.

Nyxly teleported herself into the den of Scar and his men, and with a snap of her fingers she caused the bandits to disappear. Kara untied Zor-El and revealed that since her mother built the Phantom Zone, she knew of a way out and Nyxly agreed to work with them.[1]

Trickery and betrayal

Using Scar's form, Nyxly attacked Zor-El and told Kara that she chased Scar away before he could hurt Zor-El further. Nyxly and Kara went to the Anchor to fix the mirror, but Nyxly revealed that she pretended to be Scar and planned to go to the fifth dimension and get revenge, but before she would visit Earth to destroy it, this made Kara angry, and the two clashed. Nyxly was trapped in the Anchor's explosion, but managed to survive.[2]

After the Superfriends rescued Kara and Zor-El from the Phantom Zone, she flew up from the island and hitched a ride to Earth on the Tower.[3]

Escaping Nia's dream realm

Nyxly confronts Nia.

Upon leaving, Nyxly entered Nia Nal 's dream realm. There, the imp and Nia had a confrontation until Nyxly proposed a deal to revive her mother for a day, something that Nia accepted and Nyxly was freed from the realm of dreams.[4]

Search for the AllStone Totems

Nyxly catches Kara.

Upon exiting the dream realm, Nyxly reunited Nia with her mother for twenty-four hours. Nyxly escaped, but was captured by an alien smuggler named Mitch. When she was imprisoned, Nyxly revealed to Mitch that she can help him get revenge, so Mitch released her. Nyxly ordered him to find an alien scientist for a special trap for Kara. Nyxly managed to obtain her fifth dimensional orb and obtained an evil trap for Kara. Nyxly donned a new outfit and faced Kara for revenge. After a tough fight, Nyxly made Kara fall into her trap and knocked down a building, but Kara called on Mxyzptlk to help her.[5]

After Kara and Mxyzptlk escaped, Nyxly returned to Mitch's ship to locate her old friend and lock him in his magic orb to obtain his power. To get the attention of the Superfriends, Nyxly summoned a giant cat to attack National City. Nyxly appeared to reveal that if the Superfriends don't deliver Mxy, she will destroy the entire city.

Nyxly realized the deception of Kara and Nia Nal, so she attacked them until they arrived Querl Dox, Alex Danvers, and J'onn J'onzz, but she captured them. Since the heroes did not want to summon Mxy, Nyxly summoned a dragon to attack them until Mxy appeared to surrender. She rejected Kara's words and locked Mxy in his orb. Nyxly returned with Mitch to start the search for the Seven AllStone Totems.[6] Nyxly was upset and argued with Mitch about not being able to find the location of the first totem. Upon reloading the orb, Nyxly was thrilled to learn that she can now begin her search.[7]

Nyxly gets the other half of the Courage Totem

Nyxly found the Courage Totem in a museum, but was confronted by the Superfriends. During the fight, the totem was divided into two parts. Nyxly traveled on the totem to pass her test and relived the day she started her rebellion against her father. Nyxly murdered the king, believing that this was the proof, but failed to kill him. Nyxly repeated her test and wanted to kill her brother for betraying her in his rebellion, but he amended things with him and Nyxly passed the totem test, managing to get the other half and was happy because now she only had six totems left.

Nyxly repeated her test and wanted to kill her brother for betraying her in his rebellion, but she amended things with him and Nyxly passed the totem test, managing to get the other half. Nyxly was furious that Kara was still happy despite the situation, and the two had a connection due to the totem.[8]

Nyxly met Igor Starros, who he stole the Humanity Totem from him and caused people to lose their humanity and start fighting each other. Losing the totem, Nyxly went looking for it, but absorbed all the people's humanity. Nyxly got the totem, but seeing that it didn't work with her, she threw it so that Kara could then get the totem.[9]

Nyxly received a bracelet to retain the magic of the Courage Totem to face the Superfriends. She tried to get the Hope Totem until she was confronted by Kara and J'onn. Nyxly and Mitch planned to kidnap William Dey to make a trade with Kara. Nyxly threatened to kill William, and she got the totem, but Kara managed to save William and retrieve the totem. Nyxly returned to the annoying ship and received a special gift from a secret admirer, which contained a Lexosuit.[10]

Nyxly and Nia face off over the Dream Totem.

Nyxly realized that the AI ​​in her suit had its voice to make it more comfortable. To go to the dream realm, Nyxly released a nightmare monster. Nyxly confronted Nia and her sister, Maeve Nal, to get the Dream Totem. After a tough fight, Nyxly got the totem and escaped. On the ship, Nyxly saw the hologram of her admirer, Lex Luthor, who offered to help her get the totems.[11]

Nyxly refused Lex's help. At night, Nyxly tried to get the fake Love Totem, but it was a trap from the Superfriends until she was saved by Lex. Nyxly was still shocked and didn't think Lex had feelings for her until she learned that Luthor was from the future.

Nyxly happily agreed to join Lex, and they teamed up to get the Love Totem. Nyxly and Lex faced Kara and J'onn, but escaped to survive, leaving the totem in the hands of the heroes. Nyxly learned that the Totem of Hope is still standing and they would both continue their plans.[12]

Final Battle Against the Superfriends

Nyxly and Lex use the Lexosuits against the Superfriends.

Nyxly and Lex searched for the Totem of Truth. The duo faced the Superfriends for the totem. Nyxly and Lex used the Lexosuits to fight. She was about to kill Kara, but Nyxly was defeated by the Kryptonian. She and Mitch managed to escape with Lex from the ship. Nyxly lost the Totem of Truth, which was taken by Kara. Nyxly was impressed that Lex truly loves her. The duo infiltrated the Tower to kidnap Esme. By kidnapping the girl and murdering William, Nyxly and Lex escaped.[13]

Nyxly and Lex lose their totem powers.

Nyxly tried to gain Esme's trust in order to obtain the Totem of Love, but Lex was determined to kill the girl, something that angered Nyxly, since she didn't kill children. With her efforts, Nyxly bonded with Esme, and obtained the totem before meeting up with Alex Danvers and Kelly Olsen to trade Esme for the Totem of Fate, however, Lex showed up to kill them all, and Nyxly fought against Lex while obtaining all the totems, and turned all of humanity into people without feelings. Nyxly and Lex turned into horrible monsters, and left the place.[14] After finishing their fight, Nyxly and Lex lost the powers of the totem, and were upset to see that the Superfriends were responsible.[15]

Defeated, Nyxly and Lex are captured by the ghosts of the Phantom Zone to be imprisoned.

Nyxly and Lex used what power they had left to bring back old villains from the heroes and the army of evil against the heroes. Nyxly ordered Mitch to kill everyone, but he betrayed her, since he is now one of the good guys, which upset Nyxly. As the villains were stopped, Nyxly and Lex brought the ghosts from the Phantom Zone, but as the villain duo had bad intentions, Nyxly and Lex were once again locked in the Phantom Zone for all eternity.[15]

Aborted Future

Nyxly fell in love with Lex Luthor, whom equally loved her for her ambition and brilliance. They ruled the universe together. However, when the Legion fought them, Nyxly suffered a fatal blow due to shortcutting the Love Totem gauntlet and weakening the AllStone. Lex saved her mind as an AI in his Lexosuit and sent it to 2021 for her past self to use. The Nyxly AI perished after summoning her lover to help her past self.


Nyxlygsptlnz is shown to be very dangerous, willing to hurt and manipulate anyone. However, deep down she is simply tired of being betrayed, and wishes she could truly trust someone. Nyxly was shown to be caring and sweet towards Esme, going as far as protecting her from Lex[13]

Nyxly shows that she does not like to love people due to her mistrust of her partner Lex Luthor, who loves her in the future.[12] However, she does have a pity side because she doesn't like killing innocent children, and felt sorry for Esme due to her going through the same thing as her.[14]

Future Self

Having enacted her revenge, Nyxly was free to as she wished with the AllStone's power; the memory of killing her father made her glow with joy. She met Lex Luthor of 2020, being wooed by him and falling in love. Their relationship was a thing of beauty, according to Lex; she even got them matching tracking bracelets as an anniversary gift to make sure they could always be there for each other.

Powers and abilities


  • Reality manipulation: As a Fifth Dimensional imp, Nyxly possess incredible abilities native to her species that enable her to seemingly warp reality.[1]
    • Healing: Nyxly healed Kara Danvers's leg after regaining her powers.[1]
    • Pyrokinesis: Nyxly can control and manipulate fire. She was able to rekindle ebbing embers.[1]
    • Shapeshifting: She glamoured herself as a prisoner with a scar in order to injure Zor-El.[2]
    • Teleportation: Nyxly is able to teleport herself and others with a snap of her fingers manifesting a smokey blue light.[1]
    • Resurrection: Nyxly was able to bring Nia’s mom back to life for 24 hours, though only in a dream.
    • Ergokinesis: Nyxly can fire powerful blasts of energy at her opponents.
    • Power negation: Nyxly was able to dampen Kara’s powers in their latest encounter.
    • Cryokinesis: Nyxly was able to freeze Supergirl in ice.
    • Conjuration: Nyxly can use her magic to summon objects out of thin air. Some examples are when she summoned a giant cat, created restraints to hold the Superfriends and created a Kryptonite breathing dragon.
  • Superhuman strength: She was able to effortlessly throw a depowered Supergirl around the Phantom Zone anchor and damage the control console upon impact.[2]
  • Invulnerability: Nyxly claimed that a barbed bat would be ineffective against her.[2]


  • Magic-imbued cuff: Nyxly's father outfitted her with a cuff imbued with Fifth Dimensional magic that was capable of nullifying her powers.[1]
  • Anti-magic tech: Brainy was able to reverse-engineer technology capable of nullifying Fifth Dimensional magic, which was put on Nyxly's wrist and nullified her powers.


  • Az-Rel's lighter: Nyxly stole a lighter from Az-Rel in the Phantom Zone to make campfires.[1]
  • Fifth Dimensional orb: Nyxly kept an orb hidden on her was she was banished to the Zone. The orb is a "powerful tool" from her dimension which was able to display an image of Zor-El, confirming he was still alive after being captured by Scar.[1] Later, Nyxly fashioned a similar orb and trapped Mxyzptlk inside.[6]
  • Lexosuit: Nyxly was gifted a high-tech battle suit from her "future" partner and lover, Lex Luthor, which gave her enhanced strength, durability, flight, energy blasts and advanced weaponry, among other capabilities.[10]
  • Watch: Nyxyly was gifted a special watch from of Lex's own invention, which he is able to remotely control various devices,[10] as well as teleport himself across various distances by opening transmatter portals.[12]




  • Nyxly doesn't like sweets in the present day, but grows to like them as Lex reveals that Butter Scotch Sticky Buns are her favorite in the future.

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