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Nyxlygsptlnz, also known as Nyxly, is a Fifth Dimensional imp who was trapped in the Phantom Zone after her imprisonment by her father, King Brpxz.


Early life

Princess Nyxlygsptlnz was born to King Brpxz in the Fifth Dimension, and was the older sister of Bryxly. At some point, she met Mxyzptlk and considered him to be a "wild card".[1]

Banishment to the Phantom Zone

Nyxly was banished to the Phantom Zone for the crime of staging a coup to overthrow her father, who she considered a paranoid narcissist who was threatened by anyone who might take his power. Nyxly's younger brother, Bryxly, was her co-conspirator but when their plan failed her turned on his sister, letting her take the fall.

At some point, Nyxly met Az-Rel and stole his lighter, because she needed to make campfires since she did not have her magical powers.

Nyxly saves Supergirl from bandits.

Nyxly stumbled upon Scar and his men capturing Zor-El and attempting to take an injured Supergirl. She lied about approaching Phantoms and enraged White Martians, causing the bandits to flee. She took Kara to her small refuge, where she told Kara that Scar was going to sacrifice Zor-El to a creature that lives within the nearby Shadow Lake. Kara revealed she was sent to the Zone by a madman, and until recently she thought her father was dead.

Nyxly divulged the location of Shadow Lake to Kara. Kara wanted to go alone to save her father, so Nyxly confided in her that her father had murdered her brother and banished her to the Phantom Zone because he saw them as a threat to his power. Kara decided they should both go to save Zor-El, since they both don't belong in the Zone. Nyxly was able to remove her power-dampening cuff with a powerful orb from her dimension, granting her magic again. She used her magic to heal Kara's leg and began to feel like her old self again.

Nyxly teleported herself into the den of Scar and his men, and with a snap of her fingers she caused the bandits to disappear. Kara untied Zor-El and revealed that since her mother built the Phantom Zone, she knew of a way out and Nyxly agreed to work with them.[1]

Trickery and betrayal

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Using Scar's form, Nyxly attacked Zor-El and told Kara that she chased Scar away before he could hurt Zor-El further.[2]

After the Superfriends rescued Kara and Zor-El from the Phantom Zone, she flew up from the island and hitched a ride to Earth on the Tower.[3]

Escaping Nia's dream realm

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Search for the AllStone Totems

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Nyxlygsptlnz is shown to be very dangerous, willing to hurt and manipulate anyone.

Powers and abilities



  • Magic-imbued cuff: Nyxly's father outfitted her with a cuff imbued with Fifth Dimensional magic that was capable of nullifying her powers.[1]
  • Anti-magic tech: Brainy was able to reverse-engineer technology capable of nullifying Fifth Dimensional magic, which was put on Nyxly's wrist and nullified her powers.


  • Az-Rel's lighter: Nyxly stole a lighter from Az-Rel in the Phantom Zone to make campfires.[1]
  • Fifth Dimensional orb: Nyxly kept an orb hidden on her was she was banished to the Zone. The orb is a "powerful tool" from her dimension which was able to display an image of Zor-El, confirming he was still alive after being captured by Scar.[1] Later, Nyxly fashioned a similar orb and trapped Mxyzptlk inside. [4]



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