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"I still want to join you in the beautiful garden, and smell the seasons in bright flower beds, and make a wish in cool fountains. I want to meet a man with many hats, and smile back at the cheshire cat, and run with you forever through our Wonderland."
Alice to Mouse after her betrayal.

"O, Mouse!" is the twentieth and final episode of the first season of Batwoman, and the twentieth episode overall. It aired on May 17, 2020.



Tim Teslow

Late at night, an Arkham Asylum escapee boards a train heading to Central Gotham. He is carrying two swords and as the rest of the passengers run away, he gets in front of an older man. The Arkham Asylum escapee raises the swords and proceeds to behead him. Jacob manages to get to the train and orders Titan to drop the knives. Instead of listening, Titan jams one of his swords on the train, thus causing the lighting to lessen. He then fights Jacob and eventually disarms him and on the floor. Before he can potentially injure or kill Jacob, Kate comes from behind and begins to fight him off. The two try to fight him, but are no match for Titan. Eventually, he manages to get away.

Down in the sewers of Gotham City, Mouse shows Alice how The Crows now apparently have an app, that with a touch of a button, allows them to come to the person asking for their help. Mouse continues to try and get Alice to leave Gotham behind, but she won't budge until her revenge on her family is complete. A short while later, Tommy shows up to the duo's hideout, and angrily throws the new face Alice wanted him to wear on the floor. Tommy takes out his guns and points them at Alice, threatening her into giving him a new face.

Meanwhile at Wayne Enterprises, Kate is holding the only shard of Kryptonite on the planet that Luke has just handed over to her. Kate asks him why it was in a puddle in The Batcave. To which Luke replies that it was as a way of safekeeping because Bruce was holding onto it for a "friend". Once Mary shows up, she tries in vain, to get Kate to see that their dad will never see Batwoman as one of the good guys.

At Gotham University, Alice goes to see Professor Darby, who's an expert in geology asking about kryptonite. Darby reveals that the shard of kryptonite is not there with him. That it went back to its owner, Lucius Fox. Alice gets angry at the professor because she can't exactly waltz into Wayne Enterprises to get said kryptonite. In an effort to cover her tracks, she grabs one of the rocks Professor Darby has on display and hits him in the head, effectively killing him.

Tim Teslow is stabbed by a Batarang without flinching

Batwoman eventually goes to a football stadium where Apollo is training. He tells her as she's hiding in the shadows that if she has come to him about his brother, she really can't help him. Kate argues that he is the only family he has left. But Apollo counters that by saying that he testified against his brother, and got him sent to Arkham. When Kate calls Titan a psychopath, Apollo gets defensive, and says that he wasn't always like that. That his brother let his soul get beaten out of him. Eventually, Titan shows up ready to confront his brother for allegedly betraying him. Kate tells Apollo that this is the part where he should run, while she deals with Titan. She throws a batarang, and despite piercing his shoulder, it seems to have little to no effect on him. He subsequently lunges at Batwoman, and the two begin to fight. She then tries to use another gadget, but it gets cut off by one of Titan's swords. A while later, Titan manages to throw Batwoman off, and throws one of his swords at his brother as the latter is running away. It hits him somewhere in the back, and Apollo falls down. He gets closer, and tells his brother that this will be his prison now as he takes out the sword that appears to have affected his spine and leaves.

Back at the Batcave, Mary resets Kate's shoulder and tries to get her to avoid a rematch with Titan. She tells her stepsister that her body needs a few weeks to heal, but Kate says that she doesn't have that kind of time. Eventually, Luke finds a connection in the people that Titan is targeting.

In the sewers of Gotham once more, Mouse has had enough and tells Alice that he's leaving. She taunts him by asking how someone like him is going to survive out in the world. But Mouse is undeterred, and tells her that the same way he survived without her for five years locked up in Arkham. He tries to make her come with him and leave behind her quest for revenge. She hugs Mouse, and tells him that she will leave with him but first they must have a party as a send off.

Back at the Batcave, Mary takes some initiative, and comes up with a plan that draws out The Crows using the Bat-Signal. Batwoman tells Jacob that while she can't show him who she is underneath the cowl, they should work together to stop Titan. Batwoman calls for a truce, and Jacob reluctantly accepts it.

Meanwhile, Alice rips up her Alice in Wonderland book and lights it on fire, as she tells Mouse that this item is their anchor to their trauma, and they need to let it go once and for all. Eventually, blood starts to come out of one of Mouse's nostrils, and he asks her what she has done. Alice tells Mouse that he left her no choice because she wasn't about to let him leave her. It's then Mouse realizes he has been poisoned by the person he trusted the most. Mouse starts moaning in pain, and falls on Alice's lap. She tells him that while it might be easy for him to let go of his pain by burning a book, it's not so easy for her. Alice sobs, as she says goodbye to Mouse. She calls him her brother and her everything.

At The Crows headquarters, Julia and Sophie don't believe in Jacob's change of heart, and believe something is up. Sophie asks Julie to alert Batwoman to watch her back as the two of them leave.

Batwoman covers herself from Crow bullets

At the Batcave, Luke gets a text message from Julia, and is about to tell Kate, who says she already got it. Luke tries to get her to take Julia's advice, but Kate refuses. She truly believes that her dad wants to work with Batwoman after shaking her hand. Eventually the lights go down because Titan cut the power from the football stadium. One by one, he takes all the crows agents down. Batwoman and Titan fight in the middle of the football stadium, and Kate tries to reason with him. She tells him she knows this isn't the real him. Titan admits he didn't want to be this way, but just as Kate gets through to him, the Crows gun him down. The lights come back up, and she is surrounded by the Crows agents. She asks Jacob what he is doing since they are on the same team. She tries to get closer to him, but he and the rest of his agents fire their guns. The bullets don't pierce through the suit, but eventually a disappointed Batwoman uses her grapple hook to get out. Julia and Sophie eventually arrive at the stadium, and realize that Jacob did indeed double-crossed Batwoman.

Back at the Crows' headquarters, Sophie confronts Jacob about what he just did. She asks him if that is the reason she was sidelined. Jacob gets angry and asks what it is about Batwoman that has Sophie and now Mary on her side. Sophie tells her boss that it's the hope that she brings. Jacob says that hope is a luxury he can't afford since Batwoman let his wife's killer roam free. Eventually, Julia comes clean to Sophie and tells her about Safiyah Sohail, the woman she double crossed. She then takes out a folder of photos taken of the two of them out and about in the city. Julia believes it was Safiyah's agents stalking her.

Back at Wayne Tower, Mary tries to comfort Kate about what happened with their dad. They both agree that they feel betrayed by Jacob, and Kate confesses that she naively saw herself coming clean about Batwoman to her father one day. Kate cries and reveals that Jacob shooting at her hurt more tonight than any of those bullets ever could if they had hit her. Kate thanks Mary for having her back today, and the two toast to sisterhood. Luke arrives not too long after, and reveals that the kryptonite has been turned to dust thanks to Mary's "hammer" idea. Mary blows the dust off the table. Kate tells the two of them that from now on, there won't be any more secrets between them. Thus, she comes clean about the second shard of kryptonite that Supergirl gave her during the Anti-Monitor Crisis. Kate asks Luke and Mary to trust her with the piece of Kryptonite, until she can talk to Kara about what to do with it.

Jacob is given a series of bullet casings from the fight with Batwoman, and realizes that he needs to find something stronger to kill her.

At last, Alice gives Tommy his new face, which he quickly recognizes as that of Bruce Wayne. She tells Tommy to use his new face to go to Wayne Tower and steal the Kryptonite from Kate.



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  • The show had to drop one day of filming because of COVID-19 shutdown.[1]
    • One thing that couldn't be done was getting Ruby Rose and Melissa Benoist for a picture, which would have been seen in the picture frame from which Kate removes her piece of Kryptonite.[2]
  • This is the first episode of Batwoman to show Bruce Wayne's face on-screen.
  • This is the last episode of Batwoman to feature Ruby Rose (Kate Kane) as a series regular, as well as her final appearance as Kate due to her exit from the show on May 19, 2020.
  • Tommy Elliot ends up donning a mask identical to Bruce Wayne, something which occurred in the comic series Batman: Heart of Hush.
  • "Go Go-getter" by Don Elektron, Macha Kiddo, and Sam Bruno plays when Alice arrives at Gotham University.
  • Marc Guggenheim wanted Jensen Ackles to play the Arrowverse version of Bruce Wayne before Warren Christie was cast.[citation needed]