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"I get it. Sometimes you have to sacrifice yourself to save others, even if it means leaving your family behind."
"Not exactly. Look, when I ran into that storm, I was thinking that I want to save everyone, but the person I was thinking about the most... was you.
"Yeah, I don't
choose being the Flash over being with my family. I'm the Flash for my family. And I don't have to run to the future to understand why I sacrifice myself. I do it to save you. And your mom. All the people I love."
Nora and Barry Allen

"O Come, All Ye Thankful" is the seventh episode of the fifth season of The Flash, and the ninety-ninth episode overall. It aired on November 27, 2018.



"O Come, All Ye Faithful" begins with a shot of Grace Gibbons in the hospital. Her uncle is sitting with her when we catch Barry outside searching for Orlin. Orlin stows away in the room in order to evade Barry's recognition and Grace's primary care physician steps in to reveal to Barry her parents are dead, in any event, giving him her outlines.

We see a flashback where Grace's folks were assaulted and slaughtered by a meta-human and that Cicada is her uncle. She goes to live with him after her folks pass.

The group begins gathering at the West-Allen home for Thanksgiving when an alarm goes off indicating a huge force flood at a power plant downtown. Barry and Nora speed down to discover that the plant is being assaulted by a lightning storm.

Cisco uncovers there's a cool combination pole that'd level an entire city square whenever struck and Barry sees an electrical jolt speeding towards it. Barry spares the combination bar from being exploded yet is struck all the while, immediately halting his heart. Albeit at first ineffective, Nora's in the long run ready to restart his heart and rejuvenate him back.

Barry and Nora come back to STAR Labs and the last is exceptionally disturbed. Nora shouts at her mother and tempests off. The gathering ponders where the tempest originated from and someone proposes that Weather Wizard may have gotten away from jail.

Cisco and Caitlin concur they should welcome Sherloque to their Thanksgiving supper later in the day.

Terrified of being gotten by Barry, Cicada will not go to the emergency clinic to see Grace. In a flashback, he's in the workplace at school with Grace, who's gotten in a difficult situation for considering a colleague a "maggot."

Barry, Iris, and Nora go to jail to ensure Martin/Weather Wizard is still in jail and once they arrive, they're nearly devoured by a cyclone. Out of the cyclone steps Martin's little girl Joss, who clearly shares indistinguishable forces from her dad. Barry breaks Martin out and speeds him to the control office at STAR Labs, a far good ways from his little girl.

Orlin moves into another house with Grace and two work on their relationship in another flashback.

Caitlin uncovers that she's distinguished Martin's little girl as Joss Jackam, a beginner climate chaser. They survey the security film from jail and notice the staff she's conveying is "tainted" with Dark Matter permitting her to control the climate, the group's second instance of meta-tech.

Thinking she needs her father liberated, they set up a gathering with her to return him with an end goal to get the staff away from her. As they get together, Joss gets agitated and tosses a truck on head of her dad, angry with him for deserting her and her mom. We discover that the individual squashed wasn't Martin, rather a multi dimensional image that Iris is controlling. A furious Joss takes off.

Soon thereafter, Nora pulls her dad aside and takes a stab at persuading him to quit any pretense of being The Flash trying to spare him from the Crisis later on.

In another flashback, Orlin and Grace are at the jamboree one year after her parent's demises. Orlin has totally turned his life around and Grace is cheerful for him to be her watchman. Simply at that point, The Enlightenment occurs and Orlin is pierced in the chest by the lightning-formed knife.

Group Flash is made aware of the nearness of Joss as the air terminal, where's she's fermenting up a tempest. Barry races out to the air terminal to start emptying it when Cisco acknowledges they need the Weather Wizard's wand to counter impact Joss' innovation. Nora races the wand out to Barry and he starts to neutralize Joss' twister she's making out of lightning

Barry stops the lightning twister and takes Joss in custody, detaining her at Iron Heights.

The team accumulates for Thanksgiving Dinner at Barry and Iris' place.

Orlin appears at Grace's room at the clinic to go through Thanksgiving with her, even against the physician's instructions.

In a flashback, we discover Grace got enormous measures of mind draining because of the Enlightenment. The specialist accuses everything for meta-humans.

Back at STAR Labs, Cisco hacks the clinic surveillance cameras to discover Orlin visiting Grace's room.



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  • When Barry turns around to see the lightning bolt about to hit the generator, his suit briefly switches to the new design and then reverts back when he's running.