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For the Supergirl episode, see "O Brother, Where Art Thou?".
"It's all I ever wanted for you. To find a new home, someone to love, create a family of your own."
Lara Lor-Van on her wishes for her son, Kal-El's future.

"O Mother, Where Art Thou?" is the tenth episode of the first season of Superman & Lois, and the tenth episode overall. It aired on June 15, 2021.



The scene opens the latest relevant point of interest, with Morgan Edge uncovering himself as Tal-Rho, the son of Lara Lor-Van and Zeta-Rho. He clarifies that he came to Earth before Kal-El, and killed a combative rancher who discovered him. He discloses to Clark that he intends to bring various Kryptonians, including Lara, back to life on Earth. Superman discloses to him that he isn't willing to forfeit Earth to do it, and Edge assaults him, revealing to him that if Superman doesn't agree with his position, he will be "eradicated."

At the Cushing house, Sarah faces Lana over going to bat for Kyle, and when Lana advises her to stop, she leaves to go stay with a companion. After Sarah leaves, she discloses to Kyle she has to know all that occurred. As they talk, she misses a call from Lois. Lois is concerned, and the DOD says they'll go beware of Lana.

Afterward, Clark uncovers Edge's arrangement to his family. Lois advises him to go to the Fortress and see if there's any reality to every last bit of it, and Clark leaves. At the Fortress, Jor-El discloses to him that it is conceivable, and that he never uncovered the presence of a stepbrother becuase it wasn't significant. Clark asks him what to do to reestablish individuals Edge has mind-controlled, however Jor-El reveals to him that since The Eradicator was created by Lara.

At the Kent Farmhouse, Jon is concerned that Clark could turn on them as he did on John Henry's Earth, however Lois advises him it's basically impossible that that would occur, becuase he has a family to battle for here on Earth.

At the Cushing house, Kyle begins to clarify the cycle by which Edge "improved" him. Before he can get to the points of interest of the methodology, Lois shows up at the entryway, trailed by the DoD, who arrest Kyle after he attempts to utilize super powers to assault Lois and Lana.

The Kents get along with Lana, and clarify what they think about Edge's arrangements. As they're putting pictures up on the screen, Lane perceives a man named Dabney Donovan, who was filling in as Edge's own doctor. With few leads, Lois says they need to have a go at conversing with Kyle once more.

At the DoD, Kyle's Kryptonian character undermines Sam Lane while he requests subtleties on Donovan. After he undermines Sam, Sam begins tormenting him with Kryptonite to get data.

At a cafe, Jon at long last can't take deceiving Sarah any longer, and mentions to her what's new with her father, leaving out the part about Kryptonians. Sarah is confounded, and Jordan offers to get her in to see Kyle for herself.

At the Kent Farm, Lana is hopeless and stressed, while Lois discloses to Clark that she speculates Edge needs an ideal opportunity for the Subjekts to settle their cycle, and that is the solitary explanation he permitted Superman to have the opportunity to decide. After he utilizes his super-hearing to discover Donovan, Clark flies to the lab where the interaction is going on. They request that Donovan invert the cycle, yet he says he scarcely gets it, and to turn around it, they need to discover the individual who created the tech.

Lois strolls Lana through the DoD, and Lana is stunned to see Superman face to face. Chatting with Donovan, Superman requests that how get Lara Lor-Van into the "genuine" world, and Lana offers to be the vessel for Superman's mother. Lois and Clark don't care for the thought, however Lana is resolved. The DoD and Superman let Lois and Lana be to work it out. She contends convincingly, and Lois ultimately yields.

Jonathan and Jordan are attempting to get Sarah in, but DOD guards stops them at the entryway. Jon persuades Sam to give them access to see her father briefly.

At the point when she shouts to Kyle, he uncovers his Kryptonian side, who takes steps to kill Jonathan, and reveals to Sarah that Kyle is dead.

Lois discloses to Clark that he needs to converse with Lana, becuase Superman's useful tidbits will help her. He advises her thank you, yet that she doesn't need to do this. She discloses to him she doesn't think he truly accepts that, and that he considers her to be a saint for what she's going to do. Lois calls Lana in, and she goes to be embedded with Lara's cognizance.

Lara rises and shines in Lana's body, and quickly knows her child.

Lana discloses to Superman that she never planned Kryptonians to replace another race with her revival science. Lana affirms the majority of what Edge said - that she was coordinated with Zeta-Ro, yet picked Jor-El out of adoration. She uncovers that Zeta-Ro had taken the sunstone that had Lara's cognizance. She discloses to him that she stressed over him without a mother, and that catching wind of how extraordinary Martha was to him satisfies her.

Jordan goes to see Sarah, and attempts to assist her adapt to what's happening. She's vexed and confounded, and stressed that her berating Kyle is the exact opposite thing she will at any point say to him. Jordan reveals to her they need to clutch trust.

Leslie goes to see Edge, who needs to get everyone excited to assault Superman and recover The Eradicator.

At the site, Lara uncovers that the cognizance in the body doesn't pass on until the new awareness is finished its progress, which can require weeks. Edge calls Clark, and Superman says his farewells to Lara and flies to see him.

Edge stands up to Superman, inquiring as to why he adores huanity to such an extent. He uncovers that he was pursued and caught by individuals in the British wide open when he landed. Superman discloses to him that not every person is that way, but rather Edge isn't having any of it.

At the coffee shop, Sarah discloses to Jordan she comprehends why he left her show, since he thought about everything going on. And keeping in mind that Clark attempts to break through to Edge, he is calling his soldiers to his side.

As the multitude drops on Superman, Edge requests that he choose, "us or them." Superman advises him there is no "us or them," and gets off the ground. He drives the multitude of Kryptonians back toward The Eradicator. Superman discloses to him that he will utilize his sun oriented flare ability to super-charge The Eradicator and de-power Edge's troopers at the same time.

As there is alarm in the roads, Sarah goes to see Kyle in his cell, and stands sorrowfully before his confine. Superman lifts off, and as the warriors assault him, he shoots The Eradicator with his warmth vision, in the end impacting his sun based flare. An influx of energy de-controls the entirety of the people in question, apparently including Kyle, who shouts to Sarah, who stoops to converse with him. The DoD gathers together Edge's warriors, every one of whom appear to be stunned by what's happening. Lois minds Lana, who has been reestablished also. Lana runs down the foyer to see that Kyle, as well, has been reestablished, and is cheerfully rejoined with the family.

Superman, presently weak yet at the same time clutching The Eradicator, is blown to the Fortress, where he slithers through the snow to recuperate. Somewhere else, in a desert, Leslie and Edge rejoin. He discloses to them it's only them for the present, yet not everything is lost.



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  • The title is a play on the film O Brother, Where Art Thou?.